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  1. I agree. First thought when I read that someone likes to listen to hard rock music on their balcony with a speaker. Because "they don't like headphones"?.... wow, that's rude. Subjecting everyone else nearby to your personal music because you can't be bothered to find a pair of headphones you find tolerable.
  2. Oh wow I would have hated dealing with all those kids especially when the parents think they are oh-so-CUTE dancing around the evening entertainment and taking over the pools. We recently booked a sky suite for a double holiday sailing in 2020 out of Tampa. Hope I’m not going to regret choosing that date!
  3. You would totally freak out at how they sell meat here in the Antigua mercado then. I couldn't find a picture on my iPhone, but found this stock photo online and can attest that yes, it is exactly like this. No refrigeration, no barriers between people and the raw meat (so who knows who's touched it before you buy it!), no expiration or sell by dates. It would give a health inspector nightmares. We've been living here for over 4 years and our housekeeper/cook shops daily in the mercado for all of our beef, veal, pork, chicken, etc. Fish is delivered laying in a cooler in the back of a pickup truck on Mondays to our door. Haven't died yet! LOL
  4. Same one! We booked NRD so unless something really goes sideways in life, we'll see you there. 😁
  5. Too bad X isn't offering it as an upgrade for those with a perk BP. Unless the price was ridiculous, I'd hand them some more moolah to have the mini-bar included.
  6. I did some googling about the fog issues in Tampa. Although it has occasionally wrecked havoc with cruise schedules, it seems to only be a serious problem about once or max twice a year. (Based on the news articles I found when searching.) I'm willing to risk it! Booked for a Tampa Constellation holiday cruise.
  7. At the risk of being told "tastes like chicken".... what does turtle taste like?
  8. LOL same here in Guatemala as Mexico! When we go back to the states for a visit, having half-n-half in our coffee is a huge treat. Took a long time to get used to the "milk in a box" down here, but we eventually did. Doesn't taste gross to us now, but "real" milk from the US or on a cruise tastes heavenly!
  9. This is why I don’t buy the packages. If you can’t pre-book your days and times you want in the Cruise Planner, the savings to me aren’t worth it. We also hate eating after 7:30 pm so paying full price in exchange for the day and time we want makes for a more pleasant vacation.
  10. It could be an A/B test. Some people see fares with perks, some don’t. Celebrity measures the conversion rate (% who book) to see which way gets them more bookings. Hope that’s it rather than some new dynamic pricing algorithm like the airlines use!
  11. I've been seeing most cruises when I mock book offering NO perks now. I found, however, that for ones I was interested in learning more about I could get a perks included rate by calling. At least for now. I think this is related to the new "Perks" offers in the Cruise Planner. If you do the math they cost a lot more than the 4 perks rate difference usually does. By not offering perks when you book and selling you Perks packages through the Cruise Planner, Celebrity: Makes more revenue (quite a bit more!) Can pad CP Perks packages with things that seem to add value but cost X virtually nothing (lunch with the officers, anyone?) Gets more up front payment from those who buy the Perk packages in advance. (you don't pay extra deposit when your rate includes perks, but if you have to buy them on the Cruise Planner...X gets more money out of your pocket sooner than final payment!)
  12. I can tell by reading it that it’s out of date. Would love to see a current one though
  13. I live in Antigua, Guatemala and yes, we're concerned here. However, Antigua isn't a prime location for the particular mosquito that carries Dengue to thrive, due to our elevation. We only see about 1 or 2 of those mosquitoes a week (they have striped legs so they look different than the normal ones we see). I wouldn't hesitate to take a shore excursion to Antigua but you might want to avoid the lake (Atitlan).
  14. I had to call X this morning to make final payment on a November cruise. Afterward I also asked about this rumor. The rep put me on hold and came back and said his coach knew nothing about it, and that there was no internal communication about any upcoming change to the beverage packages (so far). Side note - Celebrity has just increased Cruise Care insurance pricing, effective for all new bookings today forward. The amount will vary based on the price of your cruise.
  15. How can X brag about Accessibility from bow to stern but have a major area like this require stairs??
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