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  1. stickman1990 thanks for your reply. i'll be in a C3 on my first serenity cruise from quebec to nyc in 2021.
  2. stickman1990 i don't understand your post. what do you mean?
  3. ok thanks. yes, i found it too under crystal symphony. how stupid of me! anyway, i don't see "report post" link on the page. can you tell me where to find it please? or should i just start all over again? by the way, how do i contact the moderator or someone who can fix things on the site. it used to be so easy to do one click on an icon and send a message but i don't see that anymore.
  4. no, i can't find it in the list of Serenity Roll Calls. how do i get it added? how do i edit the title?
  5. i can't find anywhere on here how to ask a question of the moderator or someone answering questions. i thought i created a roll call but it still isn't showing up. here is the title "Crystal Serenity September 25, 2021 can someone please explain to me if i did it correctly or not? thank you in advance for your reply. david
  6. thank you for your fabulous review. i read it with great interest and smiled often at your comments. i just finished my first crystal cruise. it was a rhine river cruise from basel to amsterdam and i would echo your sentiments exactly except for one thing. the crystal bach has a bistro for snacks and sandwiches and it is open until 10pm which i appreciated very much. but everything you liked about the symphohy is what i liked about the crystal bach. each cabin has a butler on the crystal bach and their attentiveness and friendliness is greatly appreciated. i enjoyed the river cruise so much that i booked a christmas river cruise on the danube for dec. 2020 on the mahler. and since i really want to try the crystal ocean cruise, i booked the serenity in sept. 2021 from quebec to new york. and just so i can also sail on the the symphony, i've booked it for a med cruise for nov. 2022 from lisbon to rome. i've been a loyal princess cruiser but will never go back now that i've dipped my toe into crystal cruises. keith, thanks for your excursion advice for italy. i was so very impressed with everything Crystal. The ship, the cabin, the crew, the ports, the excursions and most of all the food. everything was excellent and more than met my expectations. thank you, Crystal! cheers
  7. hello roy, so glad to know your knee feels a lot better. thanks for the posting and the dinner information. can you explain how the dinner seating works when you are solo? i will be solo and was wondering if you are asked about sitting with a large group of people or just sitting by yourself? and can that change every night? i'll remember what you said about being anonymous on crystal!
  8. I'll be following your postings while on this cruise. I've booked the Symphony for a Mediterranean cruise from Lisbon to Rome for 2022 but before that, i've booked the Serenity for a Canada/New England cruise for 2021. BON VOYAGE
  9. Keith, i don't know if they still make flip phones but i just buy mine on ebay. they are always available there. i am an android user now so i won't be able to enjoy using the crystal app but i sure agree with SusieQft.
  10. thank you for your Friday report Roy and for the pictures to I always enjoy reading what you have to say about the cruise by the way I went to my doctor yesterday and he gave me a Synvisc shot in my knee and within a half-hour all the pain was gone I knew that's what I really needed for my knee issue hope the heating pad is helping you and by the time you get up Oster Serenity your knee will be fine for your next Cruise take care and pleasant voyages
  11. i just got off crystal bach on a basel to amsterdam rhein river cruise. this was my first cruise on crystal and my first river cruise. i can only agree with suite traveler 1000%. the cabin was fabulous. the crew were incredible. the food was outstanding and at least 5 star michelin. the ports were very interesting and the tour guides really knew their facts and interesting places to go on our own. after this fabulous river cruise, i booked a christmas market cruise on the mahler for december 2020 and i can't wait for that experience. and since i've never sailed on a crystal ocean cruise, i've booked a serenity cruise for sept. 2021 from quebec to nyc. and a symphony cruise from lisbon to rome in november, 2022. i'll neve go back to princess or holland america again. and even though i liked celebrity, i'm a crystal only passenger now!
  12. lht28, thank you for the suggestions on the heat/cold pack and the thermal wrap. much appreciated:)
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