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  1. We have one of those too, and I am also wondering what the procedure is...
  2. Symptoms like coughing don’t necessarily meaning sickness...that’s where it gets tricky. The blood pressure meds I am on have coughing as a side effect. On my transatlantic last fall many people had pneumonia. Several times people would “move” in the bar, dining room, theater, etc while making a comment under their breath about needing to stay in my cabin.....just saying.....also, my resting body temperature runs about 99 degrees....and this has never been documented by my doctor so getting a medical waiver is going to be difficult...who knew cruising was so stressful😷?
  3. If you wear your heavy coat and rain poncho you will be just fine!
  4. Our TA has gifted us a bottle of wine with a value of $32. There isn’t anything in the Princess Cellars for even close to that price. Is this just a $32 credit toward a bottle of wine or can we exchange it for something else?
  5. We were on the Crown in September and found her a little worn. Is the Ruby in similar condition?
  6. Princess keeps track of you and your flights, as well as knowing who still needs transport to the ship. They sent a private car to get us from the airport in Sydney because we were the only ones arriving that late in the day...just look for someone holding a Princess logo sign as you exit the secure area after baggage claim
  7. I just redeemed my points for a $450 statement credit with Princess Visa-had absolutely no problems. We’ve had our card for several years and so far it has worked seamlessly. Different cards work for different people for a variety of reasons.
  8. Does anyone know if the Ruby has a golf simulator or golf cage on any of the sport decks?
  9. yes-i just used mine to buy princess excursions on-line 😁
  10. We are thinking of booking a cruise on the Ruby and would appreciate any first hand information as to her current condition etc....thanks so much!
  11. We’ve only sailed Princess so want to know about Celebrity’s tipping policy. Is it automatic? Are you allowed to remove the automatic tips and give cash to individuals? Are drink tips automatically applied? Any info would be helpful!
  12. I cannot stress enough to pack light!!!!! If you are still even thinking about blow dryers, curling irons, straighteners, etc., or more than one pair of extra shoes other than what you’re wearing, you’re not getting the picture yet...pack the essentials, cut that in half, in half again, then repeat🤣
  13. first hotel is lima...flight to cusco depends——sometimes yes to checking luggage (part of our group was able to check, but some were not and stored theirs in the overhead bins which were smaller than usual..it is usually total chaos at the airport—-lines are only a suggestion 😂.....you will need to ask your excursion director at your hotel meeting in lima...if you take a carry-on sized suitcase you will be fine either way
  14. Your large cruise suitcase will stay at the first hotel ....then the land portion breaks down into 2 segments..one you can have a carry-on suitcase that they will weigh and strictly adhere to the size dimensions-you will always be responsible for carrying it yourself. You will leave that second smaller suitcase at the second hotel and can then take a SMALLER one (collapsible duffel) with minimal things to the third hotel...be sure you are able to carry everything yourself—-it’s about the experience of the sacred valley and the amazing culture so think minimalist...those who didn’t on our trip spent so much time on their material things that they ruined it for their spouses and close friends who had to pick up their slack
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