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  1. The circumnavigation of South America was a "Grand Voyage," which may be treated differently than a back to back booking. They may treat them differently. I am very curious to know how Regent handles this situation. I don't currently have a Regent b2b booking, but it usually is my preference to book multiple segments. I do know that, at least in the beginning of this, another cruise line was canceling b2b bookings one segment at a time, UNLESS it was booked as their equivalent of a Grand Voyage. There was no "option" for the passenger to choose how the second segment was handled, other than whatever cancellation policy was in effect at the time. I thought that was extremely unfair to the passenger who would likely prefer the whole booking or none of it. So don't assume a b2b booking would be handled the same as a Grand Voyage. If anyone knows, I also would like to hear the answer.
  2. I look forward to sailing on this amazing line and gaining enlightenment. I hope they treat first time Regent cruisers with the same "unique family feeling." The bar has been set amazingly high.
  3. Does anyone know if they also extended the penalty schedule? If you delay final payment and then decide to cancel (before Regent cancels, or if Regent doesn't cancel), it sounds like you would still be subject to the normal cancellation penalties unless you pay in full to qualify for Regent Reassurance. If you are paying with FCC, extending the deadline would not be much of a benefit, and the penalty schedule may not be a big deal anyway. But if you are paying in cash it could be.
  4. The problem is how do we know when it is safe? It has just been clearly proven that being approved (albeit not in the US) did not at all mean it was safe.
  5. I agree. But at least only a few cruises are trying to restart, giving us all a chance to learn/confirm that the risk is still very real without having it cause a global catastrophe. Each time one of them has an infection on board, it makes it more likely that cruising will not resume on a large scale (or out of the US) until we have an effective, safe, and widely available vaccine and/or herd immunity.
  6. Do they have connoisseur wine tasting lunches/dinners?
  7. Yellow fever is very different. It is spread by mosquitos, and covid is spread mainly by respiratory droplets and aerosols. One person on a ship getting yellow fever should pose very little risk for infecting others on the ship, but that person would be much more seriously ill than most people who get covid. We have had a yellow fever vaccine for a long time and more is known about it, so it is a lot easier to require it (with exceptions). It is really hard to make comparisons, but so far it appears that covid behaves much more like an especially bad strain of the flu than yellow fever. But I do agree that from a regulatory view, it is possible that vaccination for covid may be required in the future. The potential problems with that would include the incredibly fast development of the vaccine(s), and the fact that there could be serious complications that we will not know about until some time after it is released on the market. Nonetheless, my husband and I will probably also get it as soon as we can.
  8. I was not guessing about anything. I was responding to a comment by someone else. But why should I not guess? If we are talking about the future of cruising, none of us can do anything else. I am assuming that you are putting me in the basket of gloom and doomers. Hopefully I am wrong about that, but if not you are welcome to your opinion, as I should be to mine. However, you are totally wrong if you think I am not looking forward to cruising. Since Regent just canceled our October cruise, we are looking forward to our next booking, which is also on Regent in May 2021. I took the FCC for October and am using it to pay off our May booking, with enough left over to put a deposit on something else. Am I still considered not to be "active Regent cruise folk" just because I have not sailed with them before? If my May booking is cancelled (and I am realistic enough to know that is possible if not likely), I will of course roll it over to something else with Regent. I have no choice now, since I took the FCC and it is no longer refundable. I am getting really tired of the bashing of Regent newbies. I hope the atmosphere on board is more welcoming and friendly. If not, I will just go back to Crystal when I run out of Regent FCC. I know that Crystal will welcome me "home." Actually, I suspect that the on board experience has a lot of similarities, although obviously not identical. But of course, as has been pointed out to me numerous times, I could not possibly form an opinion about that yet. Or at least I expect to be flamed if I dare to express it here, which to me is really sad.
  9. If true, that will help make sure that the vaccine is available to those who do want it. But I think that number is probably referring to the first 90 days or so after the vaccine is available. Since 1/4 to 1/3 of Americans say they would not take any vaccine (for anything) ever, it might make it hard for a vaccine to get us to herd immunity. Time will tell. I think only about half of Americans get the flu vaccine every year. It is only about 50-60% effective, on the average. Clearly we still have problems with the flu spreading in the US population every year. If the vaccine were more effective and/or more people got it, it would help significantly. Cruise lines have historically refused to require passengers get the flu vaccine, at least I am not aware of any exceptions to this. It will be very interesting to see if they now require the covid vaccine. Those who like to cruise but refuse all vaccines would then have a decision to make. 🤔
  10. Perhaps. It remains to be seen if/how this will affect the refund for your deposit, which hopefully will come through eventually. You should not have any admin penalty/FCC since the cruise was cancelled by Crystal. Someone has posted that the FCC could be in jeopardy for those who do have one and dispute the charges. So far, I would categorize that as just speculation, and hopefully unlikely. No one has responded yet to my request for confirmation of their actual experience with the FCC portion after they dispute the refund portion with their credit card. Can anyone shed light on this question?
  11. or interact with or provide housekeeping services for passengers who have gotten off the ship.
  12. I agree, and would be okay with self quarantining at home if recommended. But "Hmm, what if quarantine was imposed on passengers on immediately exiting the ship - being transported to a holding area for those 10-14 days?" did not sound like that to me. That is what I was responding to.
  13. The temporary credit from Visa will be automatically reversed when Crystal pays. Whatever you do, don't send the money back to Crystal.
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