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  1. Thank you for this information! I think we will try to exchange them on the first day for OBC at guest services since we will have the SBP. That seems like the best choice as we will be able to pay the gratuities from the account and maybe order drinks at HMC too so none of it will get wasted!
  2. Hello All! Just some questions about the Beverage Cards we received from a HAL pricing specialist that are not part of a promotional fare. We will be getting the cards in our stateroom on embarkation day. Questions: If we don't use the cards during the trip, can we use them on another cruise? If we buy the SBP and don't need the cards, but cannot save them to use on another cruise, can we exchange them for OBC ? If we were given the cards by a HAL employee and don't use the cards, will the amount be credited back to our onboard account or refunded in any way or is it a use it or lose proposition? Can we use the Beverage Cards on HMC? Thanks for your assistance!
  3. In Skagway we rented a jeep and did a self guided tour from the rental place. They had an iPad with numbered tracks to play to listen to (the narrator is your tour guide) as you drove. We drove all the way up to Lewes Lake, which is a little bit farther than Emerald Lake), stopping along the way, at our leisure, to take pictures. We stopped at a suspension bridge for a snack and rest spot and Carcross for lunch. The scenery is absolutely incredible and the narrated tour was perfect. We could start and stop or replay the tracks as needed. It was ideal and fun to rent a purple jeep for the day.
  4. It was a great day for a sail away! So much to see that we never have seen before...very exciting!
  5. Still learning about posting these pics...here they are!
  6. Here's a few from Vancouver....
  7. She's on TripAdvisor and you can google Jayleens alaska to find her website and contact information.
  8. Jayleen's Alaska gets my vote. We were picked up right by the ship and taken to a Bay about 5 miles from Mendenhall Glacier. We had an awesome time on June 21st. She only takes out 6 people on her boat. We saw several whales, eagles flying and fighting over fish, glaciers and sea lions. It was a lovely day weather wise. After our tour we were dropped off at Mendenhall Glacier. We called a taxi ahead of time to pick us up and transport us back to the ship.
  9. We watched the sail away from the aft Lido deck. They played music, had appetizers, drinks, and photographers. It was a great place to be! As soon as we heard the announcements we went there to get a good spot. I did go up to the front to take some pictures but otherwise the aft was a good place to be.
  10. Hi mcgahrec, I am sorry to say but I don't know anything about Club Orange and I don't recall hearing anything about it. If you have any other questions, you are more than welcome to post them here and I will see if I can answer them.
  11. We used it every day despite the days in Port, even the first night! Two of our port days did not start until later in the morning so we had room service out on the balcony and then went to the spa. I don't know the pay as you go options but we felt it was worth ~$11/day. We had our Tervis cups with us so we filled them up at the bar via the SBP and brought them in the tub (we had asked for permission to do so and it was granted). We did this more than once....it was so lovely...totally worth every penny!😄
  12. Hi Mcgahrec, Yes, we were on the inside passage cruise and it was fabulous! I purchased the spa pass on the HAL website under the itinerary tab. The hot tub is a separate one in the spa area and Moriah did a good job describing it as there are no jets that "bubble" the water, only jets that input hot water. There was no special price on embarkation day and the price was $189 per couple onboard and $159 online prior to the cruise. I had to sign in at the spa desk the first day and indicate the payment as online. On my shipboard account it was billed by the spa on embarkation day and then a credit was issued for the online payment.
  13. My husband and I were on the Volendam last week and used the spa every day. The hot tub is small but we had it to ourselves most of the time since there were very few people, if any, using the spa on any given day or at any time. We enjoyed the dry sauna (in the changing rooms), the two steam rooms, the showers, and really loved the heated loungers! Every day the spa was clean and the staff was in there regularly. We used towels to sit on the loungers and in the saunas. In addition, the views are wonderful from inside the spa. The deck outside the spa was refreshingly cool and the scenery was beautiful. I did notice that the people who bought their spa pass onboard the first day paid $189 for the week and we only paid $159 online before the cruise.
  14. I would love to do that excursion! Unfortunately by the time I heard about it we were already booked to do a whale watching tour with Jayleen's. There's always next time.....😉
  15. I will definitely be mindful of this information. We hope all will go well on the Volendam leading to other cruises on HAL in the future. The price point is good for us and so are the itineraries. This is so encouraging!! I like the quote "Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer." Great memories are so priceless. Thank you for the picture Hawaiidan! I have already scoped out all the decks and cannot wait to be on the bow of the ship too. Thanks for the info on your upsell Cormike1. Sorry yours was higher but it is good to know that we were in the same ballpark. We are definitely going to enjoy the larger cabin, the balcony, and the views. What was your sailing date on the Volendam? Your signature indicates 2019. Any tips?
  16. Thank you erewhon! I am looking forward to experiencing the Volendam as everyone seems to really love this ship!
  17. Thank you for your rule of thumb. I was not familiar with upselling a cruise so this is very good information and I hope that someone else that gets an email will use it too! I am copying it into my advice/tips file and hoping that I get another chance to use it!!😉
  18. I like the way you think AtlantaCruiser72! Thanks for your thoughts!! I am beyond excited!! 🤩
  19. Thank you all for responding! It is good to know that the upsell was a good one, especially after seeing how the prices fall after final payment. Although the Vistas didn't fall very much until a couple of weeks ago.
  20. Thank you for the link Miss G. Halfacts is such a good resource and the pictures are great! I am excited for the extra room too.
  21. We will be in Vancouver for a precruise overnight stay at the YWCA on Tuesday, June 18th. Our flight arrives at 1:04 so I figure we will take a taxi to the YWCA and store our baggage if our room isn't ready yet. Our party of 4 adults would like to make the most of the afternoon and evening in the beautiful city. Weather permitting, biking around is at the top of our list. I have done some research and Mobi bike looks like an interesting way to see the highlights. Has anyone actually done a tour of the city using the bike share system? Did you get the 24 hour pass? Was it easy to stay in the 30 minute ride window ie did you find the station locations conducive to stopping/sightseeing/breaks/must see stops? Any advice or tips? Any and all assistance is very much appreciated!
  22. I received an upsell email yesterday, 6 days before we set sail on the 7 day Inside Passage to Alaska on the Volendam out of Vancouver. We booked cabin HH7086 last June for $1299 and then added explore 4 for $200. I was excited for this cabin since it was the next best thing to a verandah without the cost (~$2800 when I booked). This is our first cruise on HAL and to Alaska. I called the number and HAL offered an upgrade for $199 pp. They gave me a choice of 3 different Vista Suites: A7054, B6225 & B6228. The last two are handicap accessible. We took B6225. I think we did pretty good on the price overall. What to you experienced HAL cruisers think? Does anyone have experience with cabin 6225 or a Vista Suite in general? I noticed it was over the dining room but hopefully that isn't a problem. There is also access to the aft deck on 6 which is a bonus.
  23. Thank you. These are the photos that helped me decide to book that particular cabin. I was a little thrown when she stated that the deck was for crew only since I knew that people had posted those pics. I am definitely looking forward to the convenience and chose that location for all those reasons, especially the loungers!! Thank you for taking the time to respond!
  24. I booked cabin 7086 on the Volendam and was looking forward to going out on the deck outside the window. After speaking to a HAL rep on the phone, she told me that the deck outside was a crew only deck. Has anyone been on the Volendam recently that can confirm that deck is still open for public use? Thanks!
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