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  1. Yes there is a forward deck in front of the spa. It’s accessed through the SEA Thermal Suite so you need access to that part of the spa. There is no seating out there but it is a nice view.
  2. I'm a USA caller (using a USA Voice over IP phone), and have spoken to many Celebrity phone reps who are working from a call center in Guatemala City. They end up telling me that fact when I mention that I am physically in Guatemala myself, but until I do, they certainly don't volunteer that they are outside the USA. Their English is quite good and I have no problem understanding them or being understood. Much better command of English than other companies that use Indian call centers.
  3. I'm so glad to hear you loved Rincon Tipico too. My daughter and her family will be visiting Guatemala for the first time in March, and it's definitely on the list of places to take them. Such a nice slice of local life, in a convenient location in Antigua.
  4. We use Zoono regularly whenever we venture out in Guatemala. We buy the large bottles to use at home, the smaller ones for trips (not refillable). And the pen types we keep in purses and backpacks. We don't rely upon it lasting 24 hours though... we apply each morning before leaving hotel room or cabin, then again before dinner. Even more if there is known illness around the ship or if we've been shaking a lot of hands.
  5. I’ve gotten those emails about my “assigned” CVP after doing courtesy holds, but ignored them. When I need to call I just talk to whoever answers the customer service line for making changes to an existing cruise. Are there actually benefits and savings to be had if I use the same CVP all the time?
  6. I used to have a great USA doctor who would prescribe "emergency use" antibiotics due to my history of chronic sinus infections that at times had turned into walking pneumonia. That's uncommon for US doctors though. We live in Guatemala now, and local pharmacies will sell antibiotics without a prescription if you are a regular customer. You can buy almost anything over the counter here if you know what to ask for. Mexico is similar, but they have cracked down on antibiotic sales in the last several years. We always bring a supply of broad-spectrum antibiotics for each of us on vacation as it can be difficult / expensive / time-consuming to get them while away from home. Most of the time we don't need to use them but they have come in handy once or twice.
  7. I'm one of the happy ones. We have 2 cruises booked way out in October 2021 on Apex. The TA was already booked as NRD, with 4 perks. Even though we lost $200 of the OBC with today's promo, the net savings to me was $944. That's a serious discount. The other cruise (a B2B right before the TA) was still booked as refundable, again with 4 perks. If I wanted to keep it refundable I would have saved about $360. Pulling the trigger to go with NRD saved me... drumroll please... $2080. Yep, count me in. I'll risk $200 for that any day. These two cruises were not available during the Veteran's day sale and I was not checking over Black Friday due to having surgery. So not sure if I could have beaten today's promo back then, but I'm definitely a happy cruiser!!!
  8. I checked all of our upcoming bookings. None of them are cheaper yet.
  9. Was the special menu an option on Christmas night? Or was it shown in the app but they didn't do it? A bit confused by what was actually offered. Am booked for Tuscan as our only specialty dining on Christmas Day next year, on the Constellation. $70 pp
  10. That's ridiculous. X needs to ensure that all suite amenities are available to all suite passengers, regardless of mobility challenges. Occasionally elevators will go out of order, but this seems like pattern of them not working more than they are functional.
  11. Sky Suites may be “entry level” suites but they are not just larger cabins. While the staff may not fawn, bow and scrape as they do for RS or PH suite guests, Sky Suites get almost all of the suite experience and amenities. Luminae, access to the Retreat, priority seating in the theater on chic nights, etc.
  12. The website is notoriously wrong about such things.
  13. Our cabin assignment is restored this morning. Same one I originally chose.
  14. We had Drinks & More on the Silhouette and the Edge. On the Silhouette, we were given casino cards in the stateroom, in an envelope. We had to take them the casino cashier. On Edge it was loaded on our seapasses automatically and we still had to go to the cashier to get chips for table play. Not sure if you have to do anything special to play slots or if we could have just gone straight to the machines with our seapass.
  15. For USA customers, that is all you technically lose. The rest can be applied to the outstanding payment amount of a future cruise. As long as you intend to keep cruising X, you don't really lose out on anything but the $100 pp.
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