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  1. With the loss of 4 smaller ships, it is going to be harder for HAL to do these itineraries. I did the Viking Passage on the Zuiderdam in 2019, it was 28 days from Copenhagen to Boston, with the first segment including Norway, and it was wonderful. The Zuiderdam, with nearly 2000 guests, overwhelmed Nantortalik compared with 1200 on the S class ships. So it is possible to use the Vista ships if they can fill them.
  2. Just watched the tribute to the 400,000 who have died to covid in Washington. It was very moving and the scenes of Washington as the sun was setting with the Capitol, the Washington Monunment and the Lincoln Memorial were beautiful.
  3. That is a nice itinerary. Actually, if it had some of the smaller ports, it might have been an old Prinsendam one. Is this the Volendam? Just today at lunch, we were thinking of the MDR aboard the different HAL ships. I always preferred the tables with a water view; the S and R ships had the best selection. The Vista and Signature ships have the right side as you enter mostly blocked and the Pinnacle class even less.
  4. Good for you. I do wish I had seen him concert. Wouldn't it be nice to have perform on a Holland America ship?
  5. It has been a sad week for those of us watching and studying the attack on the Capitol and the related events. I guess that is partly why so many read and post here, partly to escape the current day and relive our pleasurable times onboard and traveling. Reading in todays Tampa Bay Times about Neil Diamond, you know that guy who sang Sweet Caroline that you still hear onboard at the piano bar/Billboard Onboard every cruise. He was diagnosed with Parkinson's 3 years ago and quit touring, but he says it hasn't hurt his voice and can still sing. He is 79 years old; how can that be wh
  6. Happy New Year to all. Not a day goes by without thinking of previous travels, many onboard a Holland America ship. Thanks to Rich, Roy, and so many others for keeping us informed. Let's hope we meet up soon on another adventure this year.
  7. Thanks for sharing your pics. We visited Traverse City last August, and it was so beautiful and warm.
  8. Good for you Roy. I just saw your post confirming Euro & Ooster on their way to the UK. Still seems bizarre to send them now rather than leaving them in the winter time safe and warm Caribbean. The HAL site doesn't show Eurodam's schedule, but guess it must have changed to Europe for 2021. On another thread, read of a crew members post for prayers for "the company" to remain solvent and for the crews to return to work aboard them. I can only imagine all the furloughed crew trying to find good jobs where they are. Maybe you can add that to your prayer list. Ther
  9. Maybe I should wait for tomorrow, but is the Eurodam and Oosterdam really headed for the UK? That sounds wrong to me. Even if they are being deployed for spring Europe, don't send them now.
  10. It's Christmas Evening and I wish all of my favorite Holland America posters a Merry Christmas. Looking forward to a better New Year!
  11. The PTZ Ft Lauderdale web cam comes on for a quick view and then goes off. I then checked Port Everglades and found that is down for 2 months for service. The 2 big Celebrity ships are there. I'm wondering why the Westerdam, Noordam and Zuiderdam are all going to San Diego rather than Ft Lauderdale. As was posted elsewhere, Does that indicate they are not going to Europe next summer?
  12. For itineraries with plenty of port calls, I would pick the remaining R class ships, Volendam and Zaandam. Great promenade deck, Crow's Nest, more MDR window tables, larger staterooms and 1400 guests vs 2000 or more to board and exit the ship at each port and tender as well. For Itineraries with more sea days and especially trans ocean crossings, I do like the larger ships including the K'dam and NS. The K'dam and NS have more and possibly better entertainment venues and a great two story pool area, but lack the wide promenade deck with deck chairs that the Vista and Signature ships hav
  13. It was a beautiful day here today with temps in the low 70'sF and clear skies most of the day. My group walked at Treasure island, which is about 15 miles south of Clearwater. Several of us commented about walking around the promenade decks aboard ship, which I miss.
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