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  1. Seems like Carnival is testing and changing their model a bit for this new ship and prob the sister ships that will be in the class. It will be interesting to see if this changes the “carnival” cruise experience and if it will alter refurbs in the future - not that we can see anything else but the pandemic for the time being.
  2. OP - I think you have just summed up all the issues with restarting cruising at this point and why no ship are leaving with passengers. Nobody including the cruise lines know what they are doing and speculation is all we have. If they had a plan and it made sense they would have a real hard start date.
  3. Fair comment - I venture to say most will go before any reviews and see for themselves. New ships sell themselves.
  4. I think they are using this as a comparison - it would spread like that it I breath out as well. I don't like the smoke either but this is not about smoking and I think this is disinformation or at least a separate topic about smoking. If people have to wear masks in casino there is no smoking. If they carve out exceptions then people will take them off other places as well. Have not though out the dinning room yet and mask 🤔
  5. We will miss you - nothing like an elitist! Us Common folk are just trying to survive - Please send us updates of your life so we can live vicariously through your wealth and good life.
  6. I made this reservation on a ship so I only put down $100 a passenger to reserve (x6 people). I am okay with $600 credit. I just saved over $10k on not going away this summer on a couple of trips that I will sink into capital improvements into my back yard. I have about 2k in credits because I had some gift cards , but I am keeping whatever money I have at this point. No more credits and waiting. When cruising resumes I will have a choice if I want to book again at a higher rate or stay home.
  7. We are all happy for you! When are you booking the next one?
  8. I had 8/23 booked - Not Paying Balance of over 5k to have them cancel 4-6 weeks before and keep my money tied up. Would do a lift and rebook but cannot commit to 4 weeks before or after in 2021 as I already have a cruise that time. I wish they would be more transparent like Carnival as I am pretty sure the NYC area cruises will be out for a while and if Royal come back 8/1 it will be from FL and TX only and contained to small numbers of people and ships. I think its leaving a bit of bad taste with some people - Not that they wont cruise again or even go on Royal again, but some may change their spending habits based on what we are watching. All of the cruise lines need to do a better job, but seems like they are grabbing money people are willing to give them and continue the status quo and people are going with it. So I don't see any changes will be made at this point and people will continue to wish/pray/hope that cruises will be leaving from NYC area 8/1.
  9. Carnival has been the most transparent of all the major companies but they are all holding their cards very close to their chest and not saying or doing more than they need to .
  10. Maybe a paint job?? That picture wasn't too flattering. The dominos are falling a bit. Seems as if big investments may not be in the cards at this point. Hope it doesn't hit the new builds as well as that will spell more disaster. They may not be saying much but actions like this tell us a fair bit of what is going on behind the scenes.
  11. No Vaccine still today for those of us who want to travel - All I know is that I have a cruise that is final payment this week for 8/23 out of NY on Oasis. I would love to go but I am a realist and don't believe this is happening. I wish Royal was a bit more up front with what they are doing as I think they should be. I booked these on a cruise so the deposit was only $100 per person (family of 6 = $600). I don't think I will part with $5K and see what happens and hope they refund me or ask for a credit and be bound to them . I can afford to lose $600 (I know I still have that as a credit) and cancel my drinks today with excursions and internet for the $2k that it ran me. I will cut my losses if there ar any in the future and if and when this resumes pay what it is for my next cruise. This whole situation stinks!
  12. Didn't they start work and demolition?? I would not be surprised if they did some of the work and cosmetics. They prob don't need extra rooms at this point - But who knows??
  13. Maybe the funniest think I have read here in a while. This is actually a good question and probably a tough answer. Who knows what will happen to any other the ships not in production and in concept land. Eventually anything can happen but that’s unknown.
  14. Its funny when you google the drink there are many different recipes - I think I had someone tell me on the ship how hey did it, but have watched them also and seen each person making it a bit different. That being said - Its my favorite first drink until I get to Alchemy!
  15. Hahah - I'm not news but thanks for elevating me Hope you get your money soon - you seem like a really nice guy that we are all going to miss on the ships.
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