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  1. Holland America has no policy on luggage size.
  2. I received this email in response to my question about the EXC program. Dear Mr. Drennen, We have have looked into your inquiry and found no truth to the rumor that HAL is terminating all Travel Guides and EXC Guides and ending those programs. Best Regards, Shore EXCursions Reservation Team Shore EXCursions Reservation Phone: 888-425-9376 | 206-626-7320 Holland America Line | 450 Third Avenue West | Seattle, WA 98119
  3. 12 cruises and counting, never had a problem with the website. It saves all my info except the credit card, which is fine with me, one less place for a hacker to steal my info.
  4. Disregard, I reread the post and mistakenly thought they were talking about cabins on Eurodam. My Bad
  5. There are no Lanai cabins on Eurodam, so I find this whole story questionable.
  6. Thank you BarbarianPaul, your e-mail from HAL confirms what I said from the beginning, FAKE NEWS
  7. This service is still advertised as an activity on HAL ships, no one has been on a cruise where this service was not available,, FAKE NEWS. You either misunderstood the employee, who by the way was losing his job, and maybe was not very happy with HAL and he gave you bad intelligence on purpose, but your information is false.
  8. Just returned from a Alaska Cruise on Noordam, the EXC Guide and lecturers were the best, Nobody had heard of any plans to eliminate this service, FAKE News.
  9. Just to clarify, the Product is listed under Nail Services, "Fire and Ice Pedicure $70" you get a pedicure and included is a foot massage, the massage includes a regular massage and a hot stone massage.
  10. Every HAL cruise, about a dozen, I have taken the Spa had foot massages available. They last 1/2 hour.
  11. Check your cabin amenities, I cannot speak for all cruise lines, but HAL includes binoculars in many cabin categories.
  12. Your Lucky Day. send me an email with your address, and I will ship you binoculars that have been on a shelf for 10 years, they were a gift I used once. michael.f.drennen@verizon.net My random act of kindness for today. Shaper Image 7x50 UV binoculars
  13. The WHTI rules govern exit and from the USA, and have no effect on any other countries rules for entry or exit. Please stop sending people bad information, you could cost the their vacation, if they are foolish enough to listen to you.
  14. Any new reports about the earthquake damage to the Westmark Hotel in Anchorage?
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