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  1. Yea🎉🎉🎉for you! New Zealand is a gorgeous area to be confined to, you are lucky😊
  2. Thank you for the update on that, I am waiting on a refund because they canceled a flight one month will be August 9 and I am waiting for the refund. I called and requested it by phone.
  3. I contacted Celebrity and they responded just now with an email, regarding the $75 fee that they said was non-refundable. They apologized for the mistake and for any inconvenience and it should show up as a credit in 30 days😉. I’m happy to hear that and then it will be the end to my refunds😁
  4. If cruise and the air were purchased with Celebrity and cruise was canceled, should I be charged with admin fees on the air? Thanks for any advice.
  5. I had flights going to/from Italy mid July w/Aer Lingus and I knew it would eventually be canceled or rerouted. They just canceled and I called and asked for a refund. I had a trip booked to Sardinia for Sept. and that was w/Lufthansa and they canceled and I have a refund on that as well. My hotel was canceled and no $$ lost there either. Now, just waiting for the $$$ to hit the CC. Good luck☺️I followed conversations on TA as well to aid me w/information. I was really looking forward to these trips (LAND only) and it is sad this has happened.
  6. Just received another $51.50 credit to my CC from the canceled cruise 3/14. Only $75.00 left to go. In comparison, a Tour was canceled last week for a trip in September, the $$$$ was back in my account in less than a week! The Tour Operator is based in Australia, it was not a cruise.
  7. When my cruise was canceled, they let me get a voucher for future travel.
  8. Hi Steve, Thanks so much for your QUICK reply!! Yes, I understand what you are saying and I will look. So the money I paid for the insurance is probably a loss? OUCH I will keep reading and come back here with any questions. Thanks again..Cheryl
  9. Hello Steve, I purchased trip insurance 8/2019 for a tour and flights The tour just canceled and told me that my money would be refunded except for the deposit. The deposit can be saved for a future trip in 2021 or 2022. I purchased the flights separately. This is not a Cancel for Any Reason insurance. If I cancel out the flights now, I would loose money. The trip was for mid September 2020. Do I wait for the flights to be hopefully canceled in order to receive my money back? Or do you think if I cancel them, insurance would cover the costs of them? Thanks for any advice. I did
  10. Received another amount credited back on my CC, now only short $126.50. It was posted the 3rd and it I saw it this morning.
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