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  1. You will have no trouble at all, just board as you normally would. By not calling now, you leave the options open to choose a new travel partner, if you modify the booking to “single” you may eliminate the option of adding someone.
  2. Found out? What’s to find out? You have paid the double occupancy fare, you are entitled to a solo room. Just let it ride, and leave the option to change the second person in the room should you desire at a later date. when I cruise solo, I always book a second “ghost” in the room just to keep the options open.
  3. Has been this way for at least a year on all the ships I have been on
  4. When you buy a 2 device plan (or 3 or 4) the person while makes the purchase is given the appropriate number of access codes to distribute to whomever they choose.
  5. Yet the director of the AAPP confirms cancellation of as many as 90 stops.
  6. Another thing I haven’t seen mentioned, if you aren’t in airplane mode, when you pull into port, and leave the ship, your phone will attempt to connect to local cell towers
  7. It’s never a good idea to call RC with a question about RC
  8. This seems to be an inconclusive conclusion. Lots of articles about public buses powered by CNG not passing CARB requirements https://www.fleetowner.com/news/fleet_carb_study_says
  9. Interesting, in 20 years of cruising with Royal I have never seen this. Embarkation has always been by suites, loyalty status, and then first come first served.
  10. Last 3 cruises used my “voucher drinks” in the MDR and RCI staff served them directly to my non-diamond children. No questions asked.
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