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  1. When playing the games on Allstate Rewards site, has anyone noticed the graphics are slightly different? I noticed changes, but when I play the Scratch off I don't pay much attention to it, but today I noticed that when I lose up on the screen comes up "YOU LOSE". I was like, wow... I emailed the customer service and asked about ecards. I received the same canned response back that they are currently sold out, etc. So then I actually responded and went further. I said that sold out is different than deciding not to carry them any longer. Please let me know if there has been a corporate decision to not carry them. I explained why I like the ecards better and why they worked for my lifestyle. I didn't ask specifically for Carnival, I just asked about all ecards. I still received a canned response that they just do not know when they will be getting ecards back. Which company do they get them from? I was thinking that is where I might reach out to next... I also realize this is probably a waste of my time, but I feel like I have to try to get them back. In the meantime, I really don't mind buying the AARP ones.
  2. tw67

    Best Vanilla

    You don't have to leave the port area to find Los Cincos Soles vanilla.
  3. If you stay by the airport you will have no problem getting a hotel with a shuttle from the airport. I know a few have a port shuttle (Marriott by the airport for one), but it is a sign up the day before, first come first serve. I had decided on getting my own from Doral Transportation for $30 for both of us. Uber might have also been about the same price. The Marriott shuttle wasn't leaving until after my arrival time at the port. Last time I used Doral was fall of '21. I have tried to contact them for updated pricing, but haven't heard back. You can also shuttle back to the airport and take your cruise line shuttle. I don't think that is the best or cheapest way to do it, but I have heard of people doing that. Most of the hotels by the port do not have airport shuttles, and many do not offer port shuttles either. The area where you are dropped off by the port is very close, and usually the porters are to greet you and collect your luggage. Enjoy your cruise. I love cruising out of Miami! Do no miss the sail away!
  4. Gift cards still exist, but still not the digital.
  5. I believe they always have end dates on things, then they change things around, and offer the same things with new end dates.
  6. Daily Getaways are live. Today was the IHG points. Not sure it is really worth it, but I did buy points to put towards the Intercontinental for a stay before a cruise. Buying them was weird, told me it didn't go through, then rejected when I tried it again. It actually went through the first time, and the second time my card blocked it as a duplicate try. So that was good!! I looked and I had the email that it went through. It might take 10 days to get into my IHG account.
  7. Travelingtink it shouldn't be that difficult! I am so sorry you have had to go through all this. So weird that it isn't accepting your card. Is your card working elsewhere?
  8. I know it has said that before, but who knows what it means. I know we would all love to see it switch to e-cards!!
  9. 2K is a good win! I got 1K on scratch off yesterday and that was the first win I had in awhile.
  10. Not to hijack this thread, but can you see the cruise ships from either one in the morning?
  11. For me it depends on what time I fly in. If I fly in later I just stay in FLL. If I fly in earlier and there was something I really wanted to do in Miami, then I stay in Miami. I do find FLL hotels cheaper and the area I stay a little calmer.
  12. For the Marriott it is gift cards, not points.
  13. I get some Marriott GC from the Daily Getaways each summer. Might try for the IHG points to put towards Intercontinental in Miami. I love staying there as a treat before a cruise!
  14. Don't forget to day is Tuesday and you can get your 1K points on the matching game! I have always found the Allstate Rewards page easier to use than the AARP one. Even when they don't have the cards in the right category, they are easy to find and purchase. I just don't want to pay and wait for hard cards to be sent to me. We are going on a cruise Labor Day weekend with my in laws. Our final payment is coming up, my husband went to AARP and ordered our GC and I sent the screen shots to my TA to apply. I realized that my in laws must also have AARP, so I had my husband call his father so he can do the same thing on his side. My father in law while in his 80's still has a few clients he works for as a computer consultant. He is a highly intelligent man, but listening to my husband work through getting him onto the AARP website to buy the cards was painful. I don't think AARP website is the most user friendly. Maybe it is just me, since I am not the one going up and buying them very often. I am hoping that Allstate Rewards gets it's act together with the cards and goes digital again, but I am not holding my breath. In the meantime, I enjoy the games every day, even though I rarely win, but at least unlike the casino on the ship, I am not actually losing money!!
  15. Me too! My husband is the one who does the AARP ones, and I was the one who bought them off of Allstate. This was when AARP had limited you to I think it was 5 cards a month. Now I think we will be buying all from AARP. My 29 year old niece gets very excited with the discounts she gets with her AARP card! It cracks me up, she is better than those of us who actually got our cards at 50 many years ago!!
  16. 10% discount just like Allstate was. Digital cards, delivery right away. You must be a member to get that.
  17. No code so far this week. I did notice that Spin Game is gone and we have the Scratch off back!
  18. The Carnival Cards with AARP come with a paid membership. You don't use points.
  19. That is so odd. Early this morning, maybe 8:30 am NJ time, I looked at the $100 card to see what the price was and it was $91. So they must have changed it back after that. The way they are running this site has gotten very odd.
  20. AARP Memorial Day Sale - $9 a year if you sign up for 5 years.
  21. AARP it is! I just miss the other ecards, especially Lands End. I don't want to wait for a hard card to be mailed when I want to place an order.
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