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  1. Still waiting Cathi, did I miss it? Great review really enjoyed it
  2. Advertised price on cruise planner did not match actual prices when I added to cart and selected date and time, go through the booking to see real prices to help you decide.
  3. Same room, if you want separate rooms book a regular service at the same time.
  4. Recently on Anthem I splurged on a couples massage for us. booked on board so I picked a port day and got 10% discount, turned out that 10% was offered any time with my meager gold status anyhow. They would only give us the 10% period! while looking to book online before our cruise the cruise planner always said prices starting at_____! Could never find that price on line or on board. Our couples massage with hot stones 50 minutes ended up costing me $317 all in after tax and gratuity, would have been more if I caved in to pressure from my wife being pressured to buy more lotions and such.
  5. Anybody done this? We have done the glass bottom boat in the carribean and found the viewing to be very poor, no color left in the reefs and aqua life sparse. Is it much better in hawaii?
  6. That route is in september isn't it? We are doing May. Whatever the weather I am interested in the capabilities of the ship, gonna be a great trip for us!
  7. We are booked on Radiance in may 2020 hawaii to vancouver so going to have 5 sea days. how does she handle the rough seas? Solarium is covered/indoors so pretty good to hang out when weather bad? I think the ship has I-MAX style theatre, do they switch up the movies? is it too crowded to bother with the theatre? Thanks, not often I see much about radiance, glad to be able to ask some questions!
  8. There was a pretty interesting 2 part "story of royal" presentation in 270 on our recent anthem cruise. pretty detailed history piece narrated by CD Dennis and AD Hannah.
  9. I am also researching waikiki for a pre cruise stay. Private rentals (airbnb) are much more affordable I believe but I cant get any of the hotel rates for my stay as its too far out, May 2020. What would any of you consider to be the advantages or disadvantages of a hotel stay as opposed to a private rental in honolulu? I really just want someplace with a great ocean view.
  10. We booked onboard anthem last month, went back to my room and logged on to RCIs website and our booking already showed. we did book a specific room though. after we were home a couple weeks got an e-mail from the big box TA site that we booked our anthem cruise on and they had our reservation without me transferring it. this surprised me so I called _ _'s travel and they didn't know how they got it either but they threw on some extra perks anyway!
  11. wow, d didn't realize this thread was old, started reading because that old dude with the dog in the canvas cart thing was on anthem during our cruise last month, over a year after your original post. seemed like I was reading real time as the description was spot on, there is now a sign on his cart saying not to ask any questions about the dog! the guy seems very unapproachable
  12. Glass bottom virtual viewing from balcony rooms.
  13. Insane amount of people! We have to go when school is closed due to my wife's job, ship did not seem overcrowded, no long lines except for tendering at coco cay and service was spot on. I was very impressed with how the crew handled everything.
  14. We had 5;30 dining on our feb 15th sailing and were out in time for every show early seating, room opens at 5 so we went at 5 if we wanted to get out early and let the wait staff know if we had a show, worked out quite well.
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