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  1. I'm using an iPhone. There's no way to delete cookies for an individual app like that. You can in mobile browsers. I use a computer as my primary method of getting on CC. I only get on using my phone once in a while, so I'd prefer to be able to log out of accounts on my phone.
  2. Did anyone else catch that Colleen McDaniel, Editor-in-Chief of Cruise Critic, wrote that the Sunshine was formerly the Carnival Conquest? 😬 "Carnival Radiance will be the third ship Carnival has completely revamped -- and renamed -- joining Carnival Sunshine (formerly Carnival Conquest) and Carnival Sunrise (Carnival Triumph)."
  3. I'm one of those people who always logs out of my accounts when I'm not using them. Just my preference. I've noticed that, since its return, we cannot completely log out of the app. I'll show you what I mean and what I'm seeing. After installing the app and opening it for the first time, this is the first page we see. It is basically just a smaller, mobile version of the boards homepage as if viewed from a web browser: But notice that there are two separate menus to click (marked with red arrows). One on the right and the other in the upper left. I'm pretty sure this is why we can't log out completely, and I'll get to that. When you click on the right menu, you get this: Tapping on "Existing user? Sign In" gives us one method to log in. If you tap on the menu icon in the upper left, you get a different menu: Notice another "Log In" option at the bottom of that menu. When we log in, we are then taken to a different format, which I'd say is the actual app format instead of the browser format. Opening the menu in the top right corner, we get this: Tapping "Sign Out" does log me out (sort of), and if I tap on the menu again, I see this: It appears to be logged out, but if I tap "Log In," I get a split-second image of the very first page (the browser homepage from my first screenshot), the log in box appears for a second or two, then it goes away and I'm automatically logged back in. I don't think it's saving my log in info. I think I'm never actually being fully logged out to begin with. I suspect that if I could get back to that very first browser homepage (the first screenshot I posted), I could then log out using the menu in the top left corner. This is the exact same behavior I used to see when logging in/out of CC using the Tapatalk app. There were two menus and I always had to log out using both of them if I wanted to be completely logged out. The difference with this updated CC app is, we can't get back to that very first browser homepage with two menus. No matter what I try. The only way I can get back to it is by uninstalling/re-installing the app. But once I log in for the first time, the whole process repeats. Is there a way for the developers to allow us to get back to that first homepage with two menus?
  4. We will not hesitate to continue cruising. We currently have one booked for January, but would've done one sooner if it had worked out that way. I'm confident they will take the necessary steps to sanitize the fleet to the best of their ability. We were on the last Horizon cruise before the shut-down and they kept very busy cleaning. Not to mention other safety measures. My wife said a couple of her coworkers just asked her this question today (if we'd ever cruise again). I told her to tell them, there's no reason to fear cruising. Cruising didn't cause this.
  5. Please don't turn this into yet another speculation thread. The OP asked if people will still be comfortable cruising when they resume. No one asked for speculations as to when that will be. There are other threads to choose from for that.
  6. In the future, if you see a price you like, you can put a 48-hour hold on the cabin. It not only holds the cabin for you, but also that price. As far as Price Protection goes, I was always under the impression that Price Protection was only included with Early Saver rates. I've even been denied a price match before and the reason Carnival gave me was because they said it was not an Early Saver rate. To me, that indicates that only ES rates include Price Protection. In actuality, our rate was, in fact, an ES rate and we got our PVP to approve the price match, but I digress. Not too long ago, I saw some users on here claim that almost all rates include Price Protection, but only Early Saver rates allow it after the final payment date. That does not coincide with Carnival's information. Even when you look at the online Price Protection claim form, it says (in bold print), "Only bookings made with an Early Saver promotion are eligible." Since I've never tried to submit a price match without having an ES rate, I don't know if those other folks or right, so for now, I just go by what Carnival says in their information.
  7. Virginia and D.C. have already announced that people will get fined or go to jail for violating their stay-at-home orders. Florida has set up checkpoints at certain locations along their border in an attempt to stop people from Louisiana & NY from entering the state. They've also set up at some of their airports. I don't blame them, though, because thousands are flowing into FL from NYC and LA, two major hot spots, and you know many of them are bringing the virus with them. I'm not a proponent of martial law-like conditions in the U.S., but something needs to be done to get these hot spots in check, because obviously what they're doing isn't working.
  8. That test gives positive results in 5 minutes, but takes 13 minutes to give a negative result. That means if 5 minutes went by and it didn't give a positive result, you'd still have to wait the 13 minutes for every passenger in order to get the negative result. It's simply not feasible to administer a 5 minute test to thousands of passengers, let alone 13 minutes. Besides, like someone else said, if you get a positive result, that means everyone around that person is exposed.
  9. First, I'd just like to say that I wished forum moderators would create one giant "Post your speculations here" thread. We have multiple threads talking about it, plus it's constantly brought up in other threads. None of us know anything. This whole mess is ever-changing. It's changing by the week, by the day, and in some cases, by the hour. We don't know where we'll be in 30-60-90 days, so I think it's pointless to sit around and speculate all day, every day as to when they'll resume cruising. For a change of pace, let's speculate on when the CC Carnival forum will get back to some semblance of normality. I understand there are no cruises right now, but there doesn't really need to be in order to talk about cruising. I think it'd do us all a world of good to take a break from the covid-19 talk for a while. That's why I think it'd be a good idea to loosen the "stay on topic" policy for a while and let us have some regular conversations, because everyone's going stir crazy. There's been a few comments about the initial April return date that Carnival gave, almost as if to say they were wrong to do it. Like I said above, this situation changes regularly. No one could have predicted a few weeks ago what was to come. Nor do they know for sure what's to come once we reach their new May 11th date. In Carnival's defense, that initial return date was more than likely based on governmental guidelines that were set when this whole mess kicked off. It wasn't just Carnival. Governmental bodies all over the country were setting dates in early April to return back to normal. The announcement to close our schools came on 3/16. They were only set to be closed from 3/17 - 3/30. The same dates applied to our restaurants and bars. At the time, they simply didn't know it was getting worse. Only three short days later, our Gov. announced the stay-at-home order, but even that was only initially set to last until 4/7. Now that it's been extended, even that is for one more month. Then they'll re-evaluate, just like Carnival, the other lines, and everyone else who's going through this. You can't fault Carnival for doing this a month, or about a month & a half, at a time. Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.
  10. Are you an Allstate customer? And have you created an Allstate Rewards account yet? If you are a customer, I'm not sure how to go about creating a rewards account. Maybe you use your existing Allstate log in or maybe you have to create a separate log in for Allstate Rewards. For those of us who are not Allstate customers, we have to create an account using the Allstate app first. Then we're able to login to the Allstate Rewards website. If by chance you're not a customer, follow the directions I posted here: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2363984-allstate-drive-wise-cards-too/page/66/?tab=comments#comment-58982270 Then follow ULCajunCruiser's directions to enter the codes.
  11. Deja Vu. They were created 8 minutes apart?? 🤔
  12. How about... What's the current Platinum gift? In addition to that... Complaining about the free Platinum gift.
  13. It's just my theory, but I think they removed certain cruises with the greatest likelihood of being cancelled, but still had a chance (even the slightest) of still happening. If they left them on the site to continue to be booked, then had to officially cancel them, that's a ton more OBC getting issued. They're being insanely generous with the amounts of OBC they're giving away with these cancelled/rescheduled cruises, but in the end, it's still a business and they have to slow the bleed somehow. So even though they are being generous with it, I don't think they want to create new situations that forces them to give away more. If that's the case, I don't blame them.
  14. Hold up. Where IS a good place to do the wild thing? Asking for a friend.
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