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  1. Good news in a way. But the reason is probably that they know ships aren't sailing for quite some time and it's just the right thing to do.
  2. Some more than others, but every cruise has passengers who are obviously elderly and frail enough they shouldn't be at sea far from good medical care. Only two explanations, either: 1. The aren't aware 2. They don't care The cruise lines have been happy to take their money, but it appears that may be changing.
  3. Look up the definition of your fancy words first. I don't find anything funny about others misfortune. But their reluctance to accept reality, yeah a little bit.
  4. Seriously??? The number of people posting here who think their May-June cruises might happen is just too funny.
  5. Many good points. But not to worry, none of your concerns will come to pass for MANY months, as cruise ships aren't sailing any time soon.
  6. I've seen more than one like that. Nothing like planning for a fun filled vacation locked in a cruse ship cabin. But hey, there would be clean towels left outside your room each day!
  7. Yep. And then if a few people on the ship came down with the "flu" and it roamed around for weeks with nowhere to go while confining them to their cabins, they'd all be posting on facebook begging for help to get home.
  8. Yeah, lots of people will want to cruise once they've pre-planned for quarantines. Now that's a care-free relaxing vacation! It will all make sense once they have a reserved inside on a lower deck to quarantine you.
  9. Yep. Anyone re-booking for September 2020 is going to be doing the same dance again in a few months.
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