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  1. Great Post!!! Humor is the one thing that is mostly missing from most of the topics discussed - I have a hard time understanding why this is so upsetting to some people. This discussion comes up about as often as the "T" word (tipping). Its such an emotional topic!! If anyone gets upset when and if they change the levels there are plenty of other companies you can try and see if they can do a better job. No one forces anyone to travel or continue to travel with Carnival. If you don't like something its your right to move on. I am not telling anyone to do that or to try anything else I am just saying you have options. You are not owned by Carnival Corp because of the color of your card. I am Platinum and love to travel on the other lines were I have basically no status...and you know what - it makes no difference to me!
  2. What is a pro portrait and what is a stock photo. last year for a gift they gave me pictures of the ship - who the hell needs that?? I took it so that maybe they run out of it and people get something else.
  3. Can sometimes get a bottle cheaper on land. I saw it for $40 in st Maarten
  4. The ships aren’t goiNg anywhere. At some point this will end. Remember “if you build it they will come“!
  5. Actually today is the smallest moon! That may be why...
  6. Actually this is one nice thing carnival does. Royal and NCL wait until after cruise and when they get around to posting your points to take You to the next level.
  7. Believe it or not I just booked my first!
  8. Time to buy if you are a believer
  9. If you get a heavy pourer - tip them as these are few and far apart in carnival. Most are light pourers and I think as well they will add “body” to the mixed drinks with all types of syrups and fillers.
  10. So I have noticed! What are they Israeli mossad agents??
  11. I did on the fascination. I actually loved the ship better than some others we have spoken about. But would do it again in a heart beat.
  12. You are correct - there is no shortage of rooms!
  13. You said it better than me. I also thought they would be a bit more generous next year. I Also think that in terms of ship - this year is good. But these are not on wow ships like the other lines are bringing in. A newly amplified oasis and a brand new encore are more sexy to try and compete with. They may not be competIng but if the prices I see for some of their cruise this summer lowest in years - so maybe they over reached in NYC this year.
  14. Carnival doesn’t love NY that much! Happy for Norfolk - Not happy for NYC Well thank goodness the other lines have ships all year and more in the summer. Seems Carnival doesn’t feel there is competition for them in the market - or maybe they don’t care.
  15. I agree that those ships amenities are better but I also feel there is too much on those ships for a short cruise!!!
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