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  1. Has anyone tried a travel router to get around the one device at a time limit?
  2. We primarily do private excursions. It’s never been a problem getting back to the ship on time. These private companies wouldn’t stay in business if they didn’t get their guests back on time. The cruise lines love to throw the fear out there so you will pay more to see less with cruise line excursions.
  3. We are sailing HAL next year for the first time in many years. We have been primarily sailing on Princess. I’m trying to book airfare using Flight Ease. On the surface, it appears to be exactly the same as Princess EZ Air. The screens all look the same. My problem is trying to actually book the flights. The cruise isn’t until next September. I enter all the information, find flights that will work, go through the seat selection process, answer all the questions and then get a message that the flight is no longer available. Yet, the next day the same “no longer available flight” is still shown as an option. And it’s not just one selection, it happens on every selection unless a chose a different return flight that adds an additional cost. Is this normal with Flight Ease? Has anyone else experienced this problem? I did try calling HAL, but they couldn’t help. The flights showing up on Flight Ease for me didn’t come up on their screen.
  4. I’m sure posters can come up with all kinds of disadvantages, but to me, the low cost for overseas travel and the ability to change and cancel up to 45 days in advance outweighs any of these disadvantages. EZAir or FlightEase on HAL has allowed us to fly business class whenever we cruise in Europe.
  5. Thank you. This explains the problem. I’m 326 days from embarkation. I didn’t realize I had to be 330 days from debarkation. I’ll just have to be a little more patient.
  6. We are sailing with HAL next year for the first time in many years. I want to start looking at airfares through Flight Ease. I can’t figure out how to do this. I opened up my booking then I clicked on travel planning. I then chose Pre & Post Cruise Travel. From that page I checked the box for flights. This took me to the Flight Ease page. So far so good, but this is where I’m having problems. Our names appear along with our departure city under the title Manage Flights. There’s also a Manage Flights button, but we do not yet have any flights to manage. I tried checking this button anyway and I just get an error message. The logical button to click is the one that states Continue to Review and Book. When I try this button I get a page that states there is nothing in my shopping cart. I believe that I’m just not understanding how to use the HAL website and I’m making a wrong turn somewhere. I’m relying on some of you HAL veterans to set me straight. Thanks.
  7. I can’t remember the price, but it was our honeymoon cruise in the Eastern Caribbean aboard the SS Norway in May 1990 departing from Miami. That was when cruise fares included airfare and a free night in a hotel when flying from the west coast to the east coast. We flew from Seattle.
  8. I struggle with understanding the refrigerator issue on HAL. We will be trying HAL for the first time in many years when we sail on the Nieuw Statendam next year. I keep seeing posts about HAL charging for refrigerators, but then look at YouTube videos from the Nieuw Statendam and see refrigerators showing in every cabin. Were these paid for in advance? Is that why they are in the cabins when people walk in? I’ve always taken refrigerators in cabins for granted having sailed on Princess for many years.
  9. Thanks for the great pictures. Next year we will be doing our first HAL cruise in many years. It will be on the Nieuw Stantendam.
  10. Large is in the stomach of the beholder. For me it’s probably about six pieces.
  11. Does this mean you can’t ask for a large portion of Bacon?
  12. I note that the article states “Here are 10 of the best.........” the important words are “of the.” The article does not state “Here are the 10 best around the world cruises.” I think everyone is taking this too seriously. Being left off the list does not mean HAL isn’t one of the best. HAL, for whatever reason, just wasn’t covered in the article.
  13. We’ve never tried Costco excursions, but will check them out. We have switched to primarily all private excursions over the years. For less money and smaller groups, we see as much or more than the ship excursions.
  14. I wish they would put a larger hold when filling my motorhome. I always have to run the card two or three times. 😂😂
  15. We have been primarily sailing on Princess where OBC can be used prior to the cruise to book excursions. I know that HAL doesn’t allow this, but in this situation it doesn’t sound like you are getting OBC, but credit towards excursions. Would HAL let you use this credit toward excursions booked prior to the cruise?
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