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  1. Have also had AA flights cancelled as well as SWA The Southwest fare was credited to my card next business day. AA is making us jump through crazy hoops and a multi step, multi website cancellation process. It’s maddening.
  2. However, for the sake of argument. In this case, the cruise line, has paid the TA their full commission on the cancelled sailing, so in reality there is no un compensated "billable hours" that the cancellation fee needs to cover; so isn't it just greedy to charge it? Just playing devils advocate
  3. While true, this has no bearing on the question asked by the OP
  4. One doesn’t need statistics, just get stuck on an elevator or in line at GS or any other venue with one; you will learn quickly how miserable and difficult many (not all) of them are.
  5. As long as the passport is valid on the last day of your cruise you are good to go. No problems.
  6. Full disclosure, I have only sailed Carnival a few times, I spend most of my days at sea with Royal Caribbean; so my knowledge of the Carnival fleet is VERY limited. I saw John Heald’s post about further cancellations today, and I completely understand the Alaska and San Francisco situations. Can someone enlighten me on the Radiance and Legend, and why their itineraries were affected differently from the rest of the fleet?
  7. Chances are you are leaving a lot in the table, regardless of your definition of “MUCH better”
  8. Charters operate under a different set of rules, I'm not sure how this all works
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