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  1. We were going to walk a couple of weeks ago, but for some reason Celebrity organised free shuttle buses from the ship. We had to pay directly to the cruise companies on previous trips via our onboard credit.
  2. Depends on which terminal you are docked at. Last year we were due at White Bay by 6.30am, but missed the low tide and had to wait till the next low tide at 11.00am so we could pass under the bridge. If you are at the OPT, tides aren't an issue.
  3. Yes a younger crowd and more upmarket than Carnival (and some of the others). The free ice-creams, sorbet and frozen yoghurt were really tasty and they had some great flavours at Scoops. You just have to watch out as each day there is one flavour they charge for, but if you can wait, that flavour is usually available free on other days.
  4. Just home from Edge last week. Beautiful ship. It was our first Celebrity cruise and we were waiting to see how it went before booking another one. Ended up making another booking whilst onboard.
  5. When we checked in to Resilient Lady on Tuesday all the signs over the check in counters were Virgin branded with lots of red. They looked like they were made for these counters. We assumed the signs and carpet were all owned by the port and the cruise company fees would cover the cost of them. So do they actually belong to the ship and go with them to each port? (I wouldn't expect every port to have the same setup for signage etc...) or are they stored at the terminal for next time?
  6. When we checked in at Miami for our trip to Sydney, we were each given two boarding passes. One for Miami to Houston and the other for Houston to Sydney. All we needed to do at Houston was go from one terminal to another then wait near the boarding gate for 10 minutes. Our luggage was transferred to the 2nd plane and we didn't have to do anything or interact with anyone. We didn't even have to show our boarding pass as they scanned our faces.
  7. It sure does. I'm not sure if i'd want to spend more than a week in a cabin like that.
  8. They want you to think you are in a hotel, hence only one chair.
  9. A couple of weeks ago, during our return journey from Miami, USA to Australia, we had a layover in Houston. The scheduled time between our connecting flights was one hour and 25 minutes. We rushed between terminals and upon reaching the gate for the Sydney flight, had only 10 minutes to spare. The multiple delays during the initial flight added to my growing sense of unease, but it all worked out well in the end.
  10. Our food in Razzle Dazzle last night. I'm not sure if this is representative of their regular meals on board (or just for this event) as it was more gourmet than the food on our previous cruise on Oceania which has the claim to have the finest food at sea. Even the ice cream they were serving was tastier than what we've had on Oceania ships.
  11. We managed to look in the open cabins last night before our later dinner. The regular (VIP) cabins weren't that impressive, but their largest suites were. There was a spa on the private balcony, a telescope, a selection of LP records (including David Bowie), lots of music books, a bar, a selection of guitars and a Nintendo gaming console. We didn't like the look of the ship at first, but after about 10 minutes grew to like her and have come to the conclusion she's the best looking ship we've ever seen. I'd just be a little worried about sailing on her and being mistaken for an enemy warship.
  12. We've got a dinner on board tonight. Looking forward to looking around the ship. Not sure why cruise ships don't have more of these events where the public can book a ticket to go onboard and check them out. I'd like to take some friends who won't go on a cruise on to one so they can see what a ship is really like.
  13. I always have my lamb or beef cooked blue and don't have a problem. They get tough and chewy the more they are cooked.
  14. The timing of this cruise should be good for me. I'll be able to retire from work in 2026 and if I don't take any extra unexpected annual leave before this cruise, my last day at work should be the day before we'd have to fly to Singapore.
  15. We are also booked now, I've created a roll call for the 18 November 2025 cruise. It should gain some traction once the Americans start booking.
  16. I've contacted my TA last week to make a booking for the Singapore to Sydney leg of the cruise. She's been out of the office, so hopefully she will get around to it today. We did a similar cruise in 2019 on Majestic Princess, however it started in Shanghai instead of Singapore. That was a great cruise with lots of sea days for relaxing.
  17. This must have been a nightmare for the Pacific Adventure which was supposed to sail to New Zealand but ended up heading to Tasmania with all the extra sea days and not being in the expected ports where additional supplies would have been arranged. Not sure what happens if all the fresh fruit, eggs, meat and drinks are waiting in Wellington but the ship is in Hobart.
  18. Thanks for that. I'll let our TA know. We haven't worked out which restaurant we will dine in that night yet, but i'm sure that won't be a problem.
  19. Do you need to let them know about a birthday in a restaurant to get something like this or does it come up on their console? My wife will be celebrating a birthday on the ship in December and i'm not sure if I need to let anyone know in order for her to get a surprise dessert.
  20. I'd ignore the expiry date. I checked the tests we have and the expiry date had been extended by a year. The manufacturer claimed they could even last longer as they weren't initially tested for longevity. You should be able to continue using them till they start showing an error indication.
  21. I'm almost certain that I will book the Singapore to Sydney leg. We did a similar cruise on Majestic Princess from Shanghai to Sydney in 2019 which we really enjoyed. I will contact my travel agent once we return to Sydney. We just cruised through the Panama Canal a few days ago (which was amazing).
  22. I recall when we travelled around New Zealand several years ago we were on a group tour. There were six Aussies and six Americans. The Americans all tipped the driver and guide, but none of us Aussies did, and that seemed to be expected. We only tipped when on a free tour, but not when on a paid tour. The same when travelling in Australia.
  23. We regularly eat in Crows Nest. We've been to Rangoon Colonial Club Restaurant twice in the last couple of years (which is unusual for us as we don't usually repeat a restaurant). It's one of the Indian restaurants in Crows Nest, not on the main street though. They do a great blue cheese naan. For Italian, Farina Pizzeria is a pretty good option. Their pizzas are great., however desserts are a bit pricey for what's on offer, so if you want a good dessert after dinner just pop in to C9 Chocolate & Gelato where you will be spoiled for choice. Actually you could go there for dessert no matter where you have dinner.
  24. When we were on Majestic, she was still done up as a Chinese ship and had the name 盛世公主号 on one side. The Specialty Chinese eateries weren't very popular on our cruise, and it appears they have been replaced with western ones. I see you are thinking of doing Diamond Princess on 10 February 2025. I wasn't planning to do a cruise in the first half of 2025, but my friend convinced my wife and I to book a cabin on her, so we are travelling from Brisbane to Sydney. Might see you onboard!
  25. If that's the case, i'll have to leave it for the following year when I can retire and have the time for a longer journey. Not sure which ship it will be then.
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