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  1. I agree, but could make good business sense. Help to fund the 2 new ships, and lower the overall average age of guests. I would suggest that the average age on Arcadia and Aurora would be a lot higher then there other ships. We only book on Arcadia or Aurora!
  2. Very positive statement of intent from Fred!
  3. Is that the same Bull-S---? over here?
  4. Just somewhat confused, molecrochips posted report was on the 10th July, said they would be okay until November 2021 HaveWeMetYet was referring to activities on the 14th July. looking for a further $1billion
  5. Do not necessarily disagree, although I am not aware, of the way that these countries are dealing with it, or trying to deal with it. All I am saying is that there is a lot of it out there, and it is growing worldwide.
  6. wowzz I did not say it was, I do not have any experience in that field. Its all gobbledygook to me. I was putting the point that if we know so much about it, why is it winning!
  7. We know it kills! 14th June 2020 1.967 million active cases in the world 15th July 2020 5.063 million active cases in the world So if we know so much about it, why is it growing!
  8. HaveWeMetYet posted on the Carnival Cruise line board 14/7 2020 at 10.24 Carnival back in debt market this morning. Looking to raise another $1Billion currently 10.5-11%. I thought someone said cash all okay for 12 months?
  9. Ann141 I think there is a very large queue, behind you, not only for your sailing, but also for many more well into 2021
  10. Avril So do I Use maries piper potatoes, and par cook in the deep fat fryer, leave to stand for a time and then back into the hot fat to cook and colour fully. We do not have them often these days, but are nice when we do
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