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  1. Hello Les, I may be wrong but I think it will probably apply after your June 20 cruise as only then will you be a Peninsular Club Member. It is similar to the passengers who qualify to go up a Peninsula tier mid cruise, they won't officially go up until after that cruise (so the extra discount doesn't apply until the next cruise). Best wishes Carla
  2. I know emails are a cheap way of marketing to alot of people, but all the marketing via post must cost. We aren't just talking about 1 page leaflets/flyers, some of those I receive are small brochures.
  3. I have been receiving near daily emails and brochures through the mail from P&O (I always wonder how much money this must cost them!). I have heard there is a general worry within P&O about filling Iona after her first season. Obviously the first will sell well as she is a new ship, but she is a big ship to fill in subsequent seasons along with all the other ships they have - and don't forget the increased competition for the UK market they have coming and Southampton sailings.
  4. I agree and I'm 32. Although this would be implemented by the port authority, I would expect that the cost for these services are partly charged back to the cruise lines (just like the ordering of a pilot boat and tug boat is), so they may have had a say in it as well.
  5. We received ours, but only a couple of weeks ago. Having said that, we didn't get one at all last year. I find P&O's mailing very hit and miss! I hope yours arrives soon, Carla
  6. Apparently everyone is onboard now and she should be departing shortly. Drills happening now.
  7. I do hope everyone gets onboard soon. I would hope that P&O have brought out water and some sort of food for those stuck waiting as the afternoon and evening has gone on.
  8. Has the menu changed alot Reanna?
  9. Duty free can still be sold if you have actually been to the anchorage point I believe, even if you don't anchor.
  10. What it actually reads is that 'on approach to the Anchorage we had winds from the East up to a force 8 with strong flood tides'. The winds and sea state did vary considerably over time on that day, especially between the hours of 5 and 8am when the wind was at its greatest in the morning before it picked up again late afternoon.
  11. Thank you Dai. Something else people don't realise is that just because a port is cancelled doesn't mean the cruise company don't pay any charges. I live near the port here and my Uncle operates the port pilot and tug boats. If cancellations of tugs, mooring, pilots, etc... are made late ( within a couple of hours before you are due to arrive) the harbour authority do impose charges.
  12. Yes you are correct. I think alot of people are only finding out about this now when in fact he was sacked early last year. Tensions between Hindus and Muslims in India and Pakistan are well documented. Following an episode of Quantico which depicted Hindus in a bad light Atul Kochhar tweeted about the show (the show caused quite alot of controversy in India) and made anti-Islamic remarks in the process. He was then sacked by multiple establishments.
  13. I should have said the Captain and Pilot made the right decision, and the pilots know their seas and weather better then anyone else.
  14. In regards to the Ventura cruise and not being able to anchor in Guernsey, the weather in this area was not calm at all. We had high winds in the channel when she should have anchored which caused a slight swell. This caused issues for the pilot boat (my dad has photos of the pilot boat). Although the wind decreased about midday, it picked up again late afternoon which would again have affected the tender operations. This area is notorious, and although it may not seem to you to be visually rough the reality is very different. The channel is rocky and with the winds/swell the Captain made the right decision to keep everyone safe.
  15. I haven't heard who they would lease her to. I expect it is just another false rumour!
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