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  1. Right now our television shows it is 13 degrees Celsius outside. I did the maths... it’s 55 degrees Fahrenheit for those of us from the US. 😎
  2. On Ovation now. In the Coastal kitchen, the full English Breakfast does not include a Blood Pudding. It was included on Anthem and Allure.
  3. Following! literally. We are at O’Hare and on our way.
  4. True that. We lost one that we had in the CPAP case attached to the machines power cord. Those security checkers don't miss much.
  5. I hope to not experience it again but will keep that in mind. Thanks.
  6. We had a problem getting distilled water on an RCI southern Caribbean cruise. We had requested it through special needs, had a printout of the email receipt as a back up. Our steward told us that too many people onboard requested it without contacting special needs first and the inventory ran out. We got vials of distilled from medical which was pretty funny since DH goes thru a gallon a week. We searched Bonaire and Grenada, finally buying a quart type sized bottle from a pharmacist. So, it does matter that you reserve through special needs. I know, there are those out there that don't use distilled and use tap water instead. DH just isn't one of those people. RCI did pick up a skid of distilled water in Curacao but that was like our 5th day.
  7. I bring tea bags, in fact, I just packed more for Alaska cruise on Monday. I also bring an acrylic tumbler for making iced tea. I cannot abide ship iced tea.
  8. Black pudding available on both the Anthem and the Allure for breakfast in the coastal kitchen.
  9. Two weeks ago they were still there on the boardwalk. They are all the same cake-donut with different frostings such as vanilla, chocolate, glazed, etc.
  10. A clarification here. When changing from D+ to P, a recognition takes place. You are recognized at the Top Tier party as person turning Pinnacle. That’s it. You have to wait until the cruise is completed to make use of the benefits, at least it was that way for us. When we turned, we were booked b2b in suites so the benefits were there anyway. I know some smaller ships used to go all out and give benefits on the day you turn pinnacle, but that just doesn’t happen anymore.
  11. No, the one they confiscated was the 6 foot cord we attached to the CPAP machine cord. I was surprised they recognized it as an extra cord.
  12. Ours also was confiscated at security check in. It was also in the CPAP case attached to the CPAP cord. No matter how much we insisted it was needed for the medical device, we lost that battle and never saw that cord again. 😩
  13. On the Allure, when asked at our pinnacle lunch about this, the Hotel Director said the white tubes ARE the upgraded amenity. That’s okay, I dislike the fragrance of the green bottles. I do miss the soaps though.
  14. We usually enjoy embarking from Port Liberty. . . unless the ship is late coming in and then the traffic back up is horrible. For us, it's a real plus to drive to the port.
  15. We prefer the turquoise water views at CocoCay to the water views at Labadee.
  16. Lately we have not even found creamers or a cream pitcher in the suites lounge on the Allure. When you use the coffee machine, you are expected to add the frothy milk that comes from the machine. I'm not a fan. A few weeks ago on the Allure I asked for cream and was directed to the coffee machine. I sneered and was brought out a carton of whole milk. I like cream or at least half and half in my coffee. This frothy milk stuff detracts from why I love concierge/suite lounge/diamond lounge coffee. In the concierge lounge on the Anthem they still supply pitchers of half and half and even cream! WTG, I hope they still have it on Saturday when we go back.
  17. Am onboard Allure now. I overheard someone order a Fireball in the pub last night. Yes, they have it.
  18. Thanks, I intend to save this in my contacts under RCCL. Now when they call me, this photo will be displayed !
  19. I just made Anthem Coastal Kitchen reservations online and am pinnacle.
  20. I’m also don’t see much of a fuss. The way I look at it is my loyalty has saved me the 20-some dollars a day for perks I already have.
  21. We tie on a Philadelphia Flyers banner.
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