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  1. I don’t want to detract from Brandon’s travels, but just one comment. Haven’t they effectively handled over 100 Pins on TA’s and the Presidents cruise?
  2. We’ve had it with champagne sauce in the past and now order it with no sauce.
  3. No email yet. After reading the posted email, I'm so pleased with the deal offered and booked for 5 of our sailings. WTG Royal! 👍 Maybe this will get us in the habit of buying the alcohol packages each cruise.....that is what you really wanted, isn't it?
  4. Since we can all agree, the Fairy has most likely passed away, I'm waiting for RCI to omit the verbiage from their C&A benefits. Come on now, is it really a benefit if there is no chance of it being used? Crown & Anchor Stateroom Upgrade Policy Our ships regularly sail at full capacity. Therefore, opportunities to upgrade are offered on a limited basis. If available, upgrades may be offered at the sole discretion of Royal Caribbean to Diamond Plus and Pinnacle Club. To determine which members may be extended an upgrade, we will consider the member's Cruise Points and tier level, stateroom category paid and booking date. Has anyone received this benefit since the Royal Up program started? If they have, I'll eat my hat.
  5. Like all RCI's prices, they fluctuate. Market pricing. 😝 We always check when we board since we get a 40% pinnacle discount anyway. So I guess the 30% is really useless for some of us.
  6. IMO, onboard pricing is always higher than online. More fuzzy RCI math.
  7. Had similar. Found my C&A number was missing. I put it back in and Voila! All good.
  8. That looks like how much first class was going to be on our Singapore Air flight to Hong Kong!
  9. You can still reach order history under the menu. I can, on my IPad.
  10. So funny as I was furiously going thru our 10+ booked cruises booking this special, my DH kept throwing me off my task by doing the START THE CAR routine.
  12. Had the same problem with both mine and DH’s account. I just added the C&A numbers and it fixed. All the points and cruises are accurate. It did concern me for a minute that their IT folks were at it again.
  13. Have been on 3 Quantum class ships most recently last month. The music hall takes up 2 floors and the upper floor does have windows.
  14. Not all the tables have placemats instead of tablecloths. The wooden tables by the windows that have raised and lower attached seating need placemats because cloths just wouldn’t work because of having attached tables of different heights. The other tables have white tablecloths. We find Coastal to have very nice ambiance but the food can be repetitive. Like others have said, there is only one breakfast menu and there are only two lunch menus. When on a 8 night or longer cruise, they repeat the 7 night menus in order. Our most recent Coastal experiences were on the Anthem and the Ovation. I forgot that Oasis class do not have those wooden tables by the windows.
  15. Not much help here. We had to have two top tier parties because there were so many of us. We were on the 5/13 Ovation.
  16. I was not home at the time or was not watching when a neigbor had a visiting child that scratched their LONG name in my car with a pebble. The policeman that came said it was a shame we did not have video since the signature could have been written by anyone. Now we have video. I don't need instant alerts, it's just an included enhancement to the device.
  17. My favorite is the plank as well. We are still bumming though that they took the eggplant parm off the menu.
  18. Yes, we have Ring and have gotten alerts online while cruising RCI. So far, I’ve only caught my pet sitter showing up. Our car talks to us while we cruise too. I got an alert that we had a flat tire.
  19. We were walked off by the concierge at 7:15. We were on our shuttle bus and on the road to the airport at 7:30. I think there were 3 walk off times, sorry don’t remember them now.
  20. If you cruise often enough, you can try out new itineraries and still cruise the same old same olds.
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