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  1. One of the big advantages of Cruise Cash is that it can be purchased prior to your cruise. Some people prefer to do that and have it waiting for them on their S&S account once they get on board rather than having to go to Guest Services and add gift cards. For those who purchase the 10% off Carnival gift cards from sources like AARP and Allstate, they can be used to buy Cruise Cash, so it's a 10% discount on the Cruise Cash itself. Use it to pay your final bill and you're saving money. Yeah, you can just add the discount gift cards straight to the S&S account to accomplish the same result, but like I said above, some people don't want to go to GS to deposit the gift cards first. If you're going to cash out in the casino, be sure to spin the slot once or twice. This can be done to cash out Cruise Cash and gift cards. Gift cards are technically refundable, but they're refunded as a new gift card. If you'd rather have the cash, use the casino "trick." Just spin once or twice because Carnival knows about this little trick and it's best to at least appear to be playing.
  2. For those taking cases of soda, it's a good idea to take a bag or container of some kind just in case. At some home ports, security will tear open the cases looking for alcohol. So much so that they're practically unusable after. So it helps to have something to carry the cans in just in case this happens. We take a reusable grocery bag just for this. What in the world does any of that have to do with taking soda on board? Or cruising in general, for that matter? Yeah, you can bring a 12-pack back on at your ports of call.
  3. When you choose "Anniversary" as your special occasion in your Cruise Manager, they used to give couples a bottle of champagne and chocolate covered strawberries. I also remember some people saying they'd get a $50 spa gift card. Do they not do any of that anymore?
  4. If you deposit the entire amount of the gift card on your S&S account, then don't use it all, they will mail you a new gift card with the remaining balance. Or you can use the casino "trick" to get cash instead. Just go to a slot machine, transfer your S&S funds to your player's bank, spin the slot once or twice, then cash out at the cage. The remaining balance only remains on the card if you don't deposit the entire amount of the gift card to your S&S account. Otherwise, see my comment above.
  5. Verizon offers a cruising plan and Carnival is covered. It's $2.99/min for phone calls, .50/sent text and .05/received text. Maybe that's what you were originally referring to? That allows you to connect to the ship's Cellular At Sea network. In other words, it works while out to sea. But you don't put your phone in Airplane Mode for that because it needs to connect to the ship's cellular network. Or you can do what Mrs CruisinCritter suggested. Somewhere within your phone's settings, you'll be able to turn Wifi Calling on. Then if you buy the 2nd or 3rd tier internet plans, you could text over wifi. I doubt it'd work on the minimal Social plan. By the way, someone mentioned purchasing an internet plan for a limited time, but the Social plan is not available on a 24-hour basis. It has to be purchased for the entire cruise. The other two plans can be purchased for 24 hours. For any of them, you do need to put your phone in Airplane Mode (with wifi on). And if you have one of the internet plans, you could also use a messaging app, like others have suggested. A lot of ports have places with free wifi to connect to. If you wait till you get to port and do that, you could use these options without having to purchase one of the internet plans. The crew often know where there's free wifi at different ports.
  6. If all y'all are doing early or late dining, I don't know. Sorry, we only ever use Your Time Dining. If you are doing YTD, I'd say yes, link them if you think the whole group will dine together a majority of the time. If it's a partial group, like it was with us one night, you can just tell them how many are dining that night. Just to be clear, using the app to check in for dinner only works with Your Time Dining, since early and late dining are already set times. We haven't had a chance to use that feature on the app yet. I've just been going off everything I've read. We'll get to try it on our Horizon cruise next year. I'm not sure how it handles linked cabins. I know the app does show the people you're already linked to. It did that before the dinner check-in feature was released, but I'm not sure if every cabin will have to check in through the app or not.
  7. Same thing happened to us last year. We had seen Epic Rock on the Conquest a few years ago and absolutely loved it, but our son wasn't feeling good that night, so he missed it. We were on the Glory last year and it was playing again, so we were looking forward to seeing it and was excited for our son to finally see it. Well, our MDR team just so happened to be running real slow that night, dinner took forever, so we missed the early show. They performed that one normally. When we got to the late show, the CD came out and announced that, due to safety concerns, there'd be a "slight change" to the late show. We weren't expecting how much of a change it actually turned out to be. Out comes the singers with their stools. It was terrible. We waited two & a half songs because we thought they were going to do more. After all, the CD said only a "slight change." We walked out during the third song, and we weren't the only ones. I get it, they have to stay safe, but don't give us a line about "slight change." Be honest, tell us why the big stage performance has been cancelled, and let everyone know that all they're getting is singers on stools. If we had known that up front, we wouldn't have stayed at all. We felt so bad for our son because we had hyped it up so much and were all excited about it. If our dinner hadn't ran slow, we would've seen the full production at the early show. Big disappointment.
  8. You're right, the Horizon does show it. I didn't look at Horizon's deck plans the day I posted that comment. I checked the Sunrise, since that's what the OP is sailing on, and it doesn't show the internet cafe. So then I checked a couple Conquest class ships that we had been on last year and a few years ago. Both of those used to show their internet cafe's on their deck plans, but don't anymore. Not sure why they show it on some and have removed it from others.
  9. I can't post the URL link (CC doesn't like it), but do a google search for "cruisedeckplans" and it should be the top result. Be sure to choose "Public Site" from the start page, not Member Site (that's for paid subscribers). I don't know if this will help you with what you're talking about, but you can view which decks a specific category is on, because some categories are found on more than one deck. For instance, go to your ship's page, scroll down to the type of cabin you're looking at (balcony, for example), then click on "Toggle Category and Deck Details." That will show you every deck each particular category is found on. Another of my favorite features is their Cabin Check Tool. When you're on a ship's page, it's at the very bottom of the page, right corner. You can pick a specific cabin and it'll show you what's directly above and below that cabin. Great for looking for quieter cabins.
  10. Most people have just resorted to doing mock bookings now that the fare viewer is gone. Right, price matches can only be done with the exact same category. If it sells out, you can no longer price match, because there's nothing to price match to at that point. But, if passengers cancel from that category, you're back in business (until it sells out again). Some ships have the same category on more than one deck, so even if you don't see it on the deck you're staying on, it might still be open.
  11. If you're referring to Playlist Production shows, this list (made by Cruise Critic) was last updated in March, 2018 but I think everything's still the same. https://www.cruisecritic.com/articles.cfm?ID=3235
  12. I have no idea what they mean by where applicable, in the following ports. So it is available in the following ports or not? Yes, it is, but only where applicable. Maybe they mean as long as it's not a Journeys cruise out of those ports. I'm surprised it hasn't opened up for you and Tuckers_Mom's Jan. 2020 cruises yet. Surely they will soon.
  13. They were available a few months ago, but they didn't last long. Haven't seen them since. I was hoping that once peak cruising season rolled around, they'd get the e-cards back in stock, but so far no luck.
  14. You don't even have to purchase an internet plan to use the Hub app. It'll work without it. But to use the chat feature, you do have to buy it for all of the devices you want to use it with.
  15. To the person who referred to it as a "tax on impatience," for many, being impatient isn't a factor at all. Some people want to get on board as soon as they can, not because they're impatient, but because they simply want to start their cruise vacation as soon as they can. Get the most out of it, kind of thing. I like the priority Guest Services line, not because I'm too impatient to stand in the regular line, but because I've stood in that line for 20-30 minutes and have no desire to waste that much of my vacation time standing in the GS line. There are so many reasons beyond impatience. That's just a silly attempt to insult the people who buy it just because you don't aren't of them. I don't view myself any better than others just because I'm able to use the priority line with FTTF. I don't look down my nose at people in the regular line. I've been there, I know it stinks. And I don't think anyone is advocating that the priority GS line is any kind of highlight. To say those in the regular line are waiting for their "rightful" turn implies that people in the priority line have less of a right to go straight to the desk. That's not so. It's a perk given to P/D/FTTF...they all have the right to take advantage of it. You may not mind spending long periods of your vacation time standing in that line, but not everyone feels the same. You say it's not like you had to be anywhere, but being anywhere on a cruise other than that line is a vast improvement. I, too, like to research and plan our vacations. I put a lot of time & effort into the logistics leading up to all of ours. But that doesn't make FTTF any less valuable to me. A vast majority, if not all, of my planning is done well before the perks of FTTF can even come into play. The fact that we both like the logistics aspect, but have completely different views about the value of FTTF, just reinforces the premise that FTTF is totally subjective.
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