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  1. Yea, those are a lot of restrictions!!
  2. In a few months I might be looking to book a cruise on Royal. On AARP I see I can buy gift cards. Does Royal put any restrictions on their gift cards? On Carnival I can use the cards for deposit, final price, drink package, excursions, and put to my balance. Can I do the same on Royal?
  3. Physical cards were nice for gifts. I remember I would keep a stack of Lands End cards for school uniforms when my kids were in Catholic School. Boys grew out of pants quickly!
  4. I have been AARP for years, my husband signed me up when he turned 50, then I was 50 a year later. That was back in the days when you had to be 50. We have been getting our Carnival cards from them. I need to start looking at their other gift cards. I like that they are all e-cards. I do think this will hurt them in the end. People want things instantaneously, we don’t want to pay and wait for delivery.
  5. Well here is our answer! I contacted Intride Loyalty, LLC. That is the name on the bottom of the web pages on the Allstate Rewards. AARP will be the way to go now for anyone needing e-cards. Reference # 230721-000024 Subject Allstate Rewards - Program Inquriy Dear Member, Thank you for your email. We would like to inform you that Egift cards will no longer be available on the Allstate Rewards platform. We would like to inform you that Egift cards will be offered only in the daily deal category. Thank you for being an Allstate Rewards member. Customer Service
  6. I know they go so quickly. Funny they can have an e-card for a giveaway, but not for other cards!!
  7. I found it and took a few more quizzes to get more points!
  8. We have been getting ours from AAPR. I didn't know that there was a sweepstakes, thanks! I will have to go enter!
  9. I have stayed at both Holiday Inn and InterContinental. I would choose InterContinental over Holiday Inn, but I don't know about Attwell Suites. I like to stay at the InterContinental. I love when I wake in the morning and I see my ship waiting for me!! I have spent many a night before the cruise walking over to Bayshore Marketplace for dinner and shopping. I find it very relaxing there. While I don't want to say anything negative about Holiday Inn, it serves it's purpose. In my opinion, it won't be as nice.
  10. In January about 10 of us are all flying in on the same flight the day before our cruise. We already have rooms at the Holiday Inn Express & Suites Tampa East - Ybor. I was looking for a reputable van service to bring us from the Airport to the hotel, and then maybe for about 13 of us the next day to the port. I know that the hotel has shuttle service to the port, but I am aware that the shuttle service is available to sign up the day before and trying to get 13 of us to the port at the same time might be tough.
  11. No ecards out there, just the hard cards.
  12. Electronic. They will be emailed to you.
  13. My 28 year old niece got it for the hotel discounts!!
  14. I was looking to get a Spa Day Pass for my mother in law. We have them booked in a balcony mid ship. I know she would love the Cloud 9 Spa cabins, but she insisted that if she was in front of the ship she would be sick, and wanted only mid. So I started searching on getting her a Day Pass, and I see that I can get her a 2 day pass. This is only a 4 day cruise. When I go to click on it, I get a message that I can't get it on this sailing. We are 65 days out. Am I doing it to soon, or can you really not get them on this cruise?
  15. SPIN WHEEL is back. I still didn't win, but it is back! Don't forget today is Tuesday! Matching game is also live! Carnival GC is still at the 8% savings.
  16. Last time they changed it, they changed it back. Why is shipping more for a higher denomination? Doesn't it cost the same to mail a card that has $500 on it as it does to mail a card with $100 on it?? smh..
  17. We use them every time we fly until Ft Lauderdale and cruise out of Miami. I have never flown in day of cruise, but we use them from a hotel to port. Then again from port to airport.
  18. @deesully and @travelingtink I tried it! You are right, I got 600 points, 200 each game. I do find it funny that when you lose "UNLUCKY" pops up on the screen!
  19. I also don't usually play Pac-Man, but I might try it today! Thank you!
  20. Has anyone tried to play today? No Scratch off or spin game shows up. Want to make sure it isn't just me!
  21. I used them in the fall of 2021, and tried contacting them for two trips I have this fall. I haven't heard back from them and wanted to know if anyone knows if they are still in business?
  22. When playing the games on Allstate Rewards site, has anyone noticed the graphics are slightly different? I noticed changes, but when I play the Scratch off I don't pay much attention to it, but today I noticed that when I lose up on the screen comes up "YOU LOSE". I was like, wow... I emailed the customer service and asked about ecards. I received the same canned response back that they are currently sold out, etc. So then I actually responded and went further. I said that sold out is different than deciding not to carry them any longer. Please let me know if there has been a corporate decision to not carry them. I explained why I like the ecards better and why they worked for my lifestyle. I didn't ask specifically for Carnival, I just asked about all ecards. I still received a canned response that they just do not know when they will be getting ecards back. Which company do they get them from? I was thinking that is where I might reach out to next... I also realize this is probably a waste of my time, but I feel like I have to try to get them back. In the meantime, I really don't mind buying the AARP ones.
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