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  1. The key word you used is "speculated". Many ships in that article are listed purely based on age or for being oddballs in their respective fleets.
  2. I'm from WA, have lived all 29 years of my life thus far here, and have never heard the term. Don't assume things and then get snarky because other members rightfully called you out for what you said - to imply that myself or others are "less Australian" somehow is absolutely ludicrous. We more than likely have sayings over here that you aren't familiar with, if you came across one would you appreciate a comment such as yours being aimed back at you? It's the type of close-minded comment I would honestly expect from an American, not a fellow Australia.
  3. But it's also important to note that Qantas and Jetstar are also having their services underwritten. It's an initiative to keep connections between capital cities and larger towns, not something targeted towards Virgin to keep them alive for now.
  4. They own around half of their 737 fleet, and most of their 777s (maybe all, it's been a while since I checked). Wherever this info is coming from that they don't own anything, it's incorrect.
  5. Well, no. The entire issue is that the federal and state governments want nothing to do with any craft that is carrying foreigners.
  6. Qantas has no aircraft "based" outside of Australia. They have a foreign crew base in the UK, but they don't have actual aircraft attached to it. All are VH (Australian) registered, and ultimately home-based out of Mascot. There are the various Jetstar subsidiaries, but their aircraft are locally-registered with their headquarters in their respective countries.
  7. Only for foreign nationals. Australian citizens can only leave under extraordinary/compassionate circumstances, and DFAT is turning people away at the airport if they don't fall under the limited scope of these new rules. I know the discussion was related to the US tourists that tested positive, but people may misinterpret your comment as meaning everyone can leave of their own free will.
  8. This doesn't surprise me. I work at the airport and there have been a lot of passengers from the ships pass through in the last several days, some with a LOT of luggage. One in particular paid $6,000 AUD in excess baggage fees!!!
  9. QM2 has a very small number of passengers on board, but only those that have health concerns with flying. Costa Deliziosa on the other hand was (to my surprise) most certainly NOT empty when leaving Freo. Not only the people on the upper and promenade decks, but also the many people on stateroom balconies:
  10. I think, worst case scenario and this drags out for months on end, the larger cruise lines will survive but with major reductions in their fleet sizes. Maybe even downsizing and consolidation of the various brands that fall under the likes of Carnival Corp and Royal Caribbean Intl. The only one I can see coming through without much damage is Disney, purely based on the near bottomless pockets of their parent corporation (in saying that, I believe it is drastically going to mess up their future fleet plans).
  11. Thanks for the heads up! It was an hour-long drive one way, but I couldn't pass up a chance to see so many ships at once, especially QM2! Costa Deliziosa's decks were packed as she pulled away, QM2 seemed to be transferring off the last of her passengers just prior. Also saw Seven Seas Mariner sitting off the coast.
  12. There's also another thread about it posted here in the Aussie/NZ section:
  13. Yeah, that's fraud. Requesting a chargeback when by all means the other party did everything they were entitled to at the time is not playing fair.
  14. You mean the Passenger Vessel Services Act. The Jones Act is similar but covers the shipping of goods between ports. That the Jones Act covers passenger cruising is a common misconception. I'm trying my best to push people into citing the right one 😉
  15. I know I'm being picky, but what you mean is the Passenger Vessel Services Act. People tend to incorrectly cite the Jones Act, usually thinking they are the same thing or that the Jones Act encompasses the rules of the PVSA, but they are not and do not.
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