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  1. We did that itinerary in 2018 and enjoyed it. We visited the two forts in San Juan (my son & I enjoy history), then walked to the San Juan Bautista cathedra to see Ponce de Leon's tomb. Then walked back to the ship. From the Castillo del Morro to the cathedral and back to the port wasn't a very long walk at all. They do have free shuttles that run around town, you just have to catch them at their stops. In St. Thomas, we took a taxi to Sapphire Beach, about a half hour ride from the port. It's a decent enough beach with some pretty good snorkeling, especially if you go farther out. There's a stand with a little food and drinks, plus they'll rent things like snorkel gear and life jackets. There's loungers for rent, too, but I forget how much they were. $10 I think. We just set our stuff under a tree and no one messed with it. If you don't do an excursion there, I think a lot of people use it for a beach day. There's a few to go to, but you have to travel to them.
  2. I think you're getting the wrong impression of a majority of cruisers just because we're here discussing loyalty perks and not necessarily "value." Value of the overall product isn't necessarily the topic at hand...the value of the loyalty perks is. I agree that a key factor of being a consumer is to find the best value to meet one's own needs. But what you seem to fail to recognize is, they aren't mutually exclusive. We can seek the best value to meet our needs and seek out loyalty benefits that make the product more attractive. Yes, there are those who take these loyalty perks more seriously than others. They get angry when some of their perks are sold to people in the form of FTTF and they often become angry because they're dissatisfied with a free gift. I think people like that are in the minority. A majority of cruisers look at loyalty perks as a way to enhance a product they already enjoy.
  3. That is strange that they only had one time slot. We have FTTF for next month's cruise. I checked in as soon as it opened at midnight and there were three slots available. Since FTTF can ignore them, too, I wouldn't think they'd do it differently for Platinum, but who knows. What struck me as odd was, the earliest available window, like yours, was 12:30-1:00. I've never seen a time slot that late as the earliest option. We'll be on the Horizon, so maybe that's because it takes them longer to clear the previous cruise?? Some members of my wife's family are going, too. I checked in when it opened on Dec. 8th. My wife's cousin didn't bother checking in until late January and she said the 12:30-1:00 slot was still available. I thought it would surely be filled by then.
  4. Let us know how it goes. It's working fine on my iPhone (as the countdown clock). If I had to put money on it, I'd say their recent update contains a major bug for iPad users affecting how it appears on the bigger screen. Most apps have a link on their App Store listing to report a problem to the developer, but I didn't see one for this. There's an "App Support" link, but all that does is take you to the app page on Carnival's website, and I didn't see a way to report a problem there either. You could submit an app review in the App Store and describe the problem. Sometimes developers read those.
  5. I just spent the last 10 minutes trying to login and it wouldn't let me. That's the same problem many of us were having a month or so ago. But it finally let me login and I was able to do a mock purchase of a Fun Shop item and view it in my cart. At the same time it wouldn't let me login using Firefox, I tried on Chrome and Edge and both of those worked just fine. So even though it may not be your browser, it's worth trying a different one for the time being to get your excursions booked. That is, if it works on a different browser for you. Their website is such a mess right now.
  6. There's been all kinds of glitches going on with the site recently. Some people were seeing FTTF available, but when they clicked "Add to cart," they got an error and it said it wasn't available. I get an email every week saying I left internet plans in my cart for an upcoming cruise. Except I purchased them weeks ago and my cart is empty. I also haven't gotten any of the confirmation emails for the orders I've placed for this cruise. I talked to our PVP, a rep. in the Fun Shops department, and a rep. in the excursions department. None of them had a clue what was wrong. Hopefully your issue will be straightened out soon. You might have to wait until the weekend is over.
  7. When you're logged in, there should be a shopping cart icon in the upper right corner, to the right of your upcoming cruise.
  8. They put the fridges inside those small wooden cabinets without much extra space and very little venting on one side. The problem is, it gets really warm inside the cabinet and those little fridges struggle to keep up. If you find that it's not cooling down, try leaving the cabinet door open whenever you can. It helps with ventilation and the fridge usually stays cooler.
  9. I think the popularity of YTD is increasing. We were on the Valor this past December. We had booked that cruise 6 month prior and got waitlisted for YTD. If you think about that, in addition to all the tables available for YTD, it also allows for a four hour window to eat. That leaves for a lot of wiggle room to fit people into YTD. For that to fill up and cause people who booked later to be put on the waitlist means a heck of a lot of people chose YTD.
  10. That's only if you don't get assigned YTD when you book your cruise. If you get waitlisted for it, FTTF gets moved up the list ahead of those on the waitlist without it, but behind Diamond & Platinum. On the nights you dine in the MDR, FTTF has to wait their turn like everyone else with YTD.
  11. She's not onboard. She said she still has a long time until her cruise. On or off the ship, it shouldn't look like that.
  12. Do you know what version of iOS your iPad is running? One thought is that you have an old version that isn't compatible with the Hub app. The app developer released an update yesterday. It's also possible that there's a bug that's causing what you see. It's not uncommon from updates that are designed to fix bugs to have bugs of their own. Hopefully that's not it because it'd take another update to fix that bug and the developer of the Hub app doesn't release updates very often. Do you happen to have an iPhone? If you do, test it out on that. You can try uninstalling it, rebooting your iPad, then installing it again. If that doesn't help, you don't have much choice but to delete it from you iPad, give it some time, and try again later. You're not missing much now because until you get on the ship, about all it's good for is a countdown clock.
  13. All of the Hub app features are free, except for the Hub chat. As crzndeb said, it's $5 per device; although I'm not sure what she meant by, "using a separate for length of cruise." That $5 per device is good for the entire cruise. Even without the chat, the Hub has a lot of great features. It has a digital version of the Fun Times. You can set events & activities as favorites and get an alert 15 minutes before they start. You can check your S&S account info. Food venues and menus, including the MDR menus for every night. On many ships, if you have Your Time Dining, you can use the Hub app to check in to YTD. Just let it know you're ready for dinner and how many in your party, and it'll alert you when a table is ready. Not all of the ships have that feature yet, but I think most do. Port of call info. Weather. And more. It's a great little tool.
  14. That's how we are. We use it primarily for communicating with one another onboard and we love the Hub app. Other than that, I'll login to this forum now & again, but that's about it.
  15. It's subjective. I'm not a big drinker anymore. Now & again I will, but when I do, I don't drink a lot. And we're not into hanging out at bars, on a ship or on land. So all those drink perks are almost meaningless to us. Even if I were to drink non-alcoholic beverages, I don't need to drink too many in a 3-hour period. As for internet, we don't get them on a 24-hour basis. Carnival already offers discounted internet for the entire cruise if it's purchased beforehand. So for us, Carnival's perks still win out. Now we just need to get to Platinum to be able to use most of them (without buying FTTF).
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