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  1. I cannot stress enough to pack light!!!!! If you are still even thinking about blow dryers, curling irons, straighteners, etc., or more than one pair of extra shoes other than what you’re wearing, you’re not getting the picture yet...pack the essentials, cut that in half, in half again, then repeat🤣
  2. first hotel is lima...flight to cusco depends——sometimes yes to checking luggage (part of our group was able to check, but some were not and stored theirs in the overhead bins which were smaller than usual..it is usually total chaos at the airport—-lines are only a suggestion 😂.....you will need to ask your excursion director at your hotel meeting in lima...if you take a carry-on sized suitcase you will be fine either way
  3. Your large cruise suitcase will stay at the first hotel ....then the land portion breaks down into 2 segments..one you can have a carry-on suitcase that they will weigh and strictly adhere to the size dimensions-you will always be responsible for carrying it yourself. You will leave that second smaller suitcase at the second hotel and can then take a SMALLER one (collapsible duffel) with minimal things to the third hotel...be sure you are able to carry everything yourself—-it’s about the experience of the sacred valley and the amazing culture so think minimalist...those who didn’t on our trip spent so much time on their material things that they ruined it for their spouses and close friends who had to pick up their slack
  4. yes-take a medium sized duffle...didnt think i could do it, but just think camping mindset
  5. you will leave your suitcases at the hotel...we each took a carry-on type duffle with the bare minimum of a couple of basic clothes changes and important daily meds. absolutely nothing fancy...you will need basic rain poncho and sturdy shoes-think camping mode for the entire trip...the hotels are nice, people great and scenery is gorgeous...it’s a bucket-lister...take the least you can as you will be moving it yourself...there isn't much room on the train——my bag was on the floor under my feet.... you will reunite with your suitcase right where you left it at the hotel
  6. Does anyone know when the schedule for the Regal will be released in regards to repositioning in the spring and fall for 2021?
  7. We walked off early with our own bags- no problems there... we also have TSA pre check and there was also absolutely no wait... we’ve traveled enough to know that you plan for the best scenario and be ready to adjust. Enjoy your trip!
  8. We did the transatlantic on the Crown arriving back on Oct 8...there was a Coast Guard inspection going on, it was raining, the lines backed up inside before customs (even with global entry), and outside trying to get transportation to the airport-then there was construction on the freeway to the airport...long frustrating mess with several couples in our group missing their 11:30 flight. Having been through that scenario in Ft Lauderdale once before, I booked the 2 pm flight and we were back home in PHX in time to see our gorgeous sunset! Good luck if you choose to take an early flight!
  9. Does anyone know when the complete schedule of summer and fall 2021 will be released?
  10. Will fall 2021 Asia cruises be released anytime soon?
  11. just got off crown transatlantic—had a 2:30 flight out of miami....between the immigration lines, bags being unloaded in the wrong area, one hour wait on other passengers with a transfer, tsa lines, and traffic tied up because of rain and road construction, we barely made it. (we disembarked a few minutes after 8 am)....several others in our group missed their flights....decide what is best for you but don't complain like most of our group did when things didn't work out!
  12. Boticelli -aft deck 6 is the traditional dining room
  13. just got off the crown...anytime is in DaVinci and/or Michaelangelo...your choice of dining rooms...club class is a section of DaVinci on deck 6 midship
  14. This happened to us on the Majestic inaugural...another 4 day added to the beginning (at a great price BTW) , and it was a great Med itinerary, but there was nothing “special”...😜
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