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  1. While these dishes sound intriguing to me, alas I don't think they'd be much to my husband's tastes. I've gotten him to expand his palate quite a bit over the years, but only the beef and ribs would excite him here. I think for the price we'll skip it. Thanks very much for sharing the menu so we can make an informed decision!
  2. We signed up for LPC on Silhouette in November and hope that the menu we get is the one we expect. The LPC menu for EDGE didn’t appeal to us.
  3. I certainly don’t want to fly with them!!
  4. Those chairs look pretty low to the ground. Beautiful and fun-looking, but not great for those of us with knee and hip issues.
  5. I called the other day to ask about something else and on a whim asked if she could check my pricing. Saved $80 just by asking. I’ll be calling more often as final payment gets closer.
  6. We haven't sailed Edge yet (booked for November this year), but I guess then we're people that they are aiming at with the decor. I personally find the nautical theme way too predictable and cheesy, like a throwback to 50 years ago. I would much rather see modern touches and creative artwork than rope wrapped around a bar stool. I'm at sea, I get it. No need to make everything look like a Red Lobster dining room onboard. I think it looks tacky. Now I will admit I think the neon lights wrapped around the champagne hot tubs on Edge look stupid. It's like something from a honeymoon suite in the Poconos, LOL.
  7. Not all cruises are included, unfortunately.
  8. Our November cruises had nothing on sale, but for Alaska in June 2020 a lot of excursions were reduced. I saved hundreds today rebooking expensive Alaska excursions.
  9. Several of our excursions for June 2020 are on sale in the Cruise Planner today. Canceled and rebooked, saved almost $400!!!
  10. The Cabanas are listed on the Cruise Planner for ours (< 6 months out now), but no luck reserving them. Wonder why they won’t let you pre-book them.
  11. Thanks for sharing this. We booked it for Edge in November, but I was considering cancelling. We went on an S-class tour (Equinox) last year and I thought maybe this would be too redundant. But the headsets sounds like a great improvement and your positive review makes me think we should keep it. 🙂
  12. Do you think the "interactive art tour" is really a tour of the art on Edge? Or just a sale pitch in the art gallery?
  13. Yay, privacy! And gently filtered light. Hope they install these on all the IVs before we sail in November. Regarding the chair size changes, as a big person I really hope they don't make them so small they become uncomfortable for "fluffy cruisers", lol
  14. Is there anywhere to find out which shows are done on which nights?
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