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  1. Partner reads to me a short article about research about the variants. The vaccine might not be 100% effective but might give some protection. (I don't have the source.) I guess we are all gambling hoping that the vaccines are good. I am debating about moving my FCC to a November 2021 cruise. I think cruise with confidence offer ends Jan 31?
  2. Well duh. That's because there are no people in rural Mongolia. It's all sand.
  3. A short FAQ on one variant. https://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/942643
  4. I believe Regent even has a balcony "suite" but I'm not sure why they call it that.
  5. Even with all that included, Regent is still a premium. And I am comparing balcony cabin to balcony cabin and suite to suite.
  6. I was perfectly happy in Aqua. I don’t need a suite.
  7. I've heard the Infinity is an older ship, not revolutionized. I wonder what you think about it?
  8. We talk about X being expensive but Regent is twice the price for the same category cabin.
  9. Not sure what your last sentence means. You make a big leap. It's people who want to distinguish one variant from another. Yes there is a scientific term for each one.
  10. Probably not because X will cancel it or you won't get a vaccine soon enough or ???
  11. Let's be nice. That said... You have the best username on this board. I love reading your posts.
  12. Regent is quite a bit more expensive than X. I'll probably stay with X myself. Maybe suite prices are more comparable? I look for veranda cabins in Aqua. I've only been on X once but I liked it.
  13. My husband is looking for a Canal cruise. What port does it start from? Is it called "Panama Canal"?
  14. I've thought about not going for a Nov 2021 cruise. Maybe wait til 2022.
  15. So what will make prices come down (if at all)? When will they change?
  16. I thought it was more than two variants? UK South Africa Brazil Possibly USA
  17. Anyone know which cruiselines show you the final price online, like X does? With Regent and Silversea, I had to wait for a quote. Not a big deal.
  18. Waiting for my turn in North Carolina. 50+ Also reading up on mutations and how they are affected by vaccines. Thinking I might need to postpone travel to 2022.
  19. I was hoping to do an Infinity cruise Nov 7, 2021 from Lisbon to Barcelona. Maybe the reverse of what you wrote about? Haven't booked yet. Holding my breath that it doesn't go away.
  20. Folks there is a vaccine thread. Please post there or i am going over there to post about price changes.
  21. THANK YOU!!! There is a vaccine thread that people can post in all day, every day. Not here.
  22. I tried to L&S to that but X wanted to push me to ABC. I think our original cruise was 8 or 9 days.
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