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  1. this "press release" is just a flat out lie. I personally know more than 100 refunds waiting in just my small circle
  2. Not really “tit-for-tat” both bans were easily justified.
  3. A face shield alone is worthless against any airborne virus
  4. Given the current state of cancellations and refund delays, I will be booking around final payment time for the foreseeable future; won’t worry about refundable at that point.
  5. Royal has PLENTY of cash to make refunds. i have now disputed charges for 3 cancelled cruises and have 100% of my money back on all of them.
  6. Maybe I am being dense but I don’t see the complaint here. You paid the price you wanted for the flights, and got OBC; what’s the problem?
  7. You can lift and shift that trip right now, and your final payment won’t be due until 90 days prior to the new departure date
  8. I wonder what the travel restrictions will look like for Americans to fly to some of these islands where the AI resorts are located?
  9. A merchant taking over 30 days to refund monies on services that they themselves cancelled deserves to have aspersions cast upon them.
  10. Very well said, you echo my sentiments and that of many many others. I was very patient before filing my disputes, but no one keeps my money for 60 days after they decide not to provide services agreed upon, regardless of the situation. Like you, when I contacted AMEX they stated that the merchant was CLEARLY in violation of agreed upon refund expectations.
  11. I have filed disputes on 3 RCI cruises recently due to delinquent refunds.I have used the same card to book cruise planner items for next year since the disputes FWIW, the reps at AMEX told me that what I was doing was a valid dispute and not at all fraudulent. One need only wait a "reasonable" amount of time for a refund, they did not have a die hard number of days that was reasonable, but evidently 60 days was enough.
  12. I have posted this before but I believe it bears repeating. Have had 3 cancellations. Waited 60 days for the first then call AMEX, explained the situation, provided them a copy of the email stating refund was due. Within minutes I had a temporary credit on my statement. Within 48 hours AMEX had confirmed with RCI that my email was legit and the credit was made permanent. The second 2 I waited 2 weeks and took same route. I have 100% of my money back.
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