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  1. Credit card company now allowing Ponant to snap back arbitrary amounts of money paid for cancelled - I will be going to lawyers and the Federal Maritime Commission.
  2. Beware Ponant, they will fight your credit card dispute too for service not provided, they just managed to snap back half for a cruise they cancelled. Never received any FCC either.
  3. My case was settled satisfactorily : "We've reviewed your account and found that the merchant(s) issued credit(s) to your account." So I am out of here but I do advise as Jazzbeau suggests, go to the credit card dispute route in the event of a cancellation if warranted. I received back my deposit from 2019 and the final payment from this year,
  4. Ponant operates from US ports and is under FMC jurisdiction regarding refund policies: https://www.fmc.gov/fact-finding-30-investigation-focusing-on-cruise-line-financial-responsibility-and-refund-policies/ Federal Maritime Commission also has a mediation arm for resolving disputes with cruise lines.
  5. Makes sense, use the higher fares to soak up the FCCs and then discount to get rid of the empty cabins.
  6. Canada has banned all cruise ships until at least October 31. https://news.yahoo.com/canada-bans-cruise-ship-visits-until-october-201319661.html
  7. "A prior Covid test will be compulsory for each passenger before boarding" Those test are running up to 50% false results. https://www.cnn.com/2020/05/26/health/antibody-tests-cdc-coronavirus-wrong/index.html
  8. I only disputed the Final Payment because I would have had to pay the the rather signifacent balance on my credit card for a cruise that was obviously not going with me on it. I had zero communication from Crystal which is a problem across the entire spectrum of cruise lines. So all I have is an email from a TA who may or may not be in businness next month mentioning the 25% FCC. You got to feel bad for the TAs because they lose their commissions; I am sure many home and call based center ones quit. The entire travel industry got blindsided and the damage done has not been fully assessed and is ongoing.
  9. I am not sure but the 25% FCC was a COVID "special" because most of these cruises ended up being cancelled anyway. I imagine there have been hundreds if not thousands of credit card disputes by customers in good standing; yanking FCCs would be a good way to ensure they never consider another Crystal cruise. Considering the costs of acquisition of customers cruise lines pay in marketing fees; anything deemed retaliatory would be counterproductive.
  10. Mine was similar situation, I cancelled for a 75/25 refund but aside from the contractual terms on the 75%; there was nothing wirtten as to the terms of 25% FCC. I never actually received the FCCs, just a brief email from the Travel Agent that I had them. Crystal has never communicated one way or the other with me. In fact I had to tell the credit card company Crystal had finally paid up though I am sure they would have caught it eventually. I feel justified disputing the charge because I would have had to pay a 10K+ credit card bill with no real assurance except a TA email that anything was happening. Still I am glad Crystal paid up; because I might use the FCCs (assuming they still exist) after things calm down, I sure won't be putting down a cash deposit just yet.
  11. Yes, the market makers on the Pinks manipulate the price. But this is a low volume "F" ticker. You can buy but you may not be able to sell at the price you want.
  12. Penny stock on the Pink Market: https://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/GTHKF/quote
  13. Sounds great: "the Singapore government is using our two ships — Superstar Gemini and SuperStar Aquarius — to temporarily house foreign workers who have recovered from the coronavirus is a good testimonial that a cruise ship is actually a safe experience." Can't wait....
  14. The fuel surcharges were tied to the price of crude oil so if the cruise ships don't use oil why did the cruise lines charge passengers contractual fuel surcharges tied to the price of crude? The cruise lines can lock in cheap prices now and pass the savigs on.
  15. Travel agents can be very helpful, Cunard's customer service is just OK. The most helpful person though is the concierge in the Grill Lounge, they can do just about everything.
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