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  1. OMG yes, clearly something on that mint could "cross contaminate" something to another bar........and spread, whatever, to the whole ship......
  2. If you only have one drink a day, assume it was a soda package they refunded?
  3. The Doral area is nice, out of the downtown Miami congestion. Good base for visiting the everglades.
  4. Nice review! We've stayed there often. You can get to the port a lot cheaper than 9.00/pp with Uber. And it's more convenient.
  5. Glad I purchased the 3 night package when it was 69.00......
  6. I would definitely carry off your bags. You should make it but it won't be a relaxing morning. We fly AA fairly often only because they're one of the primary carriers at our airport. It seems over the years they have changed flight times more often than any other airline we fly................
  7. Which in our 8-9 flights from SJU has taken an average of 2 minutes. Just don't forget to do it I agree with the other comments, would rather not book anything before 11:00 just to be safe.
  8. FLL to Port is not far at all, 10-15 minute taxi ride. Check hotels on 17th street, several good ones and lots of shopping/restaurants within walking distance. Flying in a day early is a good plan
  9. More than you want to pay. Take what you'll need.
  10. There is no good reason at all to mess with trains, bus, etc. Get in an uber and get where you're going If you haven't used uber or lyft before, they may even offer you a discount coupon when you download the apps.
  11. You just sit down and hit the throttle and off you go
  12. Cabin steward is the general way to get ice cubes. I suppose you could ask a bartender if that is preferable for some reason. 20+ years on RCCL have never seen a freezer in the room. Many excursions have cold water/soda etc. If in town or at a beach, etc. there are places that sell cold beverages. Seems easier than lugging around a cooler......
  13. Checked our next 4 cruises thru Feb 2020. They're all up 300.00-1,000.00+ from prices we locked in long ago. Guess it still pays to book early
  14. They'll gladly take your money for specialty dining anytime or any day you want
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