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  1. They've been secure since April. Donald stated that in multiple interviews. They secured private-sector loans at the time to keep them going until the end of the year, at least, if the shutdown happened to last that long. Demand is high, that's why people are seeing cruise fares on the rise. On the day Carnival had made their announcement to return on Aug. 1st, bookings for August alone went through the roof. Over a period of three days, they increased 200% compared to the same three days last year. Obviously, at the time, no one knew August wouldn't happen (to include the "fortune tellers" on this forum), but it was a clear sign that people are ready. Bookings for 2021 are doing very good, too.
  2. Common sense. A govt. agency isn't going to "extend" an order that has already expired. Worst case scenario, they issue a new order, which I don't believe will happen. Some of you on here are going to be very lost when cruising returns.
  3. They can't extend an order that has already expired. The prospective return date is three months away. With this situation, no one can logically, realistically say what will happen three months from now based on what's happening today.
  4. The no-sail order expired on July 24th. The recent extension of cancellations was not by order of the CDC, it was voluntary. If y'all are going to continue to perpetuate this stuff, the least you could do is have your facts straight.
  5. Taking laundry pods & fabric softener sheets is a good tip. We do it, too. It takes up very little space to pack a couple pods and no space really for a few fabric softener sheets. OP, if you don't want to do this, then single-use boxes of detergent are $3/ea. and I think that's how much fabric softener sheets are too. There are irons in the self-service laundry rooms, but I've seen a lot of people say they de-wrinkle clothes by hanging them in the bathroom and cranking up a hot shower. We usually take a travel bottle of wrinkle release. Each cabin has a built-in hair dryer, usually in a drawer by the vanity mirror in the main cabin area, but be aware, they vary in how good they work. Your cabin will have a mini-fridge. It'll be inside a wooden cabinet with a door on it. If your fridge isn't keeping things very cool, open that cabinet door, even if it's just a little bit. Those cabinets do have a few vent slots in them, but it's usually not enough. It gets hot inside the cabinet and the fridge struggles to keep cool. Opening that door will vent it a lot more and keep it cooler.
  6. You don't lose the cancelled cruise OBC when you price match. Since you're paid in full, they'll give you the difference in the form of OBC.
  7. Technically, Dr. Pepper stands alone. They're owned by Keurig now. But I think they have a deal in some parts of the world to be bottled by Pepsi & Coke. If I remember right, Dr. Pepper will only be served on ships out of Galveston & NOLA, so you're good to go. 😉
  8. I agree, I'd like to see something between Bubbles & Cheers. We don't drink a whole heck of a lot on our cruises, so Cheers doesn't make sense. Besides, we can't really afford it. Bubbles doesn't include milkshakes, which I like, or specialty coffees, which my wife likes, so a middle tier would be nice.
  9. Every little bit helps, we always say. We matched our 2022 cruise with a sale they had a few weeks ago and we saved $30 per person, plus an additional $50 OBC on top of the $50 we already had. Yeah, get a new TA. Maybe it'll go down, but there's just as good of a chance, if not better chance, that it goes up and you'll have missed the opportunity. Fares often rise as ships fill up, not to mention with demand being high for the return of cruising, prices are going up. That's part of the service a TA offers, or should be, so if it was me and they didn't want to do it, I wouldn't hesitate to drop them.
  10. If you booked an Early Saver rate, it stays an ES rate, unless you match to something different. There's always an ES rate available, but it may or may not be better than what you have. That's why it's important to look closely. Someone had mentioned in another thread that they've seen some cruises go down in price, but not ours. We have one booked for January, 2021 and March 2022 and both of those have gone up since booking. Well, 2022 went down for a couple days because of a limited-time sale (which we matched to), but it's since gone back up. A lot of them have gone up for later this year and 2021 because demand is high. We're choosing to remain confident that our Jan. cruise will happen, and hope to see everyone's cruises happen starting Oct. 1st.
  11. LOL Between this and the other thread, you sure are in an argumentative mood tonight. OK, I'll bite one last time, then I'm getting back to the OP's request for cruising tips. This is from Golden Corral's website. It's literally the first thing you see in giant font and also repeated in the video from their President/CEO: We have developed new service models to comply with variations in state and local guidelines. In addition to our “No Touch” Buffet Service, we are prepared to temporarily provide our guests an enjoyable Golden Corral experience delivered in new ways, including our “WE SERVE YOU” Buffet Service, or our ENDLESS ENTRÉES, where our servers bring our buffet favorites directly to your table with enhanced tableside service.. Carnival's buffets are not going away, nor should they.
  12. Holy cow, my comment wasn't about comparing drink prices across the country. I believe I clarified that in my last post, but let's continue to beat this dead horse. And this is a Cheers thread, so food prices are irrelevant. My point, again and for the last time, was that some people talk as if they break even just because they buy Cheers. It doesn't work that way. If you had noticed, I said Carnival doesn't sell drinks to break even. Carnival sets their prices to create profit, even when passengers purchase Cheers. Coevan, you clipped a tiny piece of my comment out of context. Y'all are ignoring the crux of my comments. You're trying to argue over something that's irrelevant to the point. Feel free to continue, but I'm moving on.
  13. Whether it's worth it or not really is subjective. We always get it when we can. We don't take carry-on bags, we each have a larger suitcase, plus a backpack. With FTTF, we don't even bother checking them in at the terminal, they become our "carry-ons" and FTTF allows us to take them directly to our cabin. We can unpack right away if we want to and not have to worry about it later. We enjoy getting onboard as early as possible. For one, just to start our cruise ASAP, but also to beat the lunch crowds that form as general boarding passengers begin to file in. I always seem to need to go to Guest Services a time or two for something or another. So I like the priority line there. We always drive to our cruises, so on debarkation day, we like to get off the ship early and get on the road, so priority debarkation is nice, too. The best advice I can give is to look at the benefits it provides and decide which ones you're most likely to take advantage of. Then ask yourself if it's worth the price. Maybe even try a cruise with it and without it to compare.
  14. Bury me at sea beat me to the first part of your question. If you cancel with an Early Saver rate before your final payment date, you get a future cruise credit in the amount of the deposit, minus a $50 per person fee.
  15. Regardless of whether it's on a cruise ship, Golden Corral, or wherever, buffets are still buffets, even when the worker serves the food to you. I see that Golden Corral will be allowing for some handling of shared utensils by customers, but they'll provide gloves, napkins, and/or wax paper sheets when necessary. It's still a buffet, but they've also added an additional service to bring some food directly to the table. Carnival removed some of the single-use plastic items not long ago, but they might have to bring some of them back for the time being. I'm trying to think how they handled the cereal dispenser back in March. I think we were still allowed to pour our own, but that might not fly now. Maybe they'll bring back the single-serve boxes.
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