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  1. I've seen plenty of people say they took, or saw others with, a box fan. Whether or not that's changed, I don't know. Guest Services should have a limited number of fans to borrow, so if you want one of those, the sooner you ask, the better. It should be in good condition. I don't think it has to be in the box. I take a 10" portable fan that I bought in the camping section of Walmart probably about 10 years ago. It's still in great condition and even in its original box. They just want to make sure it doesn't pose a hazard. I like to carry mine on for one big reason. Terminal security are not employed by Carnival and have sometimes been known to question items that Carnival does allow. If that happens, I'd rather the fan be with me so I can talk to them about it if they question it. Plead my case, if you will. If it's in your checked luggage and gets confiscated, you won't know about it until you get to your cabin and get the letter notifying you that it was removed. Side note, I always take a long extension cord with us (9-10 ft.). That way I can move the fan right next to the bed where I like it, both for airflow and white noise. It's also long enough to position it in the bathroom to help air it out after showers while we're getting ready. Sometimes the cabin AC is good, sometimes it's not. We've had a fairly warm cabin, even though it was turned up all the way, and a very cool cabin without having to turn it up. It's a crap shoot.
  2. Just to clarify and avoid any possible confusion, since the OP didn't specify a plan, only the Social plan has to be purchased for the entire cruise. The Value and Premium plans can be purchased on a 24-hour basis.
  3. Once they're out in international waters, they'll activate the "Cellular at Sea" network, which is a satellite-based cellular network. You can connect to this, but unless you have a deal worked out with your carrier, it can be very expensive. So you don't want to do it under normal circumstances. Some carriers, like Verizon, do offer temporary cruise packages that allow you to connect to the Cellular at Sea service for a fee. Other people you see might be using some form of wifi calling. If the wifi is good enough on that particular ship, and the device supports it, some people have had luck using wifi calling. That goes through your cellular carrier, but over wifi instead of their cellular network. Using it would require, at least, the Value internet plan, but maybe even the Premium plan. Not sure if the Value plan is enough. Other people might be using one of the messaging apps, like facebook messenger, that supports voice calls. Again, all this depends on the quality of the internet service and the plan you purchase.
  4. Like Saint Greg said, you shouldn't have a problem on the Horizon. The Vista, Horizon, & Sunrise (so far) all have the best internet service. Not only do they have upgraded speeds, but also have more access points throughout the ships, unlike others. That means less dead zones and fewer devices being forced to connect to a single access point, which will improve service wherever you are.
  5. Doing that makes me nervous, especially when it's a large amount in gift cards. When you authorize the delivery without the signature, the driver's "delivered" notice becomes the only proof they require. We live in a rural area, so package theft isn't likely, but I'm paranoid I'd end up with a dishonest driver who marks it delivered and keeps the package.
  6. Ours come from OH, too. If you're getting them on the west coast from there, I guess that's their only facility. Oddly enough, the last two times we ordered, one took a full week ($500) and the other ($1,000) only took three days.
  7. The Social plan is more than just a messaging plan. Twitter, facebook, and instagram are social media platforms, not messaging platforms. Facebook has its own, separate messaging service. It also includes Pinterest, LinkedIn, and airline websites. Plus the messaging services. It's the only plan that cannot be purchased on a 24-hour basis.
  8. I'm hoping that doesn't change with all of the folks from AARP switching to Allstate. Were you a rewards member (either Allstate or AARP) back when they'd sell out fairly often? There were times when they'd only last a few days, maybe a week, then we'd have to wait a couple weeks. A whole lot of people posting, "When will they be back? My cruise is soon." LOL I shouldn't have to worry about it, though. I've hoarded away enough Allstate points to last us years. I never had to use them because we always had enough AARP points to keep us going.
  9. I checked our cruises for possible price drops today and discovered that our cruise next year is now $380 more per person than what we paid. 😲 🤑 Guess we booked that at the right time.
  10. The Allstate rewards program is ran by the same company that operated the old AARP Rewards for Good program, so if you were familiar with AARP, then you won't have any problem here. Allstate's rewards site is pretty much identical. The only difference is, non-Allstate customers have to create a rewards account through the Allstate app first. After that, you can use the app or the website to enter codes and buy cards.
  11. Well crap, I didn't follow along closely enough. All the talk about other websites threw me off.
  12. Wow, you'd cancel an entire cruise because they don't serve your favorite brand of soda? So does that mean you're considering never sailing on Carnival at all for the same reason? You could just bring your own Coke on board.
  13. I see all of the Carnival cards. $100, $500, 2-pack of $500, and the new $1000 card. We haven't really confirmed it, but it's quite possible that availability is sometimes based on where you're located. There's been times when they were available for some people, but not everyone. Prior to this year, both Allstate and AARP (back when they still had Rewards for Good) constantly sold out of Carnival cards. We'd usually have to wait at least a couple weeks before they stocked more, sometimes longer. But they've been real good at keeping them stocked this year.
  14. That's already been established, a few times. Please read through the thread.
  15. Aluminum cans are recycled, so there shouldn't be any waste there. Fountain syrups come in plastic jugs or bags and those are usually contained inside a cardboard box. So a fountain system produces more waste than cans. Not to mention the requirement of CO2 canisters to be kept somewhere, which take up a lot of room, and the necessity to run lines for the system. That's probably why he said, "where space and access allows it." For this reason, I don't see them installing very many fountain systems on existing ships, especially older/smaller ones.
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