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  1. Thanks, I thought that might be the case, I have looked up their information but can’t see that you can cancel online?
  2. Hi i have to cancel a carnival cruise because of ill heath. I booked directly with carnival. Can I cancel it online. Eileen
  3. I have loved this conversation . I live out in the suburbs of Melbourne. Came here 50 years ago from Edinburgh, I never thought Edinburgh was that nice but everyone tells me it’s a wonderful place. Yes Melbourne is nice even the weather, Remember having to shovel the snow in the winter in Scotland. At least don’t have to do that in Melbourne. lovely discussion. Eileen
  4. Regarding travel insurance issue. I have the Christmas celebrity cruise to NZ booked. My bankwest cc now does not cover cancellation. I paid it with that credit card. My husband has found he has a very serious illness and is in hospital for 6 weeks. Had to cancelled. Just got a note from my TA. I am getting a 25% refund although it’s less than 30 days from the cruise. I am actually happy with that. On our Mediterranean cruises this year I took out extra insurance but didn’t bother with the Celebrity. My fault but in the situation in the world I accept it. That’s why I have now got a ANZ credit card which does now include cancellation and he does make the Brilliance cruise around OZ in February I will be able to claim. Just hope Husband has recovered as I so miss cruising! Anyway you live and learn. Eileen
  5. Sorry Chilli but I have to ask….did your shower..ha ha.
  6. Wow chilli…is that because you know certain RC people. Eileen
  7. Ha ha..,it is good to have a laugh at their expense. Mind you I do not cut grass and am no good at anything technical except I am better with computer stuff and finance. I guess we make a good twosome, especially after 57 years..,really that long..,I was a child bride…ha ha eileen
  8. Mentioning passports. Our old one was looking not too good and my husband had trouble with it through the system so I decided we should get new ones. We did get 10 year ones. Went to the Post Office and did he get a shock at the price. He has no idea as I look after all the finances! Eileen
  9. Yes retirement takes some adjusting to. I appreciate the washing of floors and vacuuming and I am now not allowed to fill the dishwasher. All of a sudden he takes time to do these things but he forgets I used to have to do all the things mostly by myself. You know how women are multi skilled. Remember the days when we first got guys serving in the supermarkets! really things have improved for us all. But still love cruising and getting all things done for us. Eileen
  10. But does he shake the washing before hanging it out! Problem …do you complain, it is not being done properly and are you glad it is just being done! Eileen
  11. I remember it well… we did a few Crystal cruises booked through a US website. They were wonderful. Good terrific OBC. Eileen
  12. Oh I remember it well! Eileen…not the one from Queensland.,,whoever she was!!
  13. You can avoid kids most of the time. I have been reading about how a lot of people are wary of the large ships! We were on Wonder of the Seas on the Med last year. As we don’t go on the water slides etc and are not pool swimmers, we prefer to sit on the lower decks to read and we had no problems. The entertainment was magnificent and the MDR was excellent because of the many different people we met. A lot of families stick to the buffet! Eileen
  14. Don’t know if is correct but read recently that although the Drinks are included you have the gratuities on top for each drink? Can anybody advise? eileen
  15. Last year we did a cruise from Brisbane on RC and was pleasantly surprised at how many staff were on site. We got on the boat very early with no hold ups at all. Good luck. Eileen
  16. I am concerned as my friends are getting on Princess on Wednesday in Melbourne. At what stage will they cancel the next part of the cruise? Eileen
  17. I was looking at the topic on CC, mostly US comments! speciality restaurants on RCL at 12.99 US sale. Just looked at my Feb cruise on brilliance. Dinners are about $100 pp. we really don’t get treated very well. Eileen
  18. As if you would get one of these looks! My husband says it’s the tone of voice I use..really!! That’s why he never organises anything to do with cruises! Eileen
  19. I have had a bad experience with a TA. This was not one in a shopping centre. It was a package deal and my flight day was changed and when we got to the airport we were told our ticket number was not for that day. It was an expensive trip. turned out that the TA had not given us the new ticket number and because it was a code share flight the airline could not help or wouldn’t. we phoned the airline office in Sydney and got the correct info. Luckily it was a midweek flight rather than the weekend. We called the TA from the Melbourne Airport but she took so long to get back to us that is why we called the airline ourself. if I stuff things up I only have me to blame and I double check everything. Eileen
  20. I am very happy to hear the good reports regarding ANZ ‘s cc travel insurance. I have recently obtained one , after a bit of hassle because I am retired, but I stuck with it. eileen
  21. I think that there are plenty Aussie who do not want to dress up for dinner. we went on Cunard once and loved it but really can’t be bother dressing up all the time. times have changed. Eileen
  22. Have just got this credit card purely for the travel insurance available and have booked a few cruises and will keep doing this before I get to 81. Got a few years to go! Eileen
  23. Haha..,I know that was naughty of me. I have actually been on 2 Princess cruises, given I am from Melbourne, but not too difficulty to get to Sydney, Frequently flyer points make it all possible. look forward to more info. thanks Eileen
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