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  1. We have limited airline choices here - Delta is the main game and United is usually more expensive. Plus United connects through Denver and after spending a night in that airport and nearly missing a funeral, I refuse to fly through there during winter. Happened twice to my DW. For an airport in the heart of the Rocky Mountains they are woefully unprepared for de-icing. I search with Google flights but wanted to confirm if the price drop carried through to Flight Ease. If I run into this situation again I will probably call Holland to confirm.
  2. Thanks all, after further consideration I think I will leave well enough alone for now. We're currently booked to travel on a Thursday for a Saturday departure out of Fort Lauderdale. The alternate itinerary would have us travel on Friday instead. Given the riskiness of winter travel in January, I feel better about having an extra travel day. If the Friday flight(s) were delayed or canceled due to weather, it would be impossible to get there from Montana in time to board, so we would end up diverting to Puerto Rico, which would blow a good portion of the trip.
  3. Hi all, I have a question about current bookings on Flight Ease. I recently booked flights for an upcoming cruise with the Flexible fare option. Due to where I live, I have the option of flying out of several different airports. Today I noticed there is a substantial price drop for airfare from an airport that is closer and would be more convenient. In the past, I've read of problems people had when checking for price drops on Flight Ease after they have already booked. Specifically that some had their original booking inadvertently canceled while checking other options. Supposedly this was (or is) a bug in the system that Holland has acknowledged. So I am reluctant to start looking at other fares if my original will suddenly be canceled. Has anyone tried this recently and managed to keep the original booking?
  4. With all the chatter about cutbacks, I thought for sure it would be called the Now Spartandam.
  5. I've been following this thread and the Celebrity board because we're considering a Summit itinerary. I'm a regular on the HAL board and this is the first I've heard of them removing the BB Kings venue (?).
  6. We didn't have any problem getting 5:15 or 5:30 on the Eurodam. Although we didn't request any other times than those, because we're early eaters. Except for the 2nd Gala night, when I was unable to get a reservation in the MDR at any time. I was led to believe that they would not do reservations on Gala night, even though we were successful for the 1st Gala night. Maybe they were already too booked by the morning I called? We ended up eating in Tamarind instead because it was our anniversary night and we were considering a specialty restaurant anyway.
  7. There is the Gallery Bar on the Eurodam, but it's next to the Casino and I don't feel the atmosphere is as good as the Ocean Bar, at least for the type of environment they are looking for. But they can always try it out for themselves. We spent a lot of time at the Ocean Bar, particularly for the 4-5 happy hour. Ended up being part of a group of regulars there which I though was pretty cool for a bunch of random cruisers. It was almost like a condensed week long version of Cheers!
  8. Their best bet would be the Ocean Bar.
  9. I hate to break it to you, but the atrium staircase has been removed from the Eurodam, I believe during the April 2018 dry dock.
  10. I can vouch for this as well as what @tntornadox mentioned previously. We are in our late 30s/early 40s and have no interest in the mega-ships or party-hardy atmosphere. We much prefer a more laid back atmosphere. We enjoyed our recent trip on the Eurodam to Alaska (my first cruise) enough that we've booked a Caribbean itinerary specifically on the Nieuw Amsterdam. If that trip goes well we will certainly continue to sail on HAL ships, although admittedly I've primarily been interested in trying one of the newer Pinnacle class ships next time, as opposed to one of the "older sisters". With that being said, Celebrity has an itinerary out of Puerto Rico that we've also been interested in, but that is strictly due to the itinerary rather than the cruise line. From what I've read, the Summit might be a good fit for us for similar reasons HAL is.
  11. Time for something new and different. How about Afsluitdijkdam?
  12. 50 cents a minute for hot water in the shower would be one. But seriously, the day that a new policy comes about that I'm not happy with, I will gladly voice my concern. Personally, the meal surcharge is not one of them. If I spent my time concerning myself with everything that everyone else is worried about, I wouldn't have enough time to enjoy my cruise.
  13. To us the coffee in the MDR seemed much better than the Lido, but I don't have an explanation as to why that would be. Possibly differing processes or personnel?
  14. I'm not a horribly picky eater, and typically don't take much note of food dishes unless something really stands out. These are highlights from our Alaska trip in September on the Eurodam (my first cruise) and overall I thought the food was very good: Best: Seared Kingfish in the MDR. I think this was my favorite entree of the whole trip. No kidding. Except for a few varieties of fish, we generally don't eat seafood so this was a nice surprise. Average: NY Pizza. Based on other's comments I expected better, but it wasn't bad either. Bad: Taco Bar in the Lido. No idea why so many people have good comments. The meat was completely tasteless and other fixings were bland. The average taco bar setup at hotel conferences put this one to shame. But maybe it was a bad day when I tried it. Inedible: I very rarely ever rate food as inedible and always try to finish what I get, but there was some sort of baked breakfast casserole in the Lido that was absolutely terrible - due to the imitation eggs.
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