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  1. I think your guess is about right, 5 would be mine. I take it that it is the 26th April Cruise?
  2. Britboys So you had 2 then! JOKING!
  3. Rather more entrepreneurial, barrow boy mentality, a southern trait!
  4. Selbourne We take, and use, round stick on discs or pads, which we put on all leading edges of drawers and doors. Pull off, when cruise over, softens the sound for other people. No damage caused.
  5. Strange! Docco had the same problems
  6. They have got paint brushes if that's any help!
  7. Cavtatlady Thank you Dubrovnik 1982, Cavtat 1989. Dubrovnik 2017. Love the place
  8. Sorry could not read your reply? Thank you
  9. Cavtatlady Taxi from port to Cavtat, do we need local currency for fare, if so any idea of rough cost so that I can exchange currency. 2 people and collapsible wheelchair. Thank you
  10. Have been in A168 and I think A173 both on deck 11 as would be A164. No Problems
  11. Late 1850s must have been in birch canoes?
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