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  1. Shops normally open 12-6 in the main shopping areas. Hopefully the shuttle buses will be organised especially when a ship the size of Ventura has never docked in Ijmuiden. It would have been preferable if the shuttle had been to the central station too
  2. I think the call has been bought forward a day as there is another ship in port on the 2nd September and their statement did say that they may need to move the call to Rotterdam. It looks like they’ve bought forward the call instead
  3. Looking at the timings I’ve on seen on the ***** website, the ship arrives at 10am on 31st and leaves on 1st at 8pm so they’ve got rid of the seaday, I wasn’t really sure why they needed a seaday from the UK to Holland anyway when a ferry can do it in less than twelve hours. I think you’ll have extra time on the evening of the second day
  4. It is disappointing as I am doing this cruise in July. The drop off point though is close to a number of the main attractions including the Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh museum. It also makes the shuttle journey shorter as it allows the coaches to use the motorway from Ijmuiden to Amsterdam and then a short drive from there rather than driving in towards the central station along the North Sea canal road . I definitely would prefer to dock in Amsterdam though as I’m doing a tour to volendam and this will make my journey much longer
  5. Looking at the Amsterdam cruise schedule it was previously scheduled to arrive there at 8am when it was docking in Amsterdam so I imagine it will be around two to three hours earlier in Ijmuiden
  6. I think docking in Ijmuiden will add a few hours to the length of time in port as they won’t have to sail the two to three hours into Amsterdam. Whilst it isn’t ideal at all having to dock there, there should be more guarantee of being able to successfully dock. With the overnight calls the port tax actually doubles to €16 per person so P and O or Carnival have chosen to save the approximately €52000 euros it would cost for a ship the size of Ventura to dock in the city centre.
  7. The cruise line are usually able to secure additional coaches for tours particularly in Europe where there is a large number available. As long as they can secure a tour escort/guide they should be able to run additional tours Sent from my iPad using Forums
  8. If there are blobs of pixels then I don't think the problem will be fixed until they replace the panels that make up the screen, I'm not sure when that will be done Sent from my iPad using Forums
  9. It definitely does, find a window overlooking the dockside on embarkation day, you'll see many lorries loading and unloading the ship, in around ten hours they can load enough food for 10000 meals a day on a ship the size of Azura, its impressive seeing how they do this process and there are numerous videos online Sent from my iPad using Forums
  10. As long as there are hundreds and hundreds of people all singing and waving their flags like there was on my last P&O cruise. Both of the great British sailaway parties I've been to, there were so many people having a great time. There were also other areas on the top decks where you couldn't hear the music at all so there is something for everyone [emoji846] Sent from my iPad using Forums
  11. They will take your passport from you, they will be stored securely, stamped by Chilean, Argentinian and Uruguayan authorities and passed back to you at the end of the cruise when you'll get a location to collect them by handing in the passport receipt. On many cruises you'll have your passport taken and legally they can take your passports and the customs authority can do whatever they like including stopping the ship from being cleared if they don't like something in a passport Sent from my iPad using Forums
  12. Oceania Insignia will almost certainly be able to cruise all the way up the river to the terminal at the Bund. I think all the small cruise ships dock there Sent from my iPad using Forums
  13. I think there are a few hotels in Baoshan marketed at Chinese people but there aren't any major tourist hotels there and the area isn't really a tourist area at all. I would stay in central Shanghai and get a taxi, taxis in china aren't that expensive Sent from my iPad using Forums
  14. Per this website .http://www.tour-beijing.com/transportation/shanghai_port_transfer.php#.Wxlv4NHTXxx They are not the same terminal. Large ships over 70000 tonnes cannot dock on the bund due to low bridges on the river. Celebrity's terminal is at Wusongkou and is 30km from the Bund around forty minutes in a taxi. You will not be able to walk to your ship. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  15. Celebrity use Baoshan/ Wusongkou cruise terminal. We took a taxi from our hotel which cost around $20 or less. Definitely wasn't expensive at all. It is around 30km from your hotel. Celebrity cannot sail to the terminal in town Sent from my iPad using Forums
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