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  1. I have the same thoughts - this isn't going to be the product I chose when placing my deposit. That being said... Celebrity told me that just like they don't guarantee what ports you'll go to on a voyage, they don't guarantee refurbs will happen as scheduled. And it's certainly isn't their fault that it isn't happening this year. I'm watching and waiting until we're right near final payment date to see if they cancel our cruise and then I can ask for full refund. No need to take action before final payment date, it may work out in your favor after all.
  2. We're legally USA residents, so I booked directly through X. Guess it's not surprising they wouldn't give it back. Darn, I was just hoping to minimize the cash they are holding of mine when I'm 99% sure we won't be going.
  3. If you're way before final payment date, but you've paid an amount over your deposit amount, can you ask for that to be refunded back without canceling your cruise? I paid some extra money on our December cruise and I'm pretty sure we're not going. But I'd rather X cancel on me than take the FCC and lose the $100pp. So waiting things out, but wondering if I can get back the funds I paid above and beyond the deposit without canceling the reservation. Anyone know?
  4. Rest of mine hit the Visa today. Over $1800 worth of refunds, whew.
  5. You'll have to wait for them to hit and then request for the credit card company to mail you a check. 😞
  6. I had two credit cards involved with my Cruise Planner refunds, our AMEX and a Visa. The refunds hit the AMEX 2 days ago. Nothing yet on the Visa account.
  7. That is unacceptable. They have systems in place to refund directly to credit cards without long delays, so if they are now refunding only after several weeks or even longer, that's a deliberate delay to help their cash flow. Which for many customers mean that people are paying interest on things that should have been refunded promptly. Not very fair to customers, sadly.
  8. I decided to cancel and get a credit card refund on quite a few Cruise Planner purchases for cruises in late 2020 and mid 2021. Who knows what will happen down the road and I'd rather have the money in my pocket during the crisis than let Celebrity sit on it for months. Normally when I've cancelled items in the Cruise Planner before, refunds have shown up on my credit card accounts in about 3 days or so. But this time it's already been over a week and nothing yet on any of the credit cards I used for excursions or specialty dining. Anyone know how long the processing ti
  9. Yeah, noticed my APEX cruises in October 2021 went up almost 10% within a day of them announcing another round of cancellations. And same - no perks vs. the 4 perks we have for much less. Guess they have to make it up somewhere...
  10. How do you mute or block people again? There are some real jerks on this thread I'd like to mute without having to unfollow the entire thing.
  11. If you are over 70 and have a chronic condition like asthma, what good will a FCC do you???
  12. "free of any severe or chronic illness such as pulmonary and/or respiratory ailments" Technically if you have asthma, even if well-controlled, that's a "chronic" respiratory ailment. Does that mean you can no longer cruise???
  13. It's not just over 70... they also want to bar anyone considered high risk. Which medical experts say are people with high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma... wow.
  14. If you are still within a partial penalty period (like 31 days out, and entitled to only "lose" XX%), how can Celebrity just decide to refuse to give you the refund of the non-penalty portion? I don't think they can arbitrarily change the policy for people who are after their final payment date and declare that all of it is now going to be handled as FCC.
  15. It might for someone like me. My normal body temperature runs low. Usually it's about 97.5 or around there in the morning, and fluctuates more in the afternoons. (Might have something to do with my lousy thyroid, who knows). Anyway... when I'm running a fever of 99.5 or more, that's 2 degrees above my normal, so by that point I feel pretty awful. Yet a dose of Tylenol can put me back into the "normal" range for most people. Even if for me, it's still a fever.
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