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  1. It will be either the Dream or Fantasy, as they are the only two with the "magic" artwork. I know it's not a specific answer, but it narrows it down a little.
  2. Once you are on your second Disney cruise you will receive a bag of some sort (previously a beach bag, currently a small sling-style backpack) as a Castaway Club "welcome back" gift, but first time cruisers need to bring their own!
  3. Disney always keeps plenty of tables out of the online inventory for people to book once they are onboard, so if you try to book after embarkation you should have no problems. Palo offers brunch, rather than lunch. Dinner is ordered off a menu, whilst brunch is a combination of a la carte and buffet and also includes a complimentary alcoholic beverage (eg. a mimosa). I personally prefer the variety offered at brunch.
  4. The Jones Act tends to be incorrectly cited a lot of the time. It is in fact the Passenger Vessel Services Act (PVSA) that restricts direct passage between two US ports. The Jones Act covers the transport of goods/cargo whilst the PVSA is for passengers - almost the same, but still two separate acts.
  5. You could... if you were prepared to swim in search of the Dream or Fantasy (the Magic and Wonder don't have Remy) 😉
  6. The pizza in your photo looks DREADFUL! I came off Explorer a couple weeks ago, and actually thought the pizza in Cafe Promenade was quite good. It was always fresh and hot with the cheese melting everywhere, and a generous amount of toppings. The Windjammer on the other hand, ugh.
  7. Nope. I sailed on Explorer Nov 7-16, none of that has been installed yet. On one of the stateroom channels there was a rundown of the various ships' refurbishment schedules with previews of the new slides/waterpark, I seem to recall that ShazM is correct in saying it will be around 2020.
  8. Unfortunately this falls into the same category as missing the ship if your independent excursion arrives back too late - the cruise line will only guarantee a refund or waiting for the guests if the excursion was booked directly through them. Yes, it is a bit of a money-making exercise on the cruise line's part, but it also offers some protection in case ports are cancelled, as has happened here. Pay for something independently = run the risk of losing your money when things go pear-shaped.
  9. When I did the VIP character breakfast several months ago, my party consisted of just myself and another adult. There were a LOT of groups there with no kids. It was held in Animator's Palate which was really quite cool, getting photos with Mickey and friends in there 🙂
  10. I've only sailed Princess once (in Australia) and our disembarkation involved having to meet in a certain place at a set time, dependent upon baggage tag color - unsure if this is the fleetwide procedure, but Disney does it slightly differently. You are still given different colored baggage tags (themed with different Disney characters), but you don't need to meet in a specific lounge or anything. They do public announcements when it's your turn - for example "white Ariel tags can now disembark". It does mean the atrium area can be very full of people as they wait for their tag to be called. You can still walk off with your luggage and be amongst the first off, but if you don't mind waiting it can take a little while. Waiting to get off the Wonder last year, it took maybe half an hour before my baggage group was called.
  11. Cruises from New Orleans confirmed, along with the return of limited Hawaiian itineraries.
  12. On my cruise a few months ago the drink station still had the standard placard. "Please use a fresh cup for refills", or something along those lines.
  13. Various perks for return cruisers is an industry norm, is not exclusive to DCL, and is not influenced in any way by what they offer (rather, don't offer) at their parks. As others have said, there should definitely be availability for various tastings and dining when you get on board. Beverage tastings in particular are a new addition to the online booking system - before last year you HAD to wait until you were on the ship to reserve them. My experience has been that there may be tastings available on board that were not listed online, or at least spaces left to get a ticket. The time that you select your activities is also important. Did you jump online at exactly midnight EST the day that your booking window opened? It sounds like you're trying to let these things affect your cruise - worst case, you will still be able to see all the shows, visit Castaway Cay, experience the different dining rooms, spend time in the various bars and lounges, make memories with your family. I understand your disappointment, but some alcohol tastings and adult dining don't make the cruise :) Correct. Standard tastings - mixology, wine, beer, etc - are around $20. Chocolate and liquor is slightly more.
  14. I haven't personally sailed Radiance - but my parents have, three times. It's their absolute favourite ship and they have nothing but good thing to say about it!
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