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  1. Do you think these so called fantastic deals are around for a reason? To get your money 💰 In full mind that they possibly won’t happen!
  2. You must remember these percentages were taken before Covid-19. Now I suspect that many exclusive suppliers have gone out of business during shutdown, they probably had very low margins, now finding new suppliers isn’t easy, some will be reluctant to take on cruise companies after covid, no doubt .
  3. Clad to hear someone has seen common sense.
  4. They have nil income in reality, they are marketing something that doesn’t exist, taking cash to survive, when cruising does return how will they fund it, it’s obvious that some of the exclusive previous suppliers will now not exist, so new relationships will have to be secured, money, quality control etc. Well folks senior management are going to start earning their money, or are the sharks circulating?
  5. I think you maybe thinking of concierge suites..only on the Joy
  6. The money is running out? What income do NCL have ? All bookings should be suspended until a date for sailing is approved, people booking now may not sale until 2023 or later! NCL believers give me evidence they will! You can’t
  7. I don’t believe there is a 44% I think it’s all mirrors, robbing Peter to pay Paul...
  8. All new booking should be suspended, until a cruise date is set in stone, they are taking hardworking customers money with no date in sight, they have no other form of income before they sail again. It’s all promises
  9. The only income they have, is making promises that they will sail again one day? All Future bookings should be suspended until a sail date is agreed.
  10. That’s your money well FCCs they are losing folks! would you invest in a sinking ship? Oh bouy ! Bet old Frank J Del Rio isn’t suffering salary loss PONZI Scheme.... book now folks??? I promise
  11. Go to small claims court, the TA won’t turn up, you get the judgement, then issue a statutory demand for the money, if they fail to pay, place the TA into bankruptcy, they will pay....name and shame them, these days crocked liars need exposure
  12. Looks like France will be on quarantine list by end of weekend, Bahamas, Belgium yesterday ? Can’t return to the U.K. without two weeks quarantine.
  13. I know contractors working on the ships, they are behind, but I believe they have financial protection with German leases, a separate entity to NCLH, whereas other cruise companies finance nearer to home..
  14. Anyone working in the shipyards, will tell you how behind the schedules are building the new ships, it’s not financial, it’s designing new Safe working practices, this is on new builds, just imagine how difficult it is on working ships. Covid-19 is creating financial, safe working problems in normal life, cruising is a luxury and comes bottom of the list for normal people, that are just surviving and trying to keep their family and friends safe.
  15. Possibly to be refitted for Covid-19 applications, all the shipyards are in Europe
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