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  1. You learn something new every day! Good to know.
  2. and the cream isn't clotted it is just double cream ....but still yummy!
  3. If anyone is still interested my OH has now completed the video
  4. Not really because you would be on a Dam ship and not Oceania! I'm afraid we are with Andee, we just came back from Sirena in a Vista suite booked for my OH big birthday. Whilst we loved the room we found the butler's services surplus to our needs. The canapés were great but didn't fit our timetable of trivia, quick change early dinner. The bar set up encourages you to have drinks in the suite whereas we prefer to be in the bars to join in conversations with fellow guests or just enjoy the ambience. We had one in suite dinner and missed the "occasion" of "dining out" Similarly with breakfast we preferred to wander down to the GDR and be served there. Speciality dining we had booked ahead of time and chatted to the reservations desk person on the way to or from the GDR to change a couple of times without the need of an intermediary. Similarly with excursions. Not a matter of converting us or not, merely personal choice. Maybe the difference is that we are long retired and spend time "a deux" most of the time so holidays we like to meet up & chat with others which we find we do to such and extent that we now prefer to dine just two for a bit of peace and quiet 😉!
  5. Notamermaid we relied on you heavily last year for information on the Rhine , this year we are off down the Danube and here you and GMT are again!! Your info meant we actually knew more than the cruise line knew (or was sharing) and prepared us for our eventual two boat trip! Do you have any information for the Danube downriver from Budapest towards the Black Sea? We are leaving on the 23rd September on a Riviera Travel cruise to the Black Sea delta and back again.
  6. Hope you enjoy the cruise as much as we did
  7. We went on the William Shakespeare earlier this year on the rhone & Saune cruise, enjoyed it greatly and like the cabins better than on Scenic Videos of the cruise and ship
  8. Just off Sirena and we used 2 iPads and 2 iPhones (at different times) all devices worked fine to download the newspapers, browse the internet pick up emails and face time. Slower when everyone was onboard or when entering or leaving port but still useable. Downloads took a lot longer than at home but at the price it was fine.
  9. Both the O Club Ambassador & Captain on our Sirena cruise last week said they had no information about what they Allura Class will look like
  10. Glad they were helpful, we have commented on feedback forms and to anyone on the ship who will listen about the lack of photos or video on the website, I think it would be a big draw for new cruisers. The photos were usually taken on port days when everyone else was ashore in the heatwave we had in the Med and in ports we had visited previously so we tended go off for a walk round and a coffee and the head "home" to the AC! The cabin was a Vista Suite, a special birthday treat for my OH! It won't be repeated! Loved the room, used the balcony a lot not too windy and great views at the front but for us we found no use for the butler. Evening canapes arrived at the wrong time for us trivia fiends and early diners, in room dining OK but lacked any sense of occasion we preferred getting changed and "going out" . So for the price differential we will stick to our balcony unless we get an upgrade of course!
  11. As we found it difficult to find many photos of Sirena post refurb I thought others may like to see a few from our recent cruise. https://flic.kr/s/aHsmG4GxEc
  12. We have cruised on a Riviera travel river cruise and were so pleased we are off again in 3 weeks. Last year we tried Scenic and were disappointed with the cabin arrangements (in that the vaunted drop down electric window/balcony was actually on the exterior of the ship accessed via French windows from the cabin not part of the cabin as we had expected)Earlier this tyear another Riviera holiday we had booked was cancelled at short notice and we were offered a river cruise on WilliamShakespeare instead and we loved it. food was of the same quality as Scenic and the cabin French windows retracted fully so you had fabulous views cruising along . Photos of the ship https://www.flickr.com/gp/jobloor/0kp31q
  13. At the future cruise lecture a couple of days ago it was mentioned that O have copyrighted that phrase “ the finest cuisine at sea”
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