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  1. On to the frozen tundra in Green Bay 🙂 That should be a great game and I suspect it will be close all the way.
  2. No US cruises through April. IF anything sails in May it will be 1-2 ships on each line trying things out. That's pretty much what anyone knows.
  3. Sorry but that is a bizarre and wacky theory. Thanks for the laugh. 🙂
  4. Those questions aren't relevant until there is some shred of hope that a few ships will sail. Which is months away.
  5. All this is meaningless. The cruise lines and CDC have no idea what will happen or when.
  6. Our daughter did study abroad for 6 weeks in Oslo summer 2019. She loved it 🙂 They took the trains and buses north to ferry's, fjords etc. on weekends, had an amazing time.
  7. No one here has the answers. Questions like this are just an invitation for unfounded speculation and discussion.
  8. Yeah, I would be real excited about wearing a "tracing bracelet" on vacation. And wearing a mask all day. Sounds like a lot of fun. There are desperado's who will do it, but we will happily contribute to reduced occupancy as long as these restrictions are in place. Even if it's forever.
  9. "easy peasy" cannot be used in the same sentence regarding cruise lines for at least a year or two......
  10. Our daughter was on Study Abroad in Norway in 2019 and took a train/ferry trip one weekend to Bergen and other places. Some fantastic photos 🙂
  11. Travelocity, Expedia, Kayak. Airline and hotel websites.
  12. March 8-15 2020 on HAL. Pretty much the end of cruising except for some infected ships wandering around. It was a fantastic cruise, missed one port but that was due to weather not covid. It was surreal cruising that week listening to news of the world shutting down every day. We had planned to spend a week in Destin after the cruise, but just got in the car and drove home to Michigan.....
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