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  1. Not by everyone. ☺️😉☺️
  2. As I understand it, eating carnivores is generally not a great idea. You are exposed to potential diseases from a lot more than the one animal you are eating.
  3. By 2022 there should hopefully be a vaccine out and things should be returning to whatever the "new normal" will be. Based on Regent's reluctance to cancel things prematurely, I would expect countries, ports, and Regent to proceed optimistically to schedule 2022 with the assumption that the Covid-19 issues will be in the background by then. If there are a few countries/ports that don't want to do that, then the new itineraries can just avoid those countries/ports. It should be far easier to do that in advance rather than changing the itineraries after they are already announced and have bookings.
  4. Does anyone know when we can expect Regent to announce the rest of their 2022 itineraries? With so many future cruise credits out there, I'm sure they would fill up quickly. I am going to have to decide soon whether or not to make final payment on an October booking, and it would be nice to know what my options would be if I finalize it and then it later turns into future cruise credits.
  5. I just like to keep it real, not to promote gloom and doom for the sake of negativity. Optimism is great, but IMO it is irresponsible to have blinders on and not look at all the possibilities. Of course, sometimes things come out of left field that we have no way of predicting, but informed decision making requires an analysis of all foreseeable scenarios and an attempt to figure out the likelihood of each one happening. We also need to realize that sometimes things do come out of left field, and absolute statements that we will always have a positive outcome are unrealistic. I am of a mind that it is better to under promise and over deliver. I don't want to make major financial commitments without knowing (as best I can) what range of possibilities to expect. I have bookings in October and January that I have not cancelled, but final payments are coming up and I will have to decide soon. I feel like a teeter totter, thinking one minute I should cancel them, take my losses (there will be some, for reasons best omitted), and stop worrying about it. The next minute I remember how much I want to go on each of these trips, and how much I would regret it if I cancel now and then they are able to sail without any problems. It is not an easy choice.
  6. Yes, and as rallydave pointed out, we should be able to count on the T&Cs. It is wonderful that Regent has made a practice of going above and beyond, and it is reasonable to hope that they will be able to continue to do so in the future. IMO, it is not reasonable to assume that their past generosity is unchangeable and to berate others who point out what Regent has actually agreed in writing to do. Current events are hitting them hard, and they may not have the resources to go above and beyond in the future. We have threads speculating about bankruptcy of various cruise lines. Falling back to meeting only their written T&Cs would be preferable to that, and hopefully much more likely. Although going back to business as usual would be even better, of course. As they say about investments, past performance is no guarantee of future success.
  7. This sounds like an onboard booking discount for which you do not need to be onboard. Many of us had planned to be onboard and perhaps make just this type of deposit, so it makes sense for Crystal to offer it now. What I am wondering is if "non-refundable" means the $500 pp will turn into a FCC if you cancel, or if it means it will just disappear.
  8. I choose to believe that statement is for the benefit of the Star Cruises and Dream Cruises clientele, and is not applicable in the case of Crystal. Still rather scary in its implications.
  9. For now. But then again, so are actual cruises. We don't know what the new policies will be when they start back up.
  10. They aren't for things like the flu, because the virus mutates. And unfortunately, probably won't be for coronavirus for the same reason. Plus a person has to have a competent immune system. In other words, some people who have been immunized will still be able to spread the virus.
  11. They may want to rethink that idea now.
  12. I'm sure you know this, but you could transfer the Endeavor deposit to your new booking. That way you don't put any new cash into the system and Crystal does not need to issue your refund for the Endeavor, assuming the deposit amount on the new booking is the same or less.
  13. I have not heard of a TA giving a rebate before you sail. Generally they will send it after you are safely on board and their commission is secure.
  14. I would have thought that all the mitigation in effect for coronavirus would have reduced the amount of influenza by now.
  15. Thank you. I realized they are live in the theater. My question was about the replay. Is it a loop or only at set times, or is it on demand. Can I start the lecture at the beginning on the TV any time I want? After the live version, of course.
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