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  1. But if you pre-pay the gratuities ahead of time, and then cancel (or no-show), they're refunded back to the original payment method, right?
  2. So because I'm against service members purposely using their status as such just to get attention, recognition, free drinks, or what have you, that somehow means I'm not appreciative of their service? Am I reading that right? I've done more to show my appreciation to the military, both past and present, than you'll ever know. A heck of a lot more than walking up to one to "say boo," whatever that means. So you don't speak for me. I'm not being negative towards people who do it. The thing is, I take great pride in my service and the service of others. When someone uses the uniform for vanity, they're disgracing the uniform. People sign their name on the line for many different reasons, but if any of them do it just to get attention & recognition, those are the wrong reasons. And there's a ton of military members who agree. I'm the "some" who said that. 😉 It's ok, you can point at me directly. I stand behind what I say. As a Veteran, I've spent the last 20+ years around other Vets and active-duty. Without a doubt, the younger generations have been far more likely to use their service to their own advantage. By far. WWII Vets are some of the most humble human beings I've ever had the pleasure of speaking with.
  3. We're cruising out of NOLA for the first time in a few months. We always drive, so usually look for park & cruise hotel packages. For what it's worth, we booked the Country Inn & Suites by Radisson, Metarie. We're paying just over $200 for the night and it includes up to 7 days of parking. It's about 20 minutes from the port, but their cruise & park package also includes a shuttle to the port. You have to make your own return arrangements.
  4. I've never used Uber, but we're looking for options from the port back to the hotel. We're staying the night before the cruise and the hotel offers a shuttle TO the port, but not a return shuttle. We're parking there so have to go back afterwards. My concern with Uber is cargo space. We'll probably have three large suitcases (28"). Would the average Uber vehicle be able to handle this or would it require bumping up to an XL or whatever they are? Not really looking to pay a lot more for one of the bigger vehicles if we can avoid it. Are the taxis mini-vans?
  5. I'm not sure if it works the same on Princess since they're both owned by Carnival Corp., but with the Carnival gift cards, after you pay off your cruise, any remaining balance on the gift card stays on the card. You'll then have to take the gift card with you and add it to your S&S account once you're onboard. Or use it to buy Cruise Cash from the online Fun Shops ahead of time, which will then be waiting on your S&S when you get onboard. Again, that's how Carnival handles it.
  6. It’s weird that they put it out there and show it as sold out for a cruise where it isn’t for sale at all. I think it’d be better to not show it at all. Because in all other cases, when FTTF shows as sold out, you can keep watching it and get one if someone cancels. Showing it as sold out is going to make a lot of people (who think it is being sold) watch it with no hope of getting it.
  7. You can interpret my comment as you wish, but I assure you you’re wrong. Several people told the OP to tell her son to wear his uniform to get attention and my comment was in direct response to that. I simply offered my opinion as to what I thought about ANY service members who do that. You can talk tough on the internet all you want, but it’s not my fault you couldn’t comprehend. You don’t know me or my guts, thank you very much.
  8. PhillyFan already touched on it, but I'll chime in since you've asked me to clarify. I wasn't necessarily sent for a loop by the word disgruntled. I just think it describes a different level of attitude. More drastic, if you will. I see disgruntled as a more elevated feeling of unhappiness. That's just me though. I used crew from the Philippines as an example because, for them, it's definitely different than it is for U.S. workers. They don't have nearly as many opportunities for higher wages that we do here. That's why they put up with what they do to work on a cruise ship. Long hours, busting their butts, and being away from home for several months at a time. Yes, some of them work harder and longer hours than some in the U.S. That's not so hard to believe. It just depends on what type of work in the U.S. you're talking about. And yes, in many cases, our standard of living is higher than in some of their home countries. It's not meant to be an insult, it's just the nature of the world. Call is sad, call it whatever, but there are people from certain countries who have a lower standard of living. Many people like to say crew members like stewards and their housekeeping teams or the wait staff make very little money. Compared to who? Because compared to what many of them can make in their home countries, they do make very good money working for cruise lines. There's a great series of videos on YouTube that Carnival has released in a segment called Crew Gratitude (there's only a few of them so far). Each one features a crew member from places like the Philippines, for example They show their gratitude towards passengers for the gratuities they receive and talk about what they do with their earnings. They put siblings through college, they buy houses for family members, all kinds of great things. We couldn't do some of those things here in the U.S. with their wages because the cost of living is higher. But in their home countries, they're able to do these great things because their wages go much further there.
  9. Bingo can be quite profitable, just like all other forms of gambling. Our local American Legion has hosted bingo once a week for decades. Even though they've always paid out some of the best jackpots in our area (that's what the regular players have always said, anyway) that weekly session brought in enough to pay all their utility bills and keep the doors open. Bingo players are hardcore. They'll jump around from town to town to go to all the different ones every week. It's slowed down in recent years, though. There used to be a lot of bingo games in our area, but many of them have closed. Now it's all about those stupid video gaming machines. The most I've ever won at a casino was $14. Woohoo! I got a job at one once upon a time just to get some money out of them. LOL Although, the wages were a joke, so they still got one over on me. 😌
  10. I wouldn't say it's 100% profit, because even a service like that has some costs involved. They have to reallocate resources (i.e. more crew members to handle additional priority luggage and cabins) when you add FTTF to the mix. But I agree, there's no doubt the profit margin for FTTF is excellent.
  11. Just thought I'd update the thread in case someone else finds it helpful. Good news, at some point last night, we got switched over to Your Time Dining. Final payment date is in a couple weeks, so maybe there were some cancellations that got us bumped up the waitlist. Side note, my wife checked FTTF early this morning and we were able to catch one. So that's another indication there was a cancellation. There was still at least one left a couple hours after we got one, but they were sold out again soon after.
  12. FTTF is per cabin, Cheers is per passenger. Surely that has an effect. Not to mention the ones who are forced to buy Cheers when they don't want it, but because their cabin-mates do. Many, many people admit to buying Cheers knowing they don't break even with the cost of the package. And even when people do drink enough to break even, it's still profit for Carnival because the drinks are already marked up to begin with. It'd be interesting to see the list of top 5 or 10 profit-making extras on board.
  13. They'll eventually find that mark that's just a bit too high and they'll see a drastic drop in purchases, then they'll back it down just a bit to the sweet spot. I sure as heck don't like paying more, but I can't fault them for it since it is in such high demand. I don't know how long it'll be before they raise it again. Does anyone know how much time passed before last year's increase? Even though it does still sell out, I wouldn't think they'd want to bump it up again too quickly.
  14. I wasn't accusing the OP's son of wanting to do it on purpose, just saying that it happens. Times have changed since my days in and over the years, especially following 9/11, I've seen a lot more service members who wear their uniforms during their off time and on leave. And yes, I know for a fact that there are some who purposely do it for the exact reasons that many people mentioned in this thread. But it's a generational thing. My Grandpa was in Normandy on D-Day. Among others, he also fought in another famous battle of WWII...one they've literally made movies about. If anyone had stories to tell, it was him, but in all my years with him, he never once so much as uttered the words "war," "Army," or anything military related. That's humility. My dad doesn't talk about his service either. I took after them. I don't like bringing it up, but do on occasion if it's relevant to something I'm talking about. Things are different today, though. Younger generations like attention. Just look at social media. I still have most of my uniforms, but it'll take the world's largest shoehorn to get me into one. 😕
  15. That's exactly how I read it, so I don't need to go back. He said "you" in general. I didn't think he was directing it at me or any one person. He was directing it at everyone, which is why I disagreed. I didn't say anyone needed to be first, I said being first isn't why most people buy FTTF. When we're talking about the value/worth of FTTF, which is subjective, you shouldn't make generalized statements directed at everyone because its value, or lack thereof, doesn't apply to everyone...just you. What rubs me the wrong way is when people who don't buy FTTF and don't like the idea of FTTF just come into a FTTF thread to insult the people who do. If someone wants to have a rational discussion about why they think it's not worth it to them, great. But when you come in to put people down for doing something you don't do, which is all too common on here, then expect some push-back.
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