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  1. When is your next cruise? Just making us riff raff people stay out of your way.
  2. Thanks for posting this. I very much doubted that ALL entrees came with mashed potatoes
  3. The Beyond has 4 dining rooms and we are not picky eaters. We've done land vacations where the food was not good either.
  4. Just show up when you are hungry.
  5. Ive only seen mashed potatoes listed with the classic entrees. This is on Beyond.
  6. Did you check the Celebrity website? Most of your questions can be answered there.
  7. Just FYI...Not at all playable unless the ship is in port.
  8. We booked on Deck 3, thankfully away from any inside cabins!
  9. We will be on an E class ship but thanks for your input.
  10. I realize that...but with only two of us the wait is never long.
  11. Why do you need a reservation? Kind of defeats the purpose of anytime dining. We just walk in when we are ready to eat.
  12. Just show up when you are ready to eat. No reservation needed.
  13. For Canadians only or is this the US site?
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