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  1. I noticed today that the Insignia is at dock here in Tampa. To my knowledge, Oceania has never been in Tampa before. Is this to escape the "limelight" of Port Everglades/ Miami or possibly because she was denied entry there?
  2. Yes, I realize. Think about the value of Carnival with 105 cruise ships plus all the rest. Why build new ships when you can buy someone else's at 20 cents on the dollar? For that matter, if this situation persists, there will be some great deals on the companies that are forced to liquidate.
  3. It is scary for us little investors. My 100 shares bought at $52 a share are down about $4000, which I never thought possible. To think someone (Saudi or anyone) with very deep pockets could buy control of Carnival at 20 cents on the dollar, does not make me happy.
  4. I see another thread has picked up on the Koningsdam. Can these be merged or is that not recommended. Thanks,
  5. Yes, that is full speed for the Koningsdam making me think something is wrong. With no cruises to be there for in a hurry, why so fast? If they have crew that are need of help, wouldn't they go to Curacao?
  6. I can relate to this as well. We were lucky and blessed to do 3 cruises last year and I always bring a few home with me for emergencies! Ruth, are you listening? She is a frequent chocoholic poster.
  7. To my surprise, the Koningsdam has left Forteleza, Brazil, and is now headed quickly to Cristobal, Panama! Did someone abort the long trip around South America after getting that far to now go through the Panama Canal after all? Will they remove the lifeboats as I suggested when I started this thread?
  8. Great message Nieuw Amsterdam! The feeling I get when returning to any of the fleet, I am back with family and I am home away from home.
  9. Such a relief to see the two ships safely in Port Everglades after all the tension and turmoil. I had decided not to post on the 80,000+ thread as it was so irate at times. Thanks especially to Copper John and to the cooler heads for their insights.
  10. Rotterdam V, Holland America's Grand Dame, she has been converted to a hotel in Rotterdam. We toured it last year.
  11. Oh, how our favorite Crystal cruiser has fallen. LOL. I hope you are still walking; I am.
  12. Florida is the cruise capital of the world. We need to come to the aid of these cruise guests and crew. I just emailed our two senators and governor to please help them.
  13. I just emailed our two Florida senators and the Florida governor asking for help to get these last cruise guests safely home and to get those ill the aid they need. Florida has long been the cruise capital of the world and needs to step up and help, not hinder these people. It is the humanitarian and good business way to act now.
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