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  1. It’s been a few years, but we enjoyed two great days with SPB. We had no problems with getting back to the ship on time.
  2. Check out Cozumel Pearl Farm as an independent excursion. We did that about a year and a half ago with DS and D-I-L, and it was a truly wonderful, laid back day. Most of the day is relaxing and snorkeling. They have a lot of interesting information about how their farm works, but there is ZERO pressure to buy.
  3. Great attitude, which is the only kind to have when traveling - or heck, anytime. Thanks for a different kind of post!
  4. We are on Zaandam’s first cruise of the New England/Canada season, sailing April 21 from Ft Lauderdale. I’ve looked at local tour offerings in Bar Harbor, and websites show that their season starts the first or second week of May. If you have done this cruise in April, would you let me know if we can expect local tour offerings at the pier, even though they are not showing online? I realize it’s also possible that HAL reserves the available resources for its own tours. It’s our first visit to Bar Harbor, and we do want to experience Acadia. Thank you for any suggestions.
  5. That’s what we’re on in April on the Zaandam. Which makes me ask - Will the hotel staff join in Ft Lauderdale, our embarkation point? I wonder if it’s more or less involved to prepare a ship that has been empty rather than one that has just disembarked passengers? We are Neptuners on this trip, so eligible for the early boarding groups, and we like to board as soon as possible because — well, why not! So, I’m curious if there’s anything unusual to expect on the immediate post-drydock trip. Thanks,
  6. Your cabin steward can likely tell you the channel, or a quick call to Guest Services definitely will.
  7. For a wonderful example of a hero, please read Thunder Dog. It is the account of a Seeing Eye dog who saved not only her person, but others out of one of the towers on 9/11.
  8. The third post in this thread has a good video of K’dam 11005, forward facing Neptune, not one of the Spa Suites. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2444227-koningsdam-neptune-stateroom-11005/#comment-52566903
  9. Map of the area you’re cruising, and magnetic clips to put it on the wall. I do love maps!
  10. There’s a YouTube video featuring one of the front facing Neptunes. It looks pretty nice —
  11. Thank you all for the great input! I just didn’t want to be surprised when I made the booking call. Which we did. We are just pathetic in our excitement to book cruises. 😁 We’re doing a B2B on K’dam in 2021. Something to live for. The turnaround port is San Diego. There is quite a bit of port duplication, but between the 2 cruises, we get 3 days in San Francisco. We’ve both been to California, but never SF, so we are quite happy about that. The trip begins in San Diego, ends in Vancouver, and we were promised that we do not run afoul of the dreaded Jones Act. Thanks again, CC friends!
  12. We've never done a back-to-back, but are thinking about it now. Enough of being jealous of those relaxed cruisers who don't have to pack and go! I've read quite a bit about the logistics of turnaround day, but I haven't seen this question. Does Holland offer any perks or discounts for booking B2B? Thanks for your thoughts,
  13. NO!! Pinnacle Grill breakfast is our favorite Neptune perk. We will be 4 star after next Spring’s cruise on Zaandam, so as Candaianbear, we might move back down on the food chain. Too bad. Taking away a popular benefit shouldn’t be taken lightly, or without consulting their most loyal customers.
  14. We are booked on this ship and route next April. From my research, it appears balcony and above were refurbed in 2018.
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