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  1. A lot of people will for many different reasons. Actually maybe not staying home, but choosing travel other than restricted cruising. I don't think sailing at reduced occupancy is going to be an issue for a while.
  2. I don't see them adding a bunch of US ports. In fact probably none.
  3. OK so it's warmer than North Dakota 🙂 In either place that silly heated coat is a waste of money AND not the best option. You make a good point, quality raingear is a better idea.
  4. We lifted/shifted an Oct 2020 RCCL cruise to Oct 2021. Now that one has been cancelled and we wait for a refund of the deposit. The chaos, cancellations and rescheduling will continue for many months yet.
  5. There is absolutely no need for something like that on a May cruise. Waste of money and too much time and effort spent on batteries etc. Just get a good down coat and some layers. It's not like you're going on an arctic survival adventure, no need to rely on very weird clothing. Alaska's climate isn't much different than Michigan or North Dakota, you aren't going to the north pole....
  6. Exactly how we feel. Jewel Oct 2021 cancelled after we shifted to it from Oct 2020. Only bookings now are a B2B2B in January 2022. We're not sending any money to any cruise line until Final payment for that. If we do..... I feel bad for the cruise lines, and really bad for their poor phone rep's. But we're done planning cruises for now.
  7. With all the ongoing chaos, refunds and cancellations, I bet the poor phone rep's were thrilled to have these changes added to their calls.
  8. I agree, it would be almost impossible to open the D lounge if any kind of distancing is the goal.
  9. Great pics Fred! Lunch in Grenada a couple years ago.
  10. But the everglades can always use the rain 🙂
  11. Ours was cancelled too (Jewel October 2021). We aren't rebooking anything any time soon. It will be interesting to see how long we wait to get our deposit back. Thankfully we hadn't bought excursions, dining, beverages etc yet so at least they didn't have much of our money.
  12. We aren't scared or nervous to cruise. Just have no interest in masking up for a cruise full of restrictions. For a while it it NOT going to be what it was. We're done until 2022 for now. Had a med cruise booked for October 2021 but RCCL just cancelled that..... It will be interesting to see how things play out next year.
  13. Another thread goes down the rabbit hole............
  14. You obviously thrive on and enjoy fear. Enjoy. Quoting irrelevant statistics in a rural state - too funny. It's all the fear mongers have left since Florida and Texas didn't implode as the media predicted.
  15. So, the elderly and at risk should STAY AWAY FROM OTHERS. As simple as wearing a mask.
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