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  1. We did Riviera, Venice to Barcelona, in November 2016. Aside from rain in Kotor, the weather was warm and pleasant. Popular stops, like Rome and Florence were not as crowded as peak season; but they certainly were not deserted. Did not use the pool, as that's not our thing. We loved the cruise and were very happy with the timing. I recall one night of rough seas. Aside from that, pretty calm.
  2. I second the idea of Alaska. No worries about dreadfully hot weather; although you're bound to experience rain.
  3. Florence is still a beautiful city. Pisa probably isn't worth the full day. We did both in one day with Simona, whose husband owns the business, Tuscany for Cruiser via Sandro Botticelli. Actually, it was booked thru Romeinlimo and they gave it to them. She was exceptional. Went to Pisa in the morning and suggested a little coffee shop there. We were able to go to the museums, as it was a Wednesday (and the Uffizi was exhausting). Had lunch near the Uffizi at Mammamia pizzeria, www.mammamiafirenze.it. Very cool place... not too many tourists. There's a gelato place halfway between the pizzeria and the Uffizi that is to kill for.
  4. Personally, for "festive" I would probably select Toscana. I feel it has a more relaxed atmosphere. I find Jacques a bit stuffy. But LHT is right, go with the cuisine you enjoy the most.
  5. We are scheduled to be on Riviera in January and sure hope she's not on at that time. We experienced her on Regatta to Alaska and were totally turned off. I sure wish someone at O would tell her to tone it down.
  6. Have taken upsells on two of our three O cruises - from PH1 to Vista, and from PH1 to Oceania Suite. The first was our first O cruise and we had booked online. They second was our third O cruise and we had used one of their preferred TA's. When they say, it's hard to go back, it's true. We booked an Oceania Suite on our next cruise. Don't think they'll offer an upsell on top of that.
  7. No, a package is for one passenger, not all those in a cabin. Have done it many times.
  8. Sny

    Forgot Meds

    I would start at the medical area on the ship. This can't be the first time they've had a passenger with this problem. They should be able to provide a step by step roadmap for your friend.
  9. Why not call Oceania. Aren't there staff there on weekends?
  10. No reservations necessary for GDR. Just show up. We have never had to wait for a table; although we are not early diners.
  11. I'm with Clairol. Love the Green!!!! I always bring the little bottles home and use them on short trips. The scent puts me in a cruise mood.
  12. Also, try to book the specialties on days you do not have long, full day shore excursions. You will likely to too tired to fully enjoy and/or won't have time to get changed for one of the earlier times. I agree that you should make your reservations as soon as they open. Also, if you are taking one of the afternoon classes in the Culinary Center (and they are lots of fun), you may not want to eat in one of the specialties that night. Not that you will eat an entire meal in the class; but you will taste a bit of everything you cook (you can't take anything you make out of the Culinary Center). Enjoy your cruise.
  13. Don't waste specialty reservations on the first night. On our first O cruise, we went to the MDR and were met with "would you like to dine at Polo tonight?" We ended up sharing a table with another couple who had also intended to go to the MDR and we had a lovely first night... and an extra specialty reservation.
  14. I agree with Go-Bucks (but not on the athletic field - Go Blue). Spa treatments have been pleasant and helpful for me. I tried acupuncture on an O cruise and it really helped my aching feet from shore excursions. A good deep tissue massage is magic for me too. What I don't like in the spa is the hard sell on lotions, creams, etc. But, in my eighth decade, it's about time I learn to say "no."
  15. We look forward to having a butler on each of our O cruises. As Mura said above, when one of you has a mobility issue, as my husband had on our Baltic cruise, you may use your butler even more. One evening, when my husband had decided to use his cane to go to dinner, our butler spotted him struggling when we got off the elevator after the meal, he dashed to our cabin, retrieved the walker, and ran it down the hall (we didn't ask him to do it, he just saw the circumstances). The more you let the butler get to know you and your needs, the more valuable he becomes for you. We generally have breakfast in our room and certainly like the white tablecloth setup. If it takes two minutes longer to get to our food, that is not an issue (no one starves on O cruises - lol). We want to be fussed over and spoiled on our cruises. The butler fits the bill for that.
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