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  1. Not really sure why I wanted to wait until I turned 65 to get the Shingrix vaccine. Silly move-6 months before that I got shingles! Very painful. The mild flu-like symptoms from the vaccine were nothing compared to actually having shingles. I would encourage those who aren’t allergic to the shingles vaccine itself to get it ASAP. And I am on the side of getting the COVID vaccine as soon as it’s offered to me.
  2. I called Windstar this morning and got right through. But I didn’t hear what I wanted to hear--they’re not allowing me to “lift and shift” my March Tahiti cruise to later in the year for the same price. I’m bummed.
  3. Just got off the phone with Windstar hoping to move my 3/23/21 Tahiti cruise to August, 2021. They will NOT honor the original booking price ($1399.45 pp). For those of you who were successful in achieving this "Lift and Shift" did you speak to anyone in particular at Windstar? The agent had not heard of this happening and even checked with management to no avail.
  4. There are Origin cruises currently available to book through April, 2022.
  5. Try an internet search for wine River cruises. Quite a few winery owners sponsor wine-themed cruises, especially on Ama. We participated in such a cruise (on Viking) with a local Santa Ynez winery. It was a Bordeaux cruise and it was fantastic! The best of the 5 River cruises I’ve been on. Especially enjoyed blending my own Cognac in Cognac! And we had fun comparing the California Bordeaux-style wines the owners brought with the French Bordeaux wines on board.
  6. I recently booked the Silver Origin for December, 2021. I also looked at the Flora. The inclusions (pre & post hotels, airfare, amenities, ports, etc.) were virtually identical. Our price on the Origin was $55.00 more per person than the same cruise on Flora. I have experience with Silversea and like their product and that’s what sealed the deal for me.
  7. Maybe some hope on the horizon, Petoonya. From a laboratory blog I subscribe to: Researchers Say New Rapid Coronavirus Test Has More Than 99% Diagnostic Sensitivity Reuters (9/25, James, Smout) reported scientists at the University of Oxford found that the new rapid coronavirus test called LamPORE had more than “99% diagnostic sensitivity in early studies.” As a result, “Public Health England official Steve Pullan said that early data indicated the LamPORE test was a credible alternative to conventional PCR-based diagnostics.”
  8. Uniworld will have a new ship in Egypt next year, “The Sphinx”. The deck plan shows a room labeled “Gym”.
  9. Alternatively you could consider rebooking onto the Osiris which will be Viking’s brand new, purpose-built ship starting trips in January, 2021. I don’t see a fitness center on the ship, however from the reviews I read you’ll be so busy with shore excursions, many in the early morning, that you may not have the time or energy for workouts in the fitness center. We’re booked on the Osiris for March 23, 2022.
  10. I selected the new Star Balcony category on the 9/30/21 Star Pride Canada/New England cruise. I’ve been on the Breeze twice and loved it, however she was looking her age. I love new so I wanted to try the new cabins and I also wanted to try a French balcony. We’ve never ordered room service and we’re early risers so don’t anticipate issues with light in the early morning. Never closed the drapes to the sitting area. Yes, it’s nice to sit by the window while sailing but don’t think it’s a make or break deal for me. Got a good discount on the cruise on a 7 for 7 sale and I’d just come back from a Windstar Caribbean cruise so got that discount too. Guess I’ll just have to move the coffee table out of the pathway to the bathroom at night!
  11. Thank you for the clarification, Barrycat and Petoonya.
  12. To get the test done at the Southern California location cited in Air Tahiti Nui's website is $200 per person-and that's if you have insurance. Wow! I sure hope there are better testing capabilities by the time I leave for Tahiti in March. Actually, I'm sure there will be quicker and easier ways to get tested. I really feel for the people who have to worry about this now.
  13. Four major trips in 2020 were cancelled. If the situation clears for travel in 2021 it will be a 3x Windstar year: Tahiti on the Spirit in March, Monaco Grand Prix Cruise on the Surf in May and Canada/New England on the Pride in October.
  14. No question is a silly question! We all remember our first cruise-if only that had been a Windstar Cruise then I wouldn’t have been put off cruising for 20 years!
  15. Maybe the Spirit is too small for the dancing. On both the Breeze and the Surf they clear the decks after the deck BBQ and dance the night away. You should try it next after Tahiti!
  16. More Tahiti questions. We are on the 7 day, departing March 25, 2021. I’ve been doing some research on these boards (unsuccessfully) to try and figure out the following: What day/island location is the Beach BBQ, What day/island is the onshore dinner show and is there still a deck BBQ with line dancing? I’m asking about what has historically been done on the Spirit as we don’t yet know how these activities will be modified due to the pandemic.
  17. Great find, Jazzbeau. I also received this promo email and was able to book at another Xanterra property (Death Valley Inn) for a substantial savings. Sale is good through the 9th, promo code WOW.
  18. Petoonya, first I want to give you my sincere sympathies with your personal loss. I’ve been there and know how difficult the waiting can be. As far as your cruise is concerned I’ve gotten a chuckle out of your postings for one reason-I think we are very much alike in wanting to make our own plans and control our own destiny. For this reason I don’t use a TA, in spite of the promise of additional discounts and OBC. For example, I’ve had to cancel 4 major trips this year including a Viking River Cruise in Egypt in November. I moved the reservation to next year, but the date I want isn’t available so I check every day for availability. I can’t imagine having to go through a TA instead of calling Viking directly to get the date I want because the inventory can disappear within a few hours. That being said, I want to thank you for all your research and notes on the Tahiti shore excursions. I will be relying on them to make my plans for next year’s cruise very soon.
  19. Please keep in mind that the state of CoVid-19 testing is undergoing rapid changes and, I hope, improvements on a monthly or even weekly basis. The current testing in no way resembles the situation in February when we didn't even know what the SARS-CoV-2 virus was, let alone a test for it. I expect that a rapid test will be forthcoming soon. Not sure if that will be soon enough for those traveling to French Polynesia this fall, but should be available by next year. I am a 40 + year laboratorian and still keep up with the current trends. I am more optimistic about a rapid test than I am about having a viable vaccine by early next year.
  20. Sorry to hear about your misfortune, Petoonya. I would be beyond disappointed to have my cruise cancelled like this. I sincerely hope the new dates works out for you and that you have an exceptional experience on your cruise.
  21. For those of you who've stayed at the Intercontinental on Tahiti: I saw a Trip Advisor review that said the air conditioning is set at 23 C and won't go lower. Is that true? That is way too warm for me to get a good night's sleep and I'm steering away from the hotel because of this. As far as airfare is concerned, I was fortunate to be able to snag American Airlines mile awards on Air Tahiti Nui flights. I speak from recent experience when I say those are much easier to cancel and get a refund than tickets purchased with cash.
  22. Petoonya, maybe you have less to worry about. As of today most of the Tahiti prices have jumped. All of the Spring 2021 (March, April) cruises are no longer $1399 for the 7 day. My 3/25 cruise jumped overnight to $1999. Some of the summer cruises are even higher--6/17 is $2499. So not the high prices we were used to in the past, but definitely trending upward. So glad we locked in the low price when we did!
  23. Thank you for your kind words and for all of the information and advice you've posted. It is most helpful and appreciated.
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