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  1. My DW and I have a cruise booked on Holland America for next year. We haven’t sailed with HA in many years. I’m trying to find information on the website concerning my booking, but I’m having no luck. I have no problem finding my booking, but I can’t remember what perks this booking included such as OBC or prepaid gratuities. I can’t seem to find this information on the website. I’m sure I’m missing something simple. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. I was trying to be sarcastic. If I’m eating bacon, which I do regularly, it would never be made from anything but pigs.
  3. We are also long time Princess cruisers who have decided to try HAL. The information regarding refrigerators is a little troublesome. I’m used to having a refrigerator in veranda cabins with Princess.
  4. We are also long time Princess cruisers who will be trying HAL. We primarily cruise in Europe. We are switching to HAL because we have run out of new itineraries with Princess. We are looking forward to trying something new. I think the only thing we will miss with Princess are our free internet minutes and their superior website. We aren’t party people so HAL seems like it will fill the bill for us.
  5. We are also new to HAL. We have a cruise booked on the Nieuw Statendam for Europe in 2020. Like you we have been primarily cruising with Princess, but wanted a new European itinerary. HAL has an itinerary we really like and we are looking forward to this new experience. Also like you we were shocked how bad the HAL website is. Why doesn’t Carnival have universal websites for all the cruise lines? The Princess site is very easy to navigate. It’s easy to look at the price for any cabin and check out flight prices while in the planning stages. A website is one of the first experiences one has with a cruise line. The HAL website is a total turnoff.
  6. I believe if you are going to advertise a $1.00 deposit day, it should be for all cruises. I tried to book an April 2021 Panama Canal cruise and it didn’t apply.
  7. We also used SPB Tours. Unbelievable experience. Highly recommend this company.
  8. We’ve recently booked a cruise on the Niueu Stantendam for 2020. We’ve been loyal Princess cruisers for years, but wanted a different itinerary. We’re approaching the cruise with open minds. Each cruise line has certain things people like over others. I’m sure HAL will have some things we like better and some less. I can definitely say that Princess has the best website.
  9. We now primarily use private tours. We like the smaller groups and lower price. A few years back while on a Baltic cruise with Princess, we saved just about 1/2 with a private two-day tour of St. Petersburg. We saw more and had a group of only 16 people.
  10. My DW and I have been sailing primarily on Princess for years. But, all good things must come to an end. We were looking for a European cruise for 2020, but every port was the same as we’ve already done. We saw an interesting itinerary on HAL and decided to try it. I know I’ll probably have many questions, but I’m not going to try to post them all now. I’ll follow this board and I’m sure I’ll learn a lot as I have on the Princess board. We are very excited to be trying a new adventure. I do have to ask one question now. Am I missing something on the HAL website? It seems like information I take for granted on the Princess site is missing from HAL. Is there a different website somewhere? I was just trying to find something simple like tipping rules and couldn’t find it. I was trying to fine which cabins were available in a category, but it seems that I can only get a small preselected group of cabins. I know in this day and age, I must be doing something wrong. No website can be that difficult to use or find information. Thanks for any help anyone can provide.
  11. After considering some of the advice from this board and looking at itineraries from other cruise lines, we solved our problem. We booked an Iberian Pennisula cruise on HAL. It leaves from Amsterdam and gives us a lot of interesting ports. It’s been years since we were on HAL, but kind of looking forward to the change.
  12. I knew you were referring to Spain. But, several were discussing Columbia.
  13. Since I was discussing European cruises I didn’t realize that people would mixup Cartagena Spain with Cartagena Columbia. And for everyone else, I realize that I could get some different ports on a trans Atlantic sailing. Those don’t work for us. I was discussing regular Mediterranean and Norther European itineraries. But, I do appreciate everyone’s suggestions.
  14. Yes, if you want trans Atlantic cruises - we don’t. And we don’t like the Pacific Princess.
  15. Amsterdam, Rhodes, Malta, Malaga, Cartagena, Brest, Rotterdam, Korcula, Souda. These are just some of the ports in Northern Europe, Spain, and the Agean that Princess doesn’t go to. Last year we did a 21-day Mediterranean cruise that was actually an 11 and 10 day back to back. Several ports were repeated. That’s okay. But, if I look at this cruise for 2020, it’s the same. And for years Princess has done the same 7 day Mediterranean cruises that can be combined for 7-28 days. Same ports - different year. There are other ports in Sicily besides Messina. Ther are other Greek Islands besides Mykonos and Santorini. It would be nice for Princess mix it up some other than on trans Atlantic cruises.
  16. My DW and I have been sailing exclusively with Princess for years. They have become, by far, our favorite cruise line. We were anxiously awaiting today and the 2020 European cruises opening up so we could book a cruise for our 30th anniversary. I must say, we are disappointed. It’s the same old itineraries. There are so many ports in Europe that Princess could add, but doesn’t. I used to tell everyone about the Princess itineraries and that they couldn’t be beat. It’s now the same thing year after year. They need to hire someone with a little imagination. I was hoping they would do something interesting for the inaugural season of the Enchantment. It looks like we may be forced to go with a different cruise line as much as we hate to do so. HAL has some interesting looking itineraries.
  17. We’ve tendered in many ports in which we’ve booked private tours. The tour operators have been coping with this issue for years and know when to expect you at the departure point. You don’t need to worry about this.
  18. I’ve never seen this. I wear a medium color sports coat and no tie. It’s just not a problem. One cruise I didn’t even wear a sports coat. Again, no problem.
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