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  1. In our case with O the refund was direct to our CC on both cruises, no delay from the TA, indeed had it not been for her persistence on insisting that a senior person speak to her we would probably still be waiting for the refund of our full payment. As with others the refund of deposit only was much faster.
  2. That is what we were offered. TA refused in our behalf and requested a refund. The cruise was of course later cancelled.
  3. So would we be other than for our TA she spent literally hours one day hanging on whilst they found a director to take her call and clear whatever logjam it was stuck in. Good luck with yours.
  4. No it was due to sail from Venice with a couple of other Italian ports, on 9 March they amended the itinerary to Greek ports and we cancelled and asked for a full refund as this was a significant change under UK ABTA rules. They weren’t happy but did agree.
  5. Success at last! Cruise May 5th Cancelled at our request 10 March Deposit and final balance received in full on two Credit cards today. Many thanks due to our TA who was unremitting in her chasing up the payment, thanks Jane!
  6. We have cancelled two cruises one due Sept 2020 we cancelled end of April we have received the deposit refunded direct to our CC not to the TA. Second one we cancelled 10 March a 5 May cruise. Our tA has constantly chased this and was told last week there had been some issue but it had been passed through for a refund that week. Nothing received so she chased again and has now been told it missed the one payment run per week as it had to go for a second signatory. She spoke to the accounts department who have confirmed they now have it and it is being processed in this weeks run. We will see. Our Celebrity cruise that was curtailed earlier this year was for whatever reason refunded to the TA.They told us that what they received was one payment covering a number of customers and it took them over a week to reconcile it as there was no accompanying breakdown. Possibly this is why other TAs have not passed monies on quickly ( trying to be charitable!)
  7. Our TA said they are finding that Oceania is much more on top,of recent cancellations And it’s the backlog of older ones that are slower and more haphazard. I wonder if they have separate teams dealing with current and older work. Pure speculation of course.
  8. Today we received a full refund of the deposit for our 24 September 2020 cruise which we cancelled on 21 April. Hoorah! However for the deposit and final balance for our May cruise cancelled in March paid in two different cards there is no sign of! Couldn’t possibly be because its a lot bigger amount could it? Or am I just a cynic!
  9. We are now in week 9 waiting for a refund since cancelling and one month since the date of the cancellation invoice. We have a public holiday here in the UK this weekend, so they tell me, so I will talk to my TA on Monday and then consider the CC dispute route.
  10. We cancelled around 12 March a May cruise after the ports were substantially changed. We have an invoice from Oceania dated 22 April showing a full refund. But no monies returned to date. Our TA is chasing regularly and is told it is being escalated. We cancelled September cruise on the 21 April and got a cancellation invoice from O dated 29 April, so some things are getting speedier...just no cash!
  11. We are getting a full refund (eventually, hopefully)of our deposit for a September O cruise we cancelled a couple of weeks ago. My reading of the UK T&Cs was that there would be £200pp admin fee deducted which we were happy to lose. Out tA advised his was not the case and we now have a cancellation invoice form O confirming this, no money .....but we have in our hands a piece of paper 😀😀
  12. No it isn't common practice. I "pay" the TA by giving them the CC details but the CC bill reads Oceania cruises and it is them I am still waiting to reimburse me! Occasionally for a particularly hefty bill I have paid theTA over 2/3 payments as my CC will not allow for a credit balance.
  13. We received a cancellation confirmation from O just 2 weeks ago for our May cruise which we cancelled in mid March. The cancellation invoice is dated 26 March. To date no credits received on either credit card used for the transactions. Our TA is chasing.
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