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  1. We have a trip planned that includes Komodo Island, so I did some reading about the dragons. Wow, bad critters! Can run up to 11 mph (!), and their bite is venomous. I read they eat water buffalo. How? They give it a little nip, then stroll after it for awhile until it dies. New respect for big lizards. The memes are delightful today! I literally did some LOL. Thank you all for finding those. @kazu, so sorry about your BIL’s mother. Hoping she is able to overcome. Damn virus and all its mutations. I think most, if not all, on the Daily are maskers. Good for us!
  2. @kazuBest to you and Marley today. All of your Daily friends are sending good thoughts for the beautiful big guy.
  3. @kazu, which of your pups is going to the doctor today? Need to know which of them to focus on. Hoping for a good outcome; we need some good news for 2021!
  4. @StLouisCruisersphoto tour of BA brought back a favorite memory! We spent a few days in BA before joining our mid-Febriary ‘Round the Horn cruise several (many?) years ago. DH’s birthday is the 13th, and of course Valentine’s, so lots of celebrations. We had a wonderful tour of Teatro Colon on the 13th. The bowels of the building were alive with the bustle of business and rehearsals. Suddenly the most beautiful rendition of happy birthday could be heard as members of the chorus celebrated. I gave DH a peck on the cheek, and said “I planned all this just for you!”
  5. Most days are Shop for Travel days —- 😀
  6. Hi Jacqui, I need to buy you a new bottle of white out for corrections! We have changed our December 2021 cruise. The one that you have is changed to December 6, 2021 - January 3, 2022 28-Day Indonesia and Far East Discovery Collector. Singapore - Hong Kong, Thanks!
  7. Roy, I love your composition of today’s sunrise picture!
  8. I just caught up on yesterday! We have LG front load washer and dryer. LOVE THEM. Samsung refrigerator similar to the LG French door/extra drawer that many of you have. Love the fridge EXCEPT, the ice maker died. Fortunately, we have a small bar fridge that makes ice faster than we can use it. And we do use a lot! We have a Bosch dish washer that’s the best I’ve ever had. Before the LG dryer, we had a Bosch dryer that was the worst. 🤷‍♀️ I’m a Riesling girl - like CSM, but have lately been drinking Cupcake. DH made a seafood pizza for supper last night that was
  9. @cat shepard, your success rate is 99.99999, I think your reputation is safe. 😉 Happy Friday, everyone. We survived a week that we never thought we’d even experience. Best to all!
  10. @cat shepard, we have a Dr. Fauci as well! Unfortunately, he has taken a couple of tumbles, but thanks to DH’s steady hand with good glue, you can’t tell he’s had a broken arm and for a time lost both legs. He’s been moved to a less vulnerable area. We have another “good cause” bobble from the Negro Leagues Museum in Kansas City. What a wonderful place! And on a celebratory note, all the stitches and staples were removed yesterday - yea! I told my sister that my head did not fall off, but it did nearly explode later in the day. I hope the insanity ends soon.
  11. We are booked in Noordam 5191 late this year. Are you pictures of Noordam or Westerdam? Is Noordam Deck 5 also that large? That’s amazing!
  12. @Ichiban Nekko , your words are wise, and very much in line with my thinking. I am able to retire, this is just sooner than planned. My husband is very supportive, and there is way more to life than that nonsense. I will keep you posted, and the support of this group is very much appreciated!
  13. The high cost of a free upgrade or low-cost up-sell. Many of us have succumbed to the great Siren Neptune. 😀 Which brings to mind a favorite quote attributed to Churchill. ”I always manage somehow to adjust to any new level of luxury without whimper or complaint. It is one of my more winning traits.”
  14. I have a date set for early July, so the light at the end of the tunnel has made the aggravation more bearable. However, this week has me thinking “life’s too short”, especially since I was on the phone with an executive-created emergency until 7:00 NYE, theoretically a day off for me. In the past year my company has lost its humanity and is turning into just another bureaucracy. I feel more obligation to them than they to me, and that’s about to change. Out with the old, here’s to 2021! I hope I’m not just a big talker —-
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