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  1. It was a shock to me when I first saw that too. I have been on Horizon Havana area twice and decided to do a girl cruise on Vista. I wanted a higher deck, so I was shocked. I am hoping that it translates to even less people in the Havana area.
  2. I will be at GSC for the first time in January. Can you rent umbrellas or clam shells once you get there? I didn't see the opportunity to do it on the excursion page. For those that have been there before, please tell me the good, the bad and the ugly. This is my first time on NCL, so I am not used to everything being different than I am used to!!
  3. You can always buy cruise cash with it.
  4. Thank you to everyone who recommended Dora. She was great! Having a driver and another helper totally made this excursion! Our cruise was arriving into port earlier due to a medical emergency, so Dora moved up our tour. We were out on the tour before the ship excursions, and made everything go smoother. Dora knows her tour and her city! I highly recommend her. She told us what to bring and where to meet. I am so glad I followed her directions for wearing closed toed shoes!
  5. How far is it from where a Carnival ship will port to the first stop on the on/off bus? Big difference in price buying it from Carnival than buying it direct from the company.
  6. I was looking for car service to bring about 14 of us from the Airport to our hotel. Then the next day from the hotel to the port, and then when the cruise is over from the port to the airport. Apparently the wrench in all of this is that you can't have a car service pick you up at Tampa Airport, that you must use Yellow Taxi? Is this correct? If so, how does this work for such a large party? Thank you for any help!
  7. Yes I booked a cruise with my TA and it was applied. I think my TA called them to make sure it was applied.
  8. I am so sorry you had to go through all of that! It is crazy. I have really given up trying for those. Of course I also do not try for Taylor Swift tickets!
  9. I have never been able to score a daily deal. I could try right when it hits 3 pm, and they are already gone. It is apparently a lot like scoring Taylor Swift concert tix!!
  10. I really hope you find a way for him to get on and off the tender. I would recommend calling the cruise line or your travel agent to see if there is a way to rent through the ship. I am actually interested in the original question. My husband and I have been to Grand Cayman a few times, and have decided to leave this port to a game day decision. Might go shopping, might go to beach, might want to go to Stingray City. I am just curious what choices we will have at the port.
  11. Just to clarify......The cruise the OP is referring to is a 9 day that does not go into the canal, but does stop in Panama. I am on this sailing, but I do own a valid passport. Many people who are on this sailing have claimed to have reached out to Carnival and asked about Passports. They were told No. While I understand it is up to the consumer to check, in my opinion many of these people going on this sailing aren't people who cruise a lot. While that isn't an excuse, they were given bad information. There are people reporting that Carnival has actually offered them refunds, I have no idea how true this is. I am sure that for some getting a passport the last minute will be a hardship they just can't do.
  12. I really need to start looking at AARP more often. I just haven't been checking it unless I need something.
  13. OMG!!! I JUST WON!!!!! I won a $20 Best Buy ecard on the spin game. I do find it amusing that they don't have ecards, but when you win, you get an ecard. I had kind of given up hope of winning!
  14. Nah OC, I think most of us are ok with the name!! My husband swears there was a time he could get them at Lowes with his Lowes credit card and get something off also. Terry
  15. I feel that somewhere down the line there will be other places that Carnival cards will be discounted, so I would hope that they can come onto this thread as well. While AARP is a great place for the cards, the whole idea of the thread is really just education. Maybe the name is just misleading and should be AARP and others?
  16. tw67

    Gift Card

    @rebeccac Sorry to bring up such an old post, but could you explain what this means? Can I use Sailor Loot in the slot machines? I am used to Carnival where I can draw down the money, put it in my player's bank, then move from machine to machine, or cash it out to use on tables. Does Virgin work the same way?
  17. The Allstate comments will die off next month when Allstate Rewards dies off. There just isn't a whole lot to discuss with AARP, but we can just keep encouraging those to use it. I had to laugh because later this week we are going to make reservations on a Virgin Cruise that we are taking with a group of friends. I was explaining to my husband that with Virgin you can save 10% by paying it all up front, and not just the deposit (which is 20%). He asked if they also had gift cards. I just had to laugh, he has become so spoiled with AARP.
  18. Yes. It is the only HAL cruise I have booked. I did it before the $1 deposits. My TA had to actually make a new reservation since they gave us a hard time putting it on the first reservation I had made.
  19. I am booked for November of ‘25 and my AARP membership will have to be renewed twice before then. If I didn’t apply for the room credit when first making the reservation we wouldn’t have been allowed to apply for it later.
  20. Are you doing the November 2025 transatlantic? If so, I started a roll call for it already!
  21. Thank you to everyone! I started the roll call. I know it is super early, but I am a planner!
  22. What would the amount of the AARP room credit be on a 14 day cruise?
  23. Thank you! I am not big on cruise line excursions in the Caribbean, so I figured the same with pre cruise in Europe. I also tend to be a control freak, so I would like to control my hotels, etc. I have watched many of my friends visit Rome this past summer, and the heat was unbearable. I will take a little rain for the cooler weather!
  24. I looked and didn't see a roll call yet, but I could start one. I have gotten so used to Carnival and very few people actually using the roll call feature! I didn't think of the ports section (no idea why not except that the thought of this cruise has me so overwhelmed for so many reasons!) I had heard that there is a train, and we aren't against using it, but will leave our options open. Thank you for the ideas! I hope you enjoy your first HAL and happy anniversary! 56 years is a reason to celebrate!
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