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  1. I volunteered to participate but wasn't chosen. It was to be a focus group about Coco Cay.
  2. I copied it from Celebritys website.
  3. Guests can bring up to two bottles of wine per stateroom at the beginning of the cruise. However, if the wine is consumed in a shipboard restaurant, bar, or dining venue, there is a $25 corkage fee per bottle. Wines purchased from the Little Luxuries Collection are not subject to the corkage fee.
  4. Maybe....But she or a TA would have to call Celebrity. They may require a medical reason.
  5. We love it here for spring/summer. We moved up here about six years ago!
  6. Me too. The offer didn't show up on any of my Amex cards...I tried everything, but no go.
  7. I am trying to figure out smart shorts vs dumb shorts...
  8. We were on the inaugural sailing of Beyond to Coco Cay in April. We booked Hideaway Beach Club and really enjoyed it. I would advise getting there early to Hideaway or any other section for chairs It fills .up quickly. As for a booze cruise, we drank free lemonade that was provided.
  9. Nothing this morning from Celebrity....but one for Delta popped up...
  10. Loaded a bunch of offers onto my platinum card...Still nothing from Celebrity...maybe tomorrow!
  11. Cabin 3157 looks to be above a blank space between the Club and Le Voyage on the Beyond deck plan.
  12. Labadee still scheduled on our April 2025 cruise.
  13. April 28, 2025 Beyond cruise has Coco Cay listed instead of Labadee.
  14. We loved the creepy hallway, and the Beyond as well. Booked another cruise for next spring!
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