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  1. Wonderful. We really wanted to do he 30 day Australia circumnavigation, but didn't want the long air flights from Florida. Maybe we missed the trip of a life time?
  2. Thanks for posting. It is nice to check on friends who may be cruising to see where they are today.
  3. Nice to hear a positive review on Veendam. Our friend, Tom, was aboard the Veendam from Lisbon to Boston in August and also said he was very pleased, so much so, that he booked another cruise on Veendam for this coming winter. HAL has put some money back into this "S" class ship and it seems to have improved. Veendam is coming back to Tampa Nov 2020 for the winter season, and I'm hoping may resume the Bermuda itinerary in 2021.
  4. My first HAL transatlantic, we brought 12 bottles to enjoy in the room. When several around noticed and said they won't let you do that (Carnival/Royal/NCL wouldn't), I said we could as long as we carried them to the room ourselves, which we did. As we were leaving Ft Lauderdale, enjoying our first bottle at sailaway from our verandah, a voice yelled down to us, " there is the guy who brought that wine aboard himself", to which I looked up and said "Cheers!" I think 2014 was the year that they changed to just one bottle each at embarkation only.
  5. We were on the cruise as well, and we are so happy we chose it. Our friends wanted us to do the Maasdam in July with them, which was much pricier, and they ended up too warm and too humid to enjoy many of the ports and sights. I'll take take cool/dry over warm/humid for traveling.
  6. Thanks for sharing the pic of the former Ryndam. Did it look good from the exterior? I'm curious that the Statendam has been sold already, but Ryndam has not.
  7. We were very happy with the Volendam's Oceanview room's new shower last year. It is much easier, and I feel safer, to have a shower with grab bar to step in and out of.
  8. On the last two HAL cruises, Westerdam and Zuiderdam, we met a production supervisor who does handle all the entertainment from show lounge to Billboard, Lincoln Center, etc. The Cruise director's job was no longer a major staff position. However, the EXC guide, port lecturer, etc, was vital for those of us in new territory in search of answers. If this position is given to the CD who gives canned speeches in lieu of actual knowledge, then please tell Seattle that this plan is bad for us and therefore bad for them as well.
  9. I was hoping the flowers might have returned. Enjoy Zuiderdam and Canada/ New England.
  10. I see Koningsdam is going around South America this coming spring, and then staying on the Pacific Coast and returning to Alaska. The Ryndam (so glad it is not "Nieuw") would be better if it can use the canal allowing more flexibility.
  11. The Nieuw Statendam is chartered to RSVP Feb 9 to the 16th, 2020.
  12. Isn't the Noordam over due for her dry dock? I would think she would be done now.
  13. Good question. Looks like Maasdam is doing the 14 day itinerary next year. I liked the 21 day out of San Francisco that it did this past year. When you arrive at Ketchikan/Juneau/Skagway with 5 other ships, it spoils Alaska for me.
  14. The MSC Armonia announcement is showing today, with Nov 2020 cruises of 4 and 5 day out of Tampa. Armonia, launched in 2001, is MSC's oldest ship. Veendam is now HAL's second oldest, 1996, so the trend continues of using Tampa for the smaller and thus older ships. Strangely, we were in port last summer on the Veendam at Ocho Rios when the huge MSC Seaside pulled into port. The guests coming off Seaside were very much European and we guessed it was more like the big Royal Caribbean ships. Well anyway, Tampa remains alive as a cruise port with what will be more choices than ever.
  15. We were very pleased in July when we were on the Zuiderdam and tendered in NEW boats. I asked hotel manager Darren Lewis about them; he said corporate had replaced the originals with new ones at a cost of $280,000 each. They ran beautifully unlike the old ones, that belched smoke and fumes, and rode well. No more canvas covers and windows leaking water. Money well spent, IMHO.
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