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  1. It may not have been stamped, or the stamp might be illegible, but it was scanned, it is "in the cloud"!! Once scanned again, Customs will know where you have been and when.
  2. Possibly the Spa? There are always people getting "Promo" massages at the entrance. I never paid much attention, but those chairs might be those fancy, massaging recliners.
  3. I agree, Princess will not say no. "No", is not in the Princess vocabulary, but that does not make it right. From the Captains Circle Benefits page, https://book.princess.com/captaincircle/membershipBenefits.page For Platinum: Priority Check-In at EmbarkationWhen you arrive at the port, donโ€™t wait in line. You, along with your family or guests that are traveling with you in the same stateroom will be invited to use the Priority Check-In desk to help expedite your embarkation. For Elite: Priority Ship to Shore Water Shuttle EmbarkationIn ports where it is necessary to take a water shuttle to get ashore, you, along with your family or guests that are traveling with you in the same stateroom have the opportunity to travel ashore quickly and without waiting in line. And for your next question: Platinum Disembarkation LoungeIn recognition of your loyalty, and to make your last morning with us more enjoyable, we invite Platinum Members, along with their family or guests that are sailing in the same stateroom to use the Platinum Disembarkation Lounge, offering light refreshments and peace while you await disembarkation.
  4. Wise choice calling Princess, while people have good intentions, you will get a lot of incorrect information here. Trust but verify.
  5. I have "cashed in" my Gift Cards at the Pursers Desk and had them applied to my on-board account, no problem. They are even refundable if you don't use up your on-board account. But that is a problem that I have never had.
  6. I think that I will bring it back up everyday, not to mock you, but because you make so much sense. Good on you!!
  7. When going down, the pitch goes from high down to lower pitch.
  8. While we are talking about elevators, there are exceptions, but most of the passenger elevators face forward, so when you get off, go left to be on the port side. Go right to be on the starboard side. The most notable exception is all of the Panoramic lifts in the atrium face aft. The aft elevators on the Sapphire are looking toward the middle, and I believe on the Caribbean there is one set of elevators that face aft.
  9. Then definitely follow "Croptop's" suggestion of slapping a luggage tag on them and letting the porters handle them with your luggage. I've also done that before, it works like a charm. I used Duck Tape to hold the luggage tags on, and gave a few wraps around the case to hold it together.
  10. For the most part, that is true for all elevators. Not only on cruise ships. If they are working properly.
  11. I buy Gatorade and Propel by the case at home, packets by the package when I cruise. Best thing for that morning after cotton mouth. :=) Do the kids handle their own cases of Gatorade?
  12. I guessing that you two are not the ones lugging the cases around. A luggage tag and porter didn't get it from the store to his/her cart. Do you carry them onto the airplane, or check them? Please don't even suggest buying it after I get to the port city. I'm on vacation. (That brings up another subject, I'm retired, every day is Saturday. I don't have a job to vacation from. I'm still looking for a more appropriate word for me, than vacation.) ๐Ÿ˜ Any way, packets of powder are light, take up very little room, and no problem to mix. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
  13. I take packets of Propel powder and just add it to bottled water available on the ship. Propel is made by Gatorade, and I like it even better. And the Propel is added to the common 500ml bottle. Gatorade takes a larger bottle, not as easy to find. Of course you can always refill the 20 oz. bottle out of the tap. All of this is much easier than man-handling, sorry, people-handling the heavy cases of Gatorade. If you have the beverage package, the 500ml water is included. If you do not have the package, you can pre-order bottled water before you board. The price is very reasonable. But this bargain package of water has to be ordered ahead of the cruise.
  14. I think that it is a little bit of availability, and the old "how are you going to keep them down on the farm after they have seen Paree" Once they have experienced a balcony, it is hard to go back to an inside.
  15. Hi Go-Bucks, Sorry to interject an off topic question, but I don't know of any other way. My wife and I love the first line of your signature: Life's Milestones.... Do you have a source for that quote? Is it yours? We would like to use it on our Travel/Business card, but would like to give credit to the source. I came across it quite a while ago, most likely one of your posts. I wrote it down, told it to my wife, and we both thought we would like to use it, but didn't know who to credit. We've scoured the Internet without any luck, until I just stumbled on it again in your signature. Any information you can share would be helpful. Thanks 2 cruises a year.
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