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  1. Thanks, You are exactly right, I was peeling apples to make pies and I realized my mistake. sometimes the head spins so much in trying to figure out royals math I lose all common sense!
  2. So why would anybody buy a multiple device package at 3 times the price??
  3. Thanks Biker, just thought it would be nice if the wife could have her own so we could text each other on the ship, not happening at that price.
  4. So, just looking at the internet sale for my booking. One device voom is 9.99, 2 device is 15.99, when going to check out it is 15.99 per person per day for a total of $319. one device is $99.99, why would they charge an extra $5 to add a device, cant I just buy the one device twice?
  5. We haven't sailed Serenade but have found the windjammer coffee to be underwhelming, however the coffee served in the main dining rooms is super strong and we like strong also. To get a great cup you can always grab a cup at whatever specialty shop is on board for a charge. I'm on a cruise and lovin it so why not enjoy something special when you want?
  6. First cruise ever was a quince cruise on enchantment, made us uncomfortable most of the time, had never even heard of the tradition before this and I couldn't figure out why in the world all these young teen strippers (sorry but that is the only other time I have seen females dress like that) would be on a cruise ship. My wife explained it to me and I was still confused. How could a culture support this behavior and lewdness from such young ladies. Obviously something that has evolved far from what the initial intention of the celebration was. Luckily we had a fantastic time, being our first ever time on a cruise and being in such awe of the cruising experience itself. avoid ladies rooms, you could wait hours, look straight at the floor at all times, do not look up! you aren't supposed to see that. Enjoy your cruise, escape the crowds as much as you can and feel free to raise your eyes out the window and enjoy the ocean views!
  7. Was there this last February and spent the whole day in the water at the beach, pool and water park weren't open yet but I would think they would be pleasant.
  8. Stand by line works well on port days, even during winter break in February we had no wait.
  9. We are in 9576 next year on Radiance, any experience with this cabin? looks to me like the library will block the centrum scuffle!
  10. Do your research & know what you want and what it will cost. Then check prices on board. We were on anthem in feb and I had one picked out room and all. We had booked our anthem cruise through a big box site and with the knowledge of what I wanted went to next cruise. They offered the sailing at hundreds less than I had seen anywhere else and threw in onboard credit. after I got home the big box sent me a notice saying the booking had been transferred to them and gave me more perks on top of it without me doing anything.
  11. I also would like to know! Just don't want to pay a fortune to find out its not all that .
  12. An inside fits my needs! I need to be on a ship enjoying the good life, A balcony is an extra that I am willing to pay for, I actually stepped up to a spacious balcony on my next trip so that we could get the cool hump balcony on radiance next year for Hawaii. That was only a couple bucks more and seems worth it for the views and comfort of the extra balcony space. The thousands more for a suite is what gets me. perks don't seem worth the money and we don't need any more space in the room.
  13. Would love to do a suite someday but just cant get over the prices!, Absolutely love cruising and find it to be an affordable extravagance, 3 times the fair just doesn't seem reasonable, I mean what do you really get for all that dough? our first cruise was an interior and the next we got a balcony, That's it we wont go back to interior. Are there affordable suite rooms...EVER?
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