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  1. I was enjoying your trip to Disney World so much that I had forgotten that you hadn’t got onto the ship yet!
  2. I apologize if you know this already, but open containers from the bathroom or kitchen can’t/ should not be packed. Nor can alcohol. I have experienced cinnamon and rice loose in boxes. At that time, we were poor, and wanting to save money. It’s worth it to buy a fresh container in Florida!
  3. I thought the term “egg boxes” referred to some special American container. Then I saw the photo! We have mostly done military moves, where packers and movers come in. It’s still horrible, but much less horrible than it could be. I can unpack and have everything set up in 3 days.
  4. No, you remember correctly! I think that the audience participation was a Covid casualty.
  5. Can you detail the chocolate wand making process? I am relatively new to being a Nana, and I think that would be fun to do!
  6. It was snowing lightly when I walked the dog. That wasn’t so bad, but the wind whipped the snow around. There are advantages to cats.
  7. @Ozark_Kid Your garden is fantastic! I checked my garden. I didn’t think anything was coming up yet- and then I saw a very small crocus!
  8. One of my favourites is adult beverages on the terrace at the Nomad Lounge. Favourite rides- Tower of Terror, Rock and Rollercoaster, Flights of Passage, Expedition Everest, Guardians of the Galaxy, anything Star Wars related… The only thing that I am not allowed to ride is It’s a Small World. Well, I could, but no one will come with me.
  9. I rented out points once through David’s Vacation Club Rental (I think that’s the name). They take rental requests and people that want to rent, and much them up. From the owner perspective, it was fast and easy. If you have specific requests, make sure you ask at the point of booking your stay- near the elevators, specific floor etc.
  10. Are you renting your points? We own at the Boardwalk- we skipped several years, and went back last year. We were considering selling, but had such a good time that we’re not going to! Besides, our adult kids like us having it. Anyhow, back to laurieal’s review!
  11. I love classic movies! Any other recommendations? Preferably ones where the villains are punished and everyone else lives happily ever after!
  12. Check out the gift shop- I got a candle that smells like the Boardwalk resort, so the Mouse has thought of that!
  13. They are heavily promoted, for the reasons that A&L Ont said. We might go to one for a round town commuter car, but Saskatchewan has long distances without charging stations. I don’t think it’s practical for that reason. And I haven’t seen a lot of electrically powered farm equipme I believe that it’s a rural vs city thing.
  14. Thank you! We’re kind of in procrastination phase of home renovation for this project. It may replace regrouting floors as our least favourite job!
  15. I tried to get a picture of my sparkly ceiling- I don’t know that it came out. We have several rooms of that. Beneath the sparkly ceiling, the rooms really suit us, so we are resigned to renovating. Our house is not open plan, and we like it that way. We’re fond of each other, but we have no desire to spend every second together! @Coralc , we will definitely have the ceiling analyzed- it’s not likely that there’s asbestos, but it’s possible. And we will definitely remove the ceiling before we put in new floors!
  16. 😂 I think we had the same cabin (we sailed the Panama Canal in November), and I found the bed comfortable! I suppose it just goes to show how difficult it is to satisfy everyone. I do think they should have replaced one of the bathroom sinks. Every time I was brushing my teeth, I noticed the crack.
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