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  1. There’s a YouTube video featuring one of the front facing Neptunes. It looks pretty nice —
  2. Thank you all for the great input! I just didn’t want to be surprised when I made the booking call. Which we did. We are just pathetic in our excitement to book cruises. 😁 We’re doing a B2B on K’dam in 2021. Something to live for. The turnaround port is San Diego. There is quite a bit of port duplication, but between the 2 cruises, we get 3 days in San Francisco. We’ve both been to California, but never SF, so we are quite happy about that. The trip begins in San Diego, ends in Vancouver, and we were promised that we do not run afoul of the dreaded Jones Act. Thanks again, CC friends!
  3. We've never done a back-to-back, but are thinking about it now. Enough of being jealous of those relaxed cruisers who don't have to pack and go! I've read quite a bit about the logistics of turnaround day, but I haven't seen this question. Does Holland offer any perks or discounts for booking B2B? Thanks for your thoughts,
  4. NO!! Pinnacle Grill breakfast is our favorite Neptune perk. We will be 4 star after next Spring’s cruise on Zaandam, so as Candaianbear, we might move back down on the food chain. Too bad. Taking away a popular benefit shouldn’t be taken lightly, or without consulting their most loyal customers.
  5. We are booked on this ship and route next April. From my research, it appears balcony and above were refurbed in 2018.
  6. Thank you! And thank you for letting me know that we won’t be turned down by a taxi driver for a short fare.
  7. Hello, Our upcoming cruise ends in Dover, and we are considering taking the ferry to Calais, then a train to Paris, rather than Eurostar from Ashford to Paris. Via ferry puts us in Paris a few hours earlier. I've looked at a map of the Dover port, and it looks as if cruise terminal to ferry terminal might be a significant hike. I'd love to hear from anyone who has gone straight from cruise to ferry, and how they managed it. There's also the further complication of Calais, if anyone has thoughts about that as well. Thank you!
  8. Thank you both for your replies - and optimism that we can make this work as we wanted!
  9. Our upcoming Prinsendam cruise includes a Pinnacle dinner compliments of Explore4. It appears that we will be assigned a date and time. On previous cruises on a variety of HAL ships, Pinnacle has been inconsistent for dinner, but we love Pinnacle lunches. Has anyone had success changing a comp dinner to a comp lunch? If not, has anyone had success changing the assigned reservation time if it doesn’t suit? It probably doesn’t matter, especially on Prinsendam where we expect to be among the lower star class, but we’re 3-star Mariners. Thanks for your input!
  10. Thank you, Sailaway, I had just come back to this thread to say “never mind my last question, we don’t need that kind of stress!” We will make another hotel selection. Thank you so much for posting your experience, and I hope you are successful SOON in getting your refund. Best, Live4cruises
  11. Oh wow! I have been corresponding with this hotel, and was on the verge of booking for next April. I saw them on Expedia, then found their website. Sailaway, did you book through the hotel directly, or another site? Others who have had this experience, did you find a correlation between the two methods of booking? Thank you,
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