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  1. It's easier to ask forgiveness than permission. Why wasn't everyone allowed to wait inside the terminal? Carnival saw the debarkation of the charter cruise was going to take much longer than usual, so why not just have them wait in their usual waiting areas? Apparently they offered them transport to another location, but I don't understand why that was even necessary. The same can be said of your comment. Do you want us to feel the same way as you do about everything? You were free to skip passed this thread, but instead basically say the OP is complaining for no reason. There are discussions of all kinds on here. Informative/educational, complaints/rants, questions/answers, you name it. None of them have to meet your criteria in order to fit in. Most people who arrive at a cruise terminal have nowhere else to go. They aren't prepared to stand around outside for several hours, and justifiably so. Some choose not to check their luggage, so they have that with them, which makes going anywhere difficult. I suppose they can call a taxi or ride of some kind, but they shouldn't have to. Their plans, their lack of knowledge of the area, maybe even their budgets, or any number of factors means they may not have accounted for such a delay. And it has nothing to do with being able to tolerate "warm" temperatures or not. Many aren't prepared to be exposed to those temps when they didn't know they'd be forced to. You do realize that on a Caribbean cruise, you can seek refuge in a number of cool places, right? But this wasn't an average case of unforeseen circumstances. Carnival experienced this delay before with the exact same charter. They knew from past experience there was a very good chance there'd be another long delay.
  2. For what it's worth, we had Dustin aboard the Glory (out of Miami) last June. He was actually quite good, I thought. He was at all kinds of events & activities, and all of the deck parties. Lively, good with the crowd, and high energy.
  3. There's no way for passengers to link bookings just for dining purposes online. That has to be done through Carnival. Clicking on the "Manage another booking" link on your account does just what you've experienced. It allows you to manage multiple bookings at once, not link them for dining. I don't know if you can reach any special departments. Just call a regular CSR and tell them what you want, emphasizing that you want to make sure neither are accidentally cancelled.
  4. No, they don't. Ever since they changed their future cruise policy, you now get $50 OBC if you book another one while on a cruise or for up to 2 weeks following the cruise (as opposed to the $200 OBC they used to give for booking at the future cruise desk on board). Other than that, not all rates come with OBC. Ours didn't
  5. No, if you're in a 4A, you have to price match to a 4A. And a cabin cannot change its category. For example, we'll be in a 4E aboard Horizon. That cabin is always a 4E, it can't change. But on the Horizon, there are 4E's on decks 6 and 7. So when I check for a lower rate, even if the 4E's are sold out on one of those decks, there might still be some available on the other. You can only do a price match if that particular category isn't completely sold out. But since some categories can be found on multiple decks, don't just look at the deck you've booked. I don't think CC lets us post a link to this site, but do a google search for "cruise deck plans" and it should be the first result. That's literally the name of the site. Once there, go to "Public Site" (if you're on a computer), choose the cruise line and your ship. There's also a tool, called the "Cabin Check Tool," that lets you pick a cabin and it'll show you what's directly above and below that cabin. Good for checking if you'll be above or below a possible noisy area.
  6. In their ridiculously expensive suit and tie. 😁 Sad part is, even if some get fired (which they should) their golden parachute will break their fall.
  7. What does that have to do with this? I agree that most average computer users don't perform routine cleanings, but the problems people are having with Carnival's site don't have anything to do with that. I maintain my desktop & laptop regularly and had just as much trouble, on both, as everyone else here. Carnival even acknowledged the problems.
  8. If you mean he's seeing the recently updated website format and you still see the old, you can try to clear your browser cookies & cache. That might bring yours up to date with the new format.
  9. I had trouble last night and much of today, but was just able to log on and add an excursion to my cart. That's as far as I went, though. Someone in another thread said they called and were told it'd be fixed by tomorrow.
  10. I was having trouble last night and much of today, but I just tried and was able to add an excursion to my cart. I didn't go any further than that, though. You can try clearing your browser cookies & cache. It helped me this morning when I couldn't log on.
  11. Yeah, I remember you saying that. Sorry, I meant to reply that day, but got sidetracked and forgot about it. I'll just have to make it very clear to the waiter..."The free stuff, not the fancy fresh pressed $5 OJ." LOL I am not paying $5 for some OJ.
  12. I look at it differently because the audits/inspections only came about because they were court ordered due to Carnival Corps. previous illegal activity and violations. They were fined and put on probation, told to get their act together, but they thumbed their noses at the court, so to speak. They knew they were still in violation over certain things, but did nothing until it was time for the audits. It wasn't so much prepping for routine inspections as it was covering up the fact that they weren't following through with the court's orders.
  13. The countdown clock on the Carnival Hub app displays it as days, hours, minutes. But when I log into the website, it rounds up a day. Sounds like you're experiencing something like that.
  14. I'm on the Carnival forums regularly. Admittedly, I don't read every single thread, but I haven't seen people discussing smuggling booze in a long time. Sure, they talk about Cheers quite often, but that's nothing. If I've ever seen anyone talk about using their balconies for "extracurricular activities," it was always worded in a G (or PG at worst) manner, just as I did here. I'm the dad of a teenage boy. This is the age of the internet. He's read far worse things on places like messaging platforms, multi-player online gaming chats, and Reddit. Jbethel has already said he's well beyond the age of 13, the minimum age restriction applied to fb users (not that they even enforce it there). So I'm going to assume he's in his late teens. There ain't nothing that's said here that can even compare to what's out there. I really don't think seeing someone talk about the Cheers package on a cruise forum is going to corrupt a teenage mind. Heck, I grew up going to gatherings and watching nearly everyone in my family, and their friends, drink. I wasn't reading about it, like here, it was right there live and in person. Well before my teenage years. That must blow some people's minds today. As a teenager, I did some very stupid things. I'm talking things that seemed exciting and fun, but were just plain stupid that could've literally gotten me killed. With all the "inappropriate" things I saw and did, I still wasn't exposed to the things my boy can find on the internet today. Not even close. If the worst you can manage is talking about cruises on a cruise forum, you're doing just fine. Now, can we please stop worrying so much about the age of jbethel, or anyone else, and get back to the topic at hand?
  15. That list goes well beyond debarkation. This is just a simple discussion, because some people are essentially saying, "Who cares, everyone needs to be off the ship anyway." Well, hundreds/thousands of passengers care when their lack of enforcement causes a log jam that delays debarkation. Or in some cases, causes safety hazards, like when the stairwells are completely clogged with people who didn't listen. I think the blame is to be shared between those who don't follow the rules and the crew who don't correct them.
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