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  1. If this was the same crew we had on our Feb 1st sailing I couldn't agree more. Every single crew member we came across was so wonderful and friendly. So nice to see them interact with each other, smiles everywhere. I met some really great crew members on that crew and am hoping and praying for them and hope they are well and happy!!
  2. Well, IF the ships actually makes the stop here as it's known to miss it a lot because of wind, rough seas etc then simply find one of the many touch screens around the ship, insert your keycard and book your pass thru that. I'm not sure how far in advance you can choose, maybe 24 hours? Someone else might have a better idea on that. I didn't book for GSC as we were planning to just head down after the rush and I'm trying to remember how far in advance I booked for grand cayman but the days just fade into each other lol. I hope you make it there, our ship missed this port a few weeks ago 😞.
  3. I've missed several specialty dinner reservations on different ships and have never once been charged. Although if I know I'm not going to make it I do try to call reservations from my room phone. But have never been charged when just did a no show. Of course if you dine later it might be less busy. But we find service is generally efficient in specialty resturants. Cagneys seems to be the slowest of all. But if you're not one to like to linger at dinner... simply let them know you have a show reservation or if you would like quicker. no fuss service. Staff always seems super accomidating no matter which ship you're on. Some in our party have been randomly chosen for priority boarding on our last cruise and we actually beat them on the boat with boarding group 1 and 2 lol. I can't lie... the Bliss was not my favorite ship. I think it was built more to suit Alaska than warm climate sailings. My 1st choice is the Escape, then Breakaway then Getaway then Bliss. But some in our party loved it and it was their favorite! I think it truly comes down to your personal likes and dislikes. The decore is stunning. The pool deck is by far the best and most open deck. If you like inside quiet places the observation lounge is wonderful. For crowds... Ok I'll admit... I'm not one who likes people lol. There, I said it. BUT I have found no ship has had a crowd that's too big. There are always spots to escape to. If you find you're overwhelmed by the crowd.... walk away and you'll discover places much quieter. I find people who complain about the crowds don't explore the ship and find some favorite places. You're going to have a wonderful time!!!! There's nothing like a cruise so enjoy every moment!!
  4. I was also on this cruise! I just want to comment on the staff... They were exceptional!!!! From the buffet workers, to our room steward to the bar servers. Smiles everywhere. This staff really seemed to actually enjoy what they were doing and the interactions between the staff with other staff members was so nice to watch. Probably the best staff on any NCL boat we've ever met.
  5. We missed GSC on our feb 1st sailing. but since I read these boards I already knew it was a 50/50 shot. But I'm beginning to think it's more 80/20 on getting there lol. I'm looking at shorter sailings to introduce my 20 yr old daughter to cruising and I'm avoiding the double GSC cruises because of this
  6. Feb 1st sailing and the Breakaway had Truly but only in mixed berry I think. I only remember because lots in our group only drink those at home so they were super happy lol. Not sure about white claw
  7. Have been on both the escape and getaway and just got back from a sailing on the breakaway. It was fabulous!!! It's almost identical to the getaway. The staff was absolutely amazing and I hope you get the same crew. From waiters to casino staff to servers, all were awesome and really friendly. Also the Food in O'sheenans, and I know im spelling it wrong lol, was the best out of all the ships we've been on. I think crowding has to do with the type of fellow passengers on your sailings. Sometimes you have a ton of people on the boat who like to gamble. So casinos are full. Sometimes you get large numbers who avoid the sun and the sun decks seem less crowded. You never know. But I think you'll love the breakaway!! The only complaint I have, and it's small, is no usb or outlets near the bed like on the escape and getaway. But i'd do this ship again in a heartbeat.
  8. Just got back from out of Miami to the Bahamas and coszumel Feb 1st and 2 in our groups' passports expire in april and they were totally fine, no issues. I think it really just matters what countries you're traveling to
  9. Hi! So we just got back from our cruise and we did the Crystal Caves. We booked thru discountexcursions.com. You need 6 people to book the tour. But the great thing that other companies did not offer was you only pay a deposit, not the full amount. So the price was 74 or 79$ each and I think for 6 people I paid like 148$ deposit. The rest is paid when you arrive at the kiosk to meet your guide. So.... After leaving the tender you'd go straight thru the main gates and there is a blue and yellow kiosk where you'll tell them your name and what you booked. We then paid the remainder balance. ( we had 1 person back out and we still had to pay for them, which is understandable). Our ship docked at 8am and our departure time for tour was 10am. We arrived about 20 min early so he took us right away and said he would take the scenic route to the caves. We met our driver who was very very nice. He walked us a few hundred feet out the port gates and took us to his shuttle van. The drive is about 40 min but it does go by fast and we learned quite a few facts about the island from him. Once we arrived at the Caves, we are passed off to the cave tour guide. Our driver waited for us until our return about an hour and half later. Chester was our tour guide for the caves. There were us 5 and 5 others who took the tour at our time. Chester was great! He talked alot. I mean alot! But he was super funny and very personabe and would take pictures for anyone at anytime. And he talked alot. Did I say that already? 🙂 You 1st stop at the bathrooms and gift shop and can buy water or stop for a smoke for 10 min. Then the tour begins. There were 3 caves total. The caves were beautiful! All could be walked up-right in, not much bending at all. I absolutley recommend seeing them, it's like walking into a disney ride where the backdrop is magnificent but it's actually real. Once you're done... it's another pit stop break for 10 min then he drives you back to the main lot. Our driver was waiting for us and had us back to port in plenty of time by 1:15. He was even willing to drop us off closer to shops or even the beach access. Few notes: * Abosultley bring a drink or water. You can buy there but it's almost 4$ a bottle. And these caves are not cool like you think caves would be. They are slightly cooler than air temp and temp outside was about 82 degrees. Brings me to my next points.... * Wear light clothing if day is warm. We were drenched in sweat 15 min into the tour. * AND halfway thru I remembered I had my portable fan in my pack. I gave it to my aunt who then proceeded to fan all the other women who were dying lol. They kept saying I was the most brilliant person in the world to think of a portable fan. Bring one if you have one or buy one on amazon for 15$. Best investment ever. ( I also used it at night next to my nightstand on the cruise 🙂 * wear sneakers!! I am so not a sneaker person but am happy I decided to stick them in my pack and changed from my sandal slides. * The terrain is not tough but it's not super easy in some spots. You must watch your footing while walking. My aunt has walking issues and was able to do it but it was a bit tough on her knees. The other 5 people who joined us were older in the late 60's and they did fine but a slow pace. The short walk from each cave is super easy as they have a wooden walkyway or cleared paths between. I'd give it a 6 out of 10 for tough walking from start to finish. All in all I give this excursion and 8.5 out of 10. Do it!!!
  10. Exactly!! I have no idea what design person said hey.... this is a good idea! loll. Not to mention in some of the cabins the sink is literally 2 feet from the side of the bed. I'm really surprised when they refurbished they didn't fix the cabin flaws. And we have been waiting 2 years for them to throw another boat on that itinerary.
  11. Hi all! Just got back and planning next year! So... we have 3 choices and I'm curious what you all think. We're looking at late Jan, early Feb for 2021. We travel with at least 40 in our group, no kids. All balcony or above rooms. All prices close, maybe 100-200 difference for just cruise fare choice 1. Epic out of San juan: never sailed the epic. would loveeeeeeee to do this itinerary which would be new to us. But flying from Boston/RI to San juan not sure how easy and if there is non stop flights, still looking. Really Hate the cabin set ups. We have quite a few non couples and can't see the bathroom setup for these people. The cabin issue is our #1 worry with this boat. choice 2. getaway out of miaimi: super easy, been out of Miami before, been on the getaway before was refurbished. Western itineray, have done it before and loved the stops so repeat is ok with us. Cheap as far as flight n hotels. So easiest of the 3 choices. choice 3. Breakaway out of New orleans: just got off the Breakaway few days back, out of port canaveral. Same western itinerary as we did 2 years back and loved so ok with that. Never been out of New Orleans and are a bit worried of flight prices, hotels and would go at least 2 days before to explore. Price for this would be much higher because of pre-cruise expenses. and im a bit scared with such a large group and lagestics. We'd be going the week before Mardi Gras starts Feb 7-14th so staying there 5th and 6th, flying home the 14th So, what would you do?
  12. Hi all, We are considering going out of New Orleans for our next cruise. We just got back and already planning next year. I'm looking for information on what anyone from Mass or Rhode Island paid for their flights in Jan and Feb of this year 2020 so we can get a rough idea of flight prices. Also the airline and if it was nonstop or connecting. I'm kicking myself for not checking prices before we left on the cruise we just came back lol Thank you!!!
  13. Hi all! Trying to do a little research. In Feb. we are staying at the Raddison in Port Canaveral for 1 night before cruise. We arrive really early and a few would like to go to the space center after we check In hotel around 11am. I know it closes at 6 and they won't see everything... they are fine with even a few hours at the center. My question is... what is the best way for them to get to and from the hotel to the space center? And does anyone know an approx. cost for cab, uber and such. Any help is great, ty!!!
  14. Ok question... so just to clarify... I have an upcoming cruise in less than 2 weeks. I'm booked in a balcony room. I do not want an upgrade as I am booked with a large group and want to stay together. Balcony rooms ( same perks as when booked) price went from 1199 to 846 pp. If I call the NCL agent we have been dealing with... do you think I could get any OBC for the difference? Also, if you think it's worth calling... how in the world would I phase asking for just obc and not an upgrade?? I hate asking for extras so want true thoughts on this if you think they might say yes lol. Thanks all!!!
  15. Hi all, Best thing I've bought was 2 usb powered fans for the bedside tables. But we will be on the Breakaway and have learned that there are no usb or reg outlets by the bed. So... does anyone have an options or suggestions on what to do for a fan? Any type you can suggest as I'm not opposed to buying another just for this trip. I know I can run a reg outlet cord but am trying to avoid this. If you use a fan... what do you use and any suggestions to rig it up. Any and all tips are appreciated!! Thank you!!!
  16. I've been searching for info on this as well. NCL doesn't offer an excursion to the caves so we've looked at any and all tours I can find. The problem with most is you can't just book 2 people. Also most want the money upfront and if you are booking 12 people that's a large amount to pay ahead. Here's what I have found.... This seems the best but you must book 6 people, 74 pp. And you only pay a deposit, not full amount... https://www.discountexcursions.com/tour/grand-cayman-crystal-caves-sightseeingtour-1/ This one looks great with a 4 person min but it's 89 pp. https://www.caymansafari.com/cayman-adventures this one is great if you can get 11 people for 65 pp. https://www.caytours.com/best-cayman-crystal-caves-and-sightseeing-group-tours $65 11 min people theres a couple more but all around 79.99 with min 11 people to book pay up front. If you find anything better than those let me know as I leave in 2 weeks and am still looking 🙂
  17. I ordered a soda with my meal not thinking it wasn't included in our drink package. All my husband could say was... I hope you're enjoying your $5 can of pepsi lmaoo. And I did!!! lol
  18. I was on the Bliss last year in a balcony room... and really the only place a pack and play will fit will be in front of couch. If the bed is by the balcony door, there isn't enough room between bed and door to play it unless it under 2 feet i'd say. Same if bed is next to closet, too slim a space. So pretty much no matter where the bed is placed the small open area between the desk and couch is the only space it would fit. I would take the advice from above and only take it out when using it. Might be a pain but when it's up, you're going to kill all your walking space.
  19. yes, your frozen drinks should all be covered by the drink perk
  20. Been to port at St Thomas twice and it's an easy walk off. Like someone else said... if your ship ports at 8am... have your daughter head down say maybe 730am to wait to be off as soon as she can. It's also a nice short pier walk compared to some other ports.
  21. This is the only time I have to disagree with you Bird lol. On the Getaway a year before our cabin steward treated coffee like it was gold. I'm a huge coffee drinker, drink it even before I head to bed. On the 1st day... as I always do while handing him a 20$... I informed out steward of this and asked to be left extras for each day. He never gave us more than 2 so each day I'd have to search for him and ask for more. On our 4th day he actually looked at me, said nothing, pointed his finger to follow him out to his cart and pointed to his empty drawer to inform me he had none. I Totally felt reprimanded. But he was also the worst steward we've ever had on any ship lol. I was thinking of bringing extra pods... Is this allowed in my luggage at airport and at port? Thanks!!
  22. Hi all, Sailing Feb 1st Breakaway out of Port Canaveral. On all our Edocs ( large group) It says arrival time 12pm. We have never sailed out of this port, only Miami. And every other ncl cruise we were able to choose our boarding time. But this time it didn't offer any of us to pick a time, just stated 12pm. Is this just how this port does it? Thanks!!!
  23. I always tip a few dollars for room service. Is the food scrumptious???.... well.... lol. No IMO. I'm really not picky with food at all but I'd say its around basic pub food level. Great for late at night when nothing is open. And getting breakfast in morning is a nice!
  24. Hi all, Can anyone confirm or deny if there are outlets and or USB ports next to the beds in a balcony room on the Breakaway? If not... are the closest outlets or ports on the counter where coffee pot is? Thank you!
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