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  1. Real life efficacy number are hovering around 80-85 percent for all 3 vaccines
  2. This is news to me that the CDC has no jurisdiction over hospitals. I believe I will pop into the CEO's office tomorrow and let him know that we can do away with all those pesky rules we were forced into following in order to keep our CMS payments coming.
  3. The efficacy differences between the 3 vaccines being given in the USA is statistically insignificant
  4. One would expect a federal agency, focused on science, wouldn’t be fooled by “optics”
  5. CDC categorizes cruise ships in the same list as prisons.
  6. This small bit of protocol relaxing will not make any difference in resumption of service, in my opinion. The terrible shoreside agreements are still in full play, and that is a MAJOR non starter.
  7. Now you sound just as ridiculous as the CDC, quoting statistics from the opening weeks of a pandemic in which no one was even aware what the enemy was. Get back to us when you are interested in a serious discussion
  8. Agreed, but so we are also clear, the number is lower with vaccines, than without
  9. I think the ultimate goal is to ensure that patrons have the lowest possible chance of returning from their vacation having acquired a Covid infection. Passengers will be (hopefully) debarking on beautiful islands and mingle with the local populace (whose vaccine status is unknown). There is no denying that a fully vaccinated ship has greater chance of achieving the end goal than does a ship full of passengers with unknown vaccine status, but negatively tested at embarkation. (I'm fully vaccinated as well so it makes no difference to me either).
  10. But testing protocols are not vaccines. Either way, I’m not a legal expert either. In my uneducated reading, I am still in the camp of “DeSantis had over reached his authority with respect to cruiseline mandates”
  11. I don’t know if I’d call it logic, it that’s not important. There have always been multiple classes of people. There are ways to require vaccines for things like cruises, and still not deny basic services to anyone. A baby and the bath water come to mind.
  12. Not to mention “masks for life”🤪
  13. I don’t know anything about that, but they aren’t listed as participants in this suit.
  14. Today’s hearing is strictly the AG of Florida seeking injunctive relief. The TX, AK, FL V. CDC is a different affair.
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