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  1. CabinForOne, Thank you so much! I'm happy to know the Jerusalem blog brought back some great memories. I will be posting stories and photos from the remaining ports on this cruise, so please be sure to check the blog for updates or sign up for email notifications when a new post is up. This was a fantastic itinerary...how exciting that you are booked on a similar cruise!
  2. I just posted a blog from this cruise's day in Jerusalem and wanted to share our experience here on one of Regent's Small Group excursions. The Voyager was docked in Haifa for just one day. We opted for the "small group" excursion that included both Jerusalem and Bethlehem, figuring it would be a good way to cover so much in the short timeframe of one very long day. About 15 of us were assigned to one of the buses that typically handles a full-size group. Our guide was terrific and did a great job keeping things moving. We knew that Jerusalem would be crowded, but had no idea exactly how crowded it would be walking through the Old City. Our guide literally turned into a head-counter at various stops along the way! There were quite a few excursions to Jerusalem that day, and we all gathered at the same hotel restaurant for lunch. Our group went on to Bethlehem before the drive back to Haifa. Bottom line: For us, the small group excursion was worth the extra cost and delivered everything that was promised. It was a long and wonderful day! Here's my blog link for more details and photos: https://www.themodernpostcard.com/jerusalem-bethlehem-an-extraordinary-experience/
  3. doc47, Thank you! So happy to know you had a similar experience on the cruise. I think this itinerary is a bucket-lister's dream 🙂
  4. LadyandtheTramp, Sorry we didn't get a chance to meet, but I'm happy to know you felt the same way about the cruise. You're so right about what a small world it is. We ran into a couple on this voyage whom we had met on a wine tour in Auckland almost two years ago. They had been on a Regent cruise that ended in Auckland, and we had disembarked from a Seabourn cruise!
  5. @south park, So good to hear from you, Kelly! Herb and I really enjoyed meeting you and your mom as well. I'm glad to know you both felt the same way about the cruise...what a trip it was! If you have a chance, please email me and let me know how your post-cruise India adventure went. I'd love to hear about it. And of course, let us know if you come to San Diego or somewhere in between! 🙂
  6. blondietoo, So glad you had a similar experience on the cruise immediately following ours! That sounded like a terrific itinerary as well. We have not sailed on the Explorer, so I can't compare food venues. I know Chartreuse gets a bit of criticism on these Boards, but we really enjoyed our dinner there.
  7. MightyQuinn, Wow, you have made my day! Thank you so much for your lovely comment. I'm delighted that the blog brought back some great travel memories. It's interesting that we both first sailed Regent about the same time (ours was in 2012) and had similar reactions. This recent cruise was such a completely different experience that my husband and I found ourselves often commenting that we felt as if we were on Crystal or Seabourn. I definitely think it's worth giving Regent another try if you find an itinerary that sparks your interest. Please feel free to email if you run across specific questions. I'm always happy to offer any insight when possible!
  8. Bellaggio Cruisers, You're so welcome! I'm happy to have sparked some wonderful memories. Such a fantastic part of the world 🙂
  9. Hambagahle, I'm so glad you found my San Diego blog post helpful! I wrote it with cruisers in mind since there are quite a few terrific things to do within walking distance of the port. Little Italy is a great option if you're short on time. I'm sorry I can't recommend any Mexican restaurants offhand. There is a huge variety of Mexican cuisine here – from inexpensive little "shacks" to sophisticated modern cuisine. Your hotel concierge is your best bet for a recommendation. And as for Filippi's...it's definitely a world away from what you're used to in Northern Italy, but it's a San Diego "institution" and always fun! Please feel free to email me or post here if other questions arise. papaflamingo, I enjoyed your comment about Filippi's. The next time you're there, check out the framed menu from the 1950s. The prices are sure to make you smile! orvil, Thanks for adding the kind words about Darle. She was truly our favorite server on the cruise!
  10. liptastic, Thank you so much...I'm happy to know that you enjoyed the review!
  11. @Gilly, I'm so happy to hear that you'll be sailing this itinerary! I imagine that it will bring back wonderful memories as well as create some exciting new adventures. It made me smile to read that Elvy and DarLe were also standouts on your past cruises. Thank you, as always, for reading – and for connecting the dots on Herb's post! I do hope we will find ourselves on the same cruise one of these days 🙂
  12. briar14, I'm so glad to know you enjoyed the review! I will have detailed information about the ports we visited on the blog. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or are on the fence about which excursions to book. It's a fabulous itinerary!
  13. 1982CruzStart, Thank you! It truly was a great cruise 🙂
  14. ronrick1943, You're very welcome! I'm happy to share our experiences on this voyage! Floridiana, Many thanks for the lovely words! Please feel free to email or post here with any questions about ports or excursions for that part of your upcoming world cruise. I'm delighted to offer any insight from our experiences!
  15. flossie009, So glad you enjoyed the review! I'm surprised as well that our paths didn't cross – perhaps we will meet on another wonderful cruise. The King Tut exhibition should be terrific. Some of the pieces are still on display at the old museum in Cairo, some have been moved to Giza and the rest are on tour. I saw the Tut exhibition in the U.S. many years ago, and it fueled my desire to visit Egypt and see this incredible part of the ancient world. I had no idea I would one day actually "meet" Tut 🙂
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