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  1. My DW and I have been sailing primarily on Princess for years. But, all good things must come to an end. We were looking for a European cruise for 2020, but every port was the same as we’ve already done. We saw an interesting itinerary on HAL and decided to try it. I know I’ll probably have many questions, but I’m not going to try to post them all now. I’ll follow this board and I’m sure I’ll learn a lot as I have on the Princess board. We are very excited to be trying a new adventure. I do have to ask one question now. Am I missing something on the HAL website? It seems like information I take for granted on the Princess site is missing from HAL. Is there a different website somewhere? I was just trying to find something simple like tipping rules and couldn’t find it. I was trying to fine which cabins were available in a category, but it seems that I can only get a small preselected group of cabins. I know in this day and age, I must be doing something wrong. No website can be that difficult to use or find information. Thanks for any help anyone can provide.
  2. After considering some of the advice from this board and looking at itineraries from other cruise lines, we solved our problem. We booked an Iberian Pennisula cruise on HAL. It leaves from Amsterdam and gives us a lot of interesting ports. It’s been years since we were on HAL, but kind of looking forward to the change.
  3. I knew you were referring to Spain. But, several were discussing Columbia.
  4. Since I was discussing European cruises I didn’t realize that people would mixup Cartagena Spain with Cartagena Columbia. And for everyone else, I realize that I could get some different ports on a trans Atlantic sailing. Those don’t work for us. I was discussing regular Mediterranean and Norther European itineraries. But, I do appreciate everyone’s suggestions.
  5. Yes, if you want trans Atlantic cruises - we don’t. And we don’t like the Pacific Princess.
  6. Amsterdam, Rhodes, Malta, Malaga, Cartagena, Brest, Rotterdam, Korcula, Souda. These are just some of the ports in Northern Europe, Spain, and the Agean that Princess doesn’t go to. Last year we did a 21-day Mediterranean cruise that was actually an 11 and 10 day back to back. Several ports were repeated. That’s okay. But, if I look at this cruise for 2020, it’s the same. And for years Princess has done the same 7 day Mediterranean cruises that can be combined for 7-28 days. Same ports - different year. There are other ports in Sicily besides Messina. Ther are other Greek Islands besides Mykonos and Santorini. It would be nice for Princess mix it up some other than on trans Atlantic cruises.
  7. My DW and I have been sailing exclusively with Princess for years. They have become, by far, our favorite cruise line. We were anxiously awaiting today and the 2020 European cruises opening up so we could book a cruise for our 30th anniversary. I must say, we are disappointed. It’s the same old itineraries. There are so many ports in Europe that Princess could add, but doesn’t. I used to tell everyone about the Princess itineraries and that they couldn’t be beat. It’s now the same thing year after year. They need to hire someone with a little imagination. I was hoping they would do something interesting for the inaugural season of the Enchantment. It looks like we may be forced to go with a different cruise line as much as we hate to do so. HAL has some interesting looking itineraries.
  8. We’ve tendered in many ports in which we’ve booked private tours. The tour operators have been coping with this issue for years and know when to expect you at the departure point. You don’t need to worry about this.
  9. I’ve never seen this. I wear a medium color sports coat and no tie. It’s just not a problem. One cruise I didn’t even wear a sports coat. Again, no problem.
  10. Our last four cruises (44 cruise days) have been on the Regal and Royal. By far our favorite ships. And the buffet is the best I’ve had with Princess. Just goes to show how everyone likes something different.
  11. From your signature, it appears you are new to Princess and maybe to the Princess board. This subject has been discussed ad nauseum here. Princess considers any cabin to be an upgrade, if it is a higher category cabin or even a more expensive cabin in the same category. When booking a cabin, the default is that you will accept an upgrade unless you have it marked as “do not upgrade.” Next year we have a mini suite booked on the Ruby. Our favorite mini on this ship is E731, which we booked. But, Princess shows that as a lower class mini suite. To assure they don’t upgrade us, we have the cabin marked as do not upgrade.
  12. We were in a suite last September. The enhanced turn down service was two chocolates each. :')
  13. We just finished a British Isles cruise. We loved it, but our favorite European cruises are in the Mediterranean. If your decision only involved itinerary, I’d opt for the Med. But, with two separate cruise lines to consider your decision becomes more complicated. We haven’t done NCL for years because we like Princess so much. NCL will always hold a special place in our heart because our very first cruise was for our honeymoon on the Norway.
  14. We had CC on our 21-day cruise last year as part of a free upgrade. It was very nice, but not nice enough where we could justify paying for it.
  15. I’ve booked several cruises during the Three for Free Promotion then end up changing them to the Anniversary Promotion because I end up saving more even having to pay tips. It never crosses our mind to remove the tips. I’ll never understand that mind set, but I guess it’s a custom issue that will just continue to exist. No reason to put anyone down over it. It does makes me wonder though if the crew prefers Caribbean schedules over European schedules. Do they get more tips on one over the other?
  16. We’ve had shower curtains on the Royal and Regal in deluxe balcony cabins. No problem with the shower curtain attacking. I believe the showers are bigger than on the grand class ships.
  17. I guess it’s all a matter of different likes and dislikes. We’ve been on the Royal three times and the Regal once. Yes, they are bigger and hold more passengers. But, they’ve always felt less crowded to us than the grand class ships.
  18. We’ve done 11 days on the Regal and 33 days on the Royal. It is now hard to go back to the other ships. However, we’ve never had a standard balcony on these two ships. On the Regal we had a deluxe premium aft cabin and on the Royal we have had a suite and an obstructed view deluxe balcony in the front of the ship.
  19. For me, the only port view that matters is Cobh because of the beautiful view of the city. For that you would want the port side. If you are more concerned with the views on sea days then probably the starboard side is best.
  20. We just got off the Royal and had cabin M102. There are two lounger type chairs (adjustable chair with footstool).
  21. We just got off the Royal on Sunday. We had cabin M102. I must say that this was one of our favorite cabins on Princess especially considering the price. The balcony is spacious and the cabin is extremely quiet. You get no traffic in the hallway. As someone stated, the obstruction comes from the steel railing. While sitting, you get a little bit of an obstructed view, but it didn’t bother us at all. We would book this cabin again.
  22. We had D730 on the Regal three years ago. Great cabin with a large partially covered balcony.
  23. Why are you staying by the airport? The train station is much closer to the cruise terminal. You’re more than doubling the distance to the cruise port by going to the airport.
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