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  1. Was on the July 25th cruise. some of your cons were correct but I think you are embellishing a bit. It’s okay - you spent good money and that how you feel. 12 days seems like it may have been too long for you.
  2. I always thought of you were sick you were not allowed on. Now there is lying and doing what you want - but those are other stories.
  3. I was on the sunshine 2 years ago and yes you are correct air conditioning seems to not be her best feature.
  4. I actually watched it from afar - I agree times are a bit different!
  5. Hahaha fake vaccine card - I am sure this is a massive problem. Get caught and be prosecuted federally - maybe one or two sickos at most . A ship full of them to hurt Carnival??
  6. Seeem like the other lines are doing better. Carnival having Belize inspect the ship prob give nobody confidence. The CDC will prob come on board later and we shall see what happens. They are packing ships with 80% capacity - which their ships have less comman space than most of the other lines. Do your math more people, less space - COVID and you get a poss disaster. I don’t care if people want to hear this because they are so happy to get on a ship they will take any chance, but 27 people means there is a chance there are many many many more.
  7. Carnival will blow this opportunity- it’s so carnival to do. We all root for the company but it really doesn’t help itself in so many ways. Covid - the ultimate test may be the one to take them in the wrong direction. Someone may get hurt the way they are approaching this and then they will be judged much differently.
  8. Been on two cruises with donkey - not the strongest but a super nice guy. I was working out with him once in gym and in locker room with him talking and he was really very nice. Nice may not make you a great CD but the company sees something in him as he has been around a long time.
  9. Carnival is doing a poor job at this covid stuff and the PR is atrocious. The need to get this under control before they hurt someone -
  10. From all the posts her it seems carnival is doing a poor job with their COVID reboot. Seem like royal/celebrity have plans and are implementing them well with safety being the top priority for the restart greater than profits. I have a feeling this will be a good model with getting all their ships back to where they need them and getting the confidence of the people who want safe and reliable cruising.
  11. Why are people testing if they are vaccinated and have little or no symptoms?
  12. Thank for review - I was on sailing and I agree with everything - we were in concierge. The only issue I had was service in MDR was very slow. Not sure why it took 2-3 hours nightly to eat. The waiter was supper nice but the food took forever to come out.
  13. I used the mobile app to do an outside run around the top deck many times - plus I have done strength and stretching.
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