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  1. During the Ash Cloud crisis, Costa removed all guests on to the pier in Dubai that hadn’t booked directly with them. Its a fact, I was one of them, we were abandoned, the TA and insurance said it was an act of God and didn’t take any liability, since on book directly, and not with Costa.
  2. It’s all a little disturbing that when you look at exclusions on your planner, that a Hop On Hop Off Bus a is available?
  3. Do you think the EU will allow US tourists by then? The whole of the EU is in a mess with the vaccine, I can only see the scheneen countries being allowed.
  4. Incorrect, you still have your access to your NCL account, however I have found lots of T/A don’t have upgrade advantage.
  5. To experience the full Haven experience never book a cruise with multi embarkation, if you’re going to pay for the full service get a cruise when everyone is joining the same day. We had a poor experience on a Russian cruise that first embarkation was Copenhagen and we joined the next day in Walmunde, we had no introductions whatsoever, on our next cruise Panama Canal we had the full experience.
  6. Tell me why then the service charges are more in the Haven? You pay a premium to stay in the Haven
  7. I wonder what the conversation is going to be about on the first cruises?
  8. In the U.K. we pay all service charges upfront, I think for our next 7 day Haven cruise it’s £196.00 each. Also our drinks and food package has charges paid upfront. It makes it so much easier.
  9. I will remember that when I need my green card to enter the US? idiot
  10. I never go anywhere without my mask:
  11. I hate those spoilt children on cruises....keep them away
  12. Does make you wonder how they can sell you the Hop On Hop Off Bus ? Its on my tour excursions...
  13. Branson couldn’t bail a rowing boat out...
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