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  1. One of ours the immediate invoice was correct. The other 3 (B2B2B) it was 3-4 days to get the correct invoices. Some people have reported more like 7 days I think. If it was me, I'd call them today or tomorrow.
  2. Or not knowing what they'll do with everyone else onboard if ANYONE tests positive for covid onboard......
  3. We've moved all our cruises to late 2021 and 2022. Not interested in wondering if they'll sail, or if they'll be fun with new restrictions, over the next 15 months. If things don't look good for cruising by late 2021 we'll walk away from the minimal onboard deposits if necessary. We did some all-inclusives years ago and they were fun, but no interest in them now. We're going to drive to Florida next winter for 2-3 months. Booked a refundable resort 2 weeks in St. Maarten in January. Only thing at risk is 176.00pp MIA-SXM airfare 🙂
  4. It was out there somewhere. Might have been the EU "plan", I think it talked about separating people by age to attend events and such onboard.
  5. The ones that will let ships dock. And if there's a positive covid test on board that will be zero.
  6. Or, one positive test. Then have fun on that cruise 🙂 I'm blown away by the posters who think it will be so much fun to go on a restrictive covid era cruise. I guess sitting on their balcony looking at the water is enough to satisfy their addiction. Cruises when they start will be NOTHING like the recent past and I don't think they get it yet. But they will. Demand is going to be very low, cruise critic is no indicator of overall cruise passengers. The addicts better hope the 30% "break even" mantra is true or the cruise lines won't be able to maintain things for them for long. FYI we spent 6 weeks on ships last winter so we obviously do love cruising. But it's seasonal for us, not year round. We'll miss it, but not like the year round cruisers who are desperate to "get on a ship". We have plans for 2 months next winter that don't involve cruising. Even those could be disrupted of course, but less at risk than hoping a no fun ship sails.
  7. You might be 🙂 Unfortunately it will also include masks, pool restrictions, dining restrictions, bar restrictions, lounge restrictions, elevator restrictions, theater restrictions, port limitations, etc etc. And surprise itinerary modifications when staff or guests test positive for covid.
  8. Definitely a minority though. As I said, lower occupancy might be easily achieved. Enjoy.
  9. Yeah, speculating is all that's left now. 🙂
  10. There will be lots of problems and inconveniences. There will be so many it's hardly worth speculating and debating individual "social distancing" issues that are going to be in place. Our next cruise is in 15 months and even then we might not be interested in going.
  11. Yep. There will be some diehards ready to mask up and live with dozens of fun sucking restrictions, but I suspect they may not have trouble getting to reduced occupancy.
  12. That is exactly how we feel. Well, maybe not "stay home" all the time, but travel that isn't cruising 🙂
  13. And US travelers are not allowed in St. Maarten yet. We bought plane tickets there for January, but it was only 176.00RT from MIA so not much at risk. 🙂
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