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  1. Ha, Odyssey was delayed as the ship caught fire, twice, during construction so all the November 2020 till April 2021 or so have now been canceled, not a COVID issue although I guess that didn't help with the delay. And the alternative has been booked, so now I'm 407 days out
  2. Already used my canceled Odyssey FCC to rebook onto a an Adventure of the Seas sailing for August 2021. Oh well, if Odyssey ever makes it to Florida, maybe I can try again.
  3. Well, my next curse would have been a RCCL Odyssey sailing in February but it just got canceled... Got the email and now rebooking for something else... but hooray for the 125% credit...
  4. Try to at least once a year, I think 3 is the most I've done in a year (and having 4 booked simultaneously) Got lucky and was able to successfully able to cruise once this year before things got crazy and I have one booked for next February although I had been eyeing one for December.... since COVID is still going strong it just seems too risky now 😞
  5. I've been stalking that topic myself to make sure things are still happening, haha, should be sailing on Odyssey in February 😩
  6. None of the above? All this dress up stuff isn't for me. I don't take part (but I also stay away from the main dining room) I'm on vacation, I don't wanna dress up more so than I do in my non-vacation time!
  7. Haven't done ABC yet, so that's on the short list for to-do Cruises. Any of the Baltic sailings would be great too, even though I've been to most of those counties on land-based trips.
  8. Hibachi/Teppanyaki is probably just a part of Izumi. I think when we did Vision years ago they sold the restaurant as hibachi, despite them not actually offering that style in the Izumi on the ship (that was clearly an add on built in what was a lounge or something... haha, kinda dumpy)
  9. Had to cancel my August 2020 sailing 😞 But I've booked onto my first Quantum ship with Odyssey of the Seas in 265 days ❤️
  10. This, and it wouldn't even be a big deal. A few years ago I did a RCCL cruise where they thought there might have been a few people with Norovirus (cabin even had a paper about it on check in) and the buffet just had platers for you. Wasn't a big deal and kept me happy since I'm not about the main dining room.
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