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  1. Bring a theme park fan.. In my one day in Hong Kong, I visited Disneyland, it was cool-ish and misting/rain, the park was a ghost town and I was able to do everything (some things 6 or 7 times!) within a few hours and then left to explore the actual city. I spent 5 days in Singapore so I checked out the Universal Studios park there, unlike at Disney, it was incredibly busy and pretty subpar operations. I also visited the delightfully odd Haw Par Villa for maybe an hour of just... experiencing. Seeing the Merlion was a must for me. And also checking out Marina Bay Sands (that I was lucky enough to stay at!). Also spent a half day walking around the Gardens by the Bay, while you can go for free, I did do two of the pay-for areas, the giant indoor waterfall and the sky tree walk way. Wish I had gone back to see the area at night but I was so tired / jet lagged.
  2. A few years ago I was on one of the first RCCL Cuba sailings and our excursion in Cuba got canceled 3 days before leaving.. So while asking at the help desk for other options since we had booked the Cuba sailing... for Cuba! They gave us passes for the Behind the Scenes Tour on Empress. Got to do the bridge tour, got to sit in the captains chair. Was a fun tour, but long. Took us all across the ship in backstage areas.
  3. The Florida Aquarium is really nice too. I've visited it 5 or 6 times over the past 10 years I've lived in Orlando. The Ybor Streetcar is pretty awesome too, and it's free!
  4. I might glance at the review for the sailing or two before mine just to see what's going on... But it wouldn't be a deal breaker for me. Things like food or entertainment are so subjectable I don't really care what others think... But if people are saying things like the physical appearance is bad or there was blatant maintenance neglect going on I might be more likely to believe. Years ago there were maybe 3 weeks in a row of people complaining about certain areas on vision of the seas smelling terrible.....and sure enough, on my cruise that same area also smelled like there was sewage just sloshing around on the floor... And it smelled the whole week. So while people with bad experiences may be more likely to be vocal about it... They aren't always wrong or over exaggerating.
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