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  1. Let’s hope everyone is safe and well.
  2. Agreed, also Corona can lay dormant for up-to 14 Days? What’s screening going to prove... you could do a 7 day cruise and not know you had it..
  3. On a recent cruise, one of my customers had the unfortunate incident, a man turned in a shop and sneezed directly into her face, after a few hours the lady was unable to leave her cabin for days, this couple are retired high spending Princess cruisers, however they have no interest in booking anymore cruises. Please use a handkerchief, and show consideration to others
  4. When discounting becomes a policy, the companies go south, who’s going to spend top dollar, when you’re neighbours are celebrating at the Haven Bar boosting how little they paid...
  5. Just be aware and take the same precautions as with Nora Virus, washing and scrubbing hands is essential, I am immune deficient so, anyone sniffing around me without blowing their nose gets a Kleenex handed to them, basic hygiene.
  6. Just take the chance in your case, we have many times and never been to the Naughty Room..
  7. My neighbour works on the design of PA systems, theatre production, sound lighting etc. He’s on the ship at the moment, I believe it’s doing London, Liverpool then to the USA on test.
  8. Talking to a friend who’s moved from NCL to Virgin, Virgins focus was on 30-45 year olds, but the bookings have shown different, the older established cruisers have booked? Hope they like Tassels!
  9. Unbelievable! Joy prices went down yesterday with the offer, and back up today.
  10. Oh it says upto £1500.00
  11. Well either port fees have increased, because none of the cruises I’m looking have reduced £1500.00?
  12. Good point, but there are at least 12 ships on order, everybody wants to travel on the latest offering, are we expected to pay the same for ships built in the 2000? Look at Virgin, there new ship launched at the 30-40s is getting the mature cruisers, hope they like tassels?
  13. I don’t mind paying a competitive price, however I expect the cruise to be perfect, the last couple of cruises with NCL haven’t been, I’m cruising with NCL shortly and to be candid it’s last chance salon, I have a couple of cruisenext left, but I don’t care, I just want a cruise with decent food, good friendly staff and no issues.
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