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  1. I have seen passengers be rude a few times. The worst story though that I have heard came from a friend who used to work for P&O. This older couple (the lady was in a wheelchair being assisted by her husband) had booked excursions before joining the ship. During the cruise they went to enquire about another excursion and they mentioned to him one they had already booked for a port coming up. So after they left he checked which one they had booked on the system, only to immediately realise it was not suitable for wheelchairs. There was alot of cobbled streets involved and steep hilly areas, and he was concerned the gentleman would struggle pushing his wife around. So he contacted them with his concerns and suggested a similar excursion that he would advise them to go on which would be easier for a wheelchair user, but they said they would be fine. On returning from excursions that day, there was a lengthy complaint in at the office from that same couple to say they hadn't been warned, he hadn't done his job, and that it had spoilt their day. Sadly he was used to it as this type of thing occurred quite often. It certainly opens your eyes to people's behaviour and expectations too.
  2. Have a fabulous time Andy
  3. From what my dad said, the drivers were asked where they were going and ushered into different lanes. The way the traffic is filtered had also changed.
  4. As Andy said at Ocean the system changed for CPS parking has changed. My parents joined Ventura yesterday and they mentioned how those parking were getting their own trollies to bring their luggage over to the terminal.
  5. Vampiress88 if you click on the fusion restaurant on the link (which is included) the others that are included come up as you scroll through.
  6. Hope this helps: https://www.pocruises.com/cruise-ships/iona/0
  7. The Olive Grove, Keel and Cow and Sundaes are all chargeable. Sindhu, Beach House etc.... like on the rest of the fleet will of course still be chargeable.
  8. We have as well. I believe the same reasons are being given - either it was an erroneous mini bar charge, or a charge relating to the next occupants has been applied to yours by mistake.
  9. There is a thread on this same topic somewhere on here. It appears to be happening to passengers frequently and I can imagine if it is just a small amount alot of passengers don't query it.
  10. To be honest I don't think it has anything to do with age. I am early 30s and love traditional cruising, to me that is what cruising is meant to be - the dressing up, fixed dining, etc.... I prefer the smaller ships on which I can feel the sea, with a prom deck! The likes of Iona etc... do not appeal to me and I doubt they ever will. I don't think I am alone in thinking like this.
  11. The only time I have seen a large party eat together was in the buffet area on Aurora. There was a hen party of about 12 and the crew arranged an area out the way for them one evening which I expect was prearranged with P&O (we were only on a 2 night cruise). As others have said in the main dining room if your bookings are all linked then you will probably be given two tables of 8 near each other.
  12. The main area I find to be slippy is when I walk into the main dining room - there is the shiny floor in the entrance which then joins onto the carpet (especially on Arcadia).
  13. Pleased to hear they have sorted the issue Jean.
  14. There are many different schemes out there for the services, my dad is a prison officer so he gets similar discounts that Flo71 has mentioned (cinema, mobile contracts etc...) but he has never got P&O or other cruise line discounts. I believe these are solely for the military and I can understand why as alot of forces members are either deployed or away from their families alot, with not much family time - and often they get dictated to when any holiday time is.
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