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  1. PS We've done the Norwegian Fjords cruise twice now, you're in for a real treat - the scenery is beautiful.
  2. Hi - here's the restaurant times for tomorrow on Silhouette, your cruise will run to the same timetable. Like you we're night owls and prefer a late breakfast, so we tend to head up to the Oceanview Cafe around 10am for their 'Late Breakfast' - in reality you've still got plenty of choice, although they are starting to clear some of the stations ready for the lunch service. The SpaClub Cafe serves breakfast until 10am. Your other option as previously mentioned is to order room service. We've done this too and it's not at all bad. There's not much going on between 3-4pm for your late lunch, you've basically got the pasta/pizza bar in the OVC, or the burgers/hot dogs/fries in the Mast grill (which are pretty good but not something you'd want to eat every day!). You could always opt for an early dinner in Blu (6pm) and pretend it's your late lunch! 😅
  3. Hi - we've sailed from Southampton several times and have always used Penguin Parking. They're based a short distance (i.e. 10 minutes) outside Southampton - you drive to their location, one of their operatives parks your car in their secure compound, and they take you in a smart minibus to the dockside. Then when you arrive back, they know which ship you're coming in on, so once you call them they collect you in the next minibus and take you back to your car. All very straightforward and worry-free. They have several minibuses going back and forward between the compound and the dockside all day when a ship is in port, we've never had to wait more than 10 minutes to be picked up. The journey time from the ship to the compound is around 10 minutes. Prices are reasonable - e.g. the France & Spain cruise leaving on 5th October is £65 for the 6 nights. Here's a link to their website: https://www.penguincruiseparking.net
  4. If you have booked the 4-night Apex Preview cruise from Southampton on 1st April 2020, and you have received the free parking promotion, be aware that you need to book your free parking by 1st September. I came across this quite by accident when I was browsing the cruise itinerary; if you have booked through a TA they may have already mentioned it, but for others who booked online with Celebrity you might not have noticed this time limit.
  5. We've got a number of Echo Dots around the house so pretty familiar with their setup. Our conclusion is that you won't be able to connect the Dot directly to the ship's wifi (which you'd need to be able to do in order to register it to the wifi network), so you'd need an intermediate device (like a laptop or a TPLink, with appropriate bridging software) to act as a bridge between the ship wifi and the Dot. You'd connect the 'bridge' device to the ship's wifi, and then the Dot would be able to 'see' the bridge device as a true wifi network, which it could then register to. I think from memory you have to refresh the ship's wifi each day by re-entering the password, which might mean you'd need to re-pair the bridge device on a daily basis (the Dot should remember its relationship with the bridge device and would 'wake up' once the bridge device was re-paired). An interesting question - we might try it when we're on the Silhouette in September! One other point to think about is that the ship's wifi point of presence is in the US so the wifi network would pick up the US time zones etc. Possibly not a problem for a Caribbean cruise but could throw you off if you're going to Europe. Hope that helps!
  6. We now prefer aft cabins to any other. Much quieter as you don't get people walking past, yes it's longer from the lifts but the exercise is good! I didn't notice any additional up/down movement (slightly less actually), and some noise when docking but this is minimal. But the fabulous views more than make up for it - especially the sailaways!
  7. Hi - we've not found a way to go back to previous dailies - it seems like this link is just a publication page for the current day, and the archived copies are held elsewhere on another site (that we haven't been able to find!! 😕)
  8. Hi! You can see the daily activity sheet (Celebrity Silhouette Today) for the current day by going to this link: http://gator3104.temp.domains/~greybox/silhouette/today.html So for example, today (14th July) is Day 1 of the 14-night Scandinavia & Russia Cruise. This shows you all the activities, events, restaurant and bar hours, and other interesting info. I quite often look at this as it makes me quite excited for our Med cruise on Silhouette in August. I've sailed on Silhouette four times now, and I absolutely love it. Average passenger age is in the 60s I would say. We're early 50s and whilst there are a few passengers younger than us the majority are older. Food in the main dining room is a very good standard, as is the Oceanview Cafe (OVC) on deck 14 - this is the self-service buffet. It can get a bit manic at breakfast, but afternoons are calmer and in the evening it is pretty quiet. We often go to OVC in the evenings if we don't fancy a full sit-down meal and/or don't want to get dressed for dinner (dress code in OVC is pretty relaxed). We tend to go to the Speciality Dining options a few times per cruise - you can book a 3/4/5/7 night package for this, although there are often promotions going on if you prefer to book one day at a time. There is always plenty of live music around the ship, either the shows in the theatre, or bands in the Grand Foyer every evening; our favourite is the Ensemble Lounge in deck 5 which has mellow sounds in the evening. And I have definitely seen dance lessons taking place in the gRand Foyer during the day. Enjoy your cruise - you've picked a great ship! Let me know if you have any questions about embarkation in Southampton.
  9. Hi - we've had SV cabins on two cruises, and we're booked into 8353 again in September! We've also stayed in Aqua, and for my money I would go for an SV over an Aqua every time. The views are simply magnificent, and you get a 180 degree panoramic view of every sailaway. Being right at the back of the ship it is a longish walk from the lifts, but you need something to walk off all those lovely meals. Speaking of food, the big difference between Aqua and a regular balcony or veranda cabin is Blu, the restaurant reserved for Aqua guests. Whilst the food and surroundings in Blue are indeed pleasant, personally I would rather have the great location and views of the SV. Some of the Aqua cabins - especially those forward - are not as well placed. I don't think you'll be disappointed with the SV cabin.
  10. Hi. We're on the Silhouette in September on the Western Med itinerary, which has five port days in a row (Marseille/La Spezia/Civitavecchia/Ajaccio/Barcelona) and we would like to spend the night onshore in Florence and rejoin the ship in Civitavecchia the next day. We'd take the train from La Spezia to Florence, spend the day and night there, then train to Rome the next morning and train back to Civitavecchia in the afternoon. Does anyone know if Celebrity will be OK with us not returning to the ship in La Spezia (we'd let Guest Relations know of our plans) and rejoining the ship the next day in Civitavecchia? I suppose it's no different to accidentally missing the ship in La Spezia and having to make our own way to the next port. We realise we'll be in effect paying twice for our accommodation that evening, and for all meals taken onshore, but it feels like a good opportunity to see a bit more of Italy and experience a bit of night life too. Has anyone else tried this themselves?
  11. Hi As a regular commuter on this route I have a fair bit of experience of First vs Standard. Most carriages in First class have 3 seats across, and Standard carriages have 4 (or even 5 in some cases). However new rolling stock has been introduced which has some First carriages with 4 seats across - although these tend to be full leather seats and tables that have phone chargers built in - useful if your phone has air charging capability. It's not possible to select in advance which of these carriages will be on your departure time. Free drinks and snacks are not offered on this route. For trains arriving in to Waterloo before 10am there is a free hot drink and a biscuit (cookie) for First class customers, but at the time and direction you will be travelling there will be no complimentary snacks. There may be an 'at seat' trolley service selling light refreshments for purchase - but not on every service. I would also look again at the fares for your planned journey - the £9 Standard Advance fare is only valid on certain trains, and rises to £14.40 or £17.20 for more popular departures. The equivalent First Advance fares are £19.90/£23.80/£28.20 depending on departure. Here's the web link for the SouthWesternRailway website which operates this route from Waterloo: https://www.southwesternrailway.com If you are travelling early afternoon and won't have too much luggage I would personally stick with Standard class - the trains won't be too busy at that time of day and you won't really see any huge benefit from paying more for a first class ticket. When you leave the train at Southampton Central there is a signposted walking route to the Portside, this is approx. a 15-minute walk. Depending on the weather conditions and the quantity of luggage you have, you might prefer to take a taxi. There will be cabs on the rank at the station, and Uber also operates in that area. I hope that's useful info for you - enjoy your time in London and your cruise of course! I've sailed many times from Southampton (on Celebrity) and will be there again in September!
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