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  1. Thank you much. You are all making me even more excited to do this!!
  2. We are 10324, a loft. My husband is doing this for me. I know the elevator arrangement on Anthem, but love the ship. We will be having a wheelchair placed in the room for long trips to the pool or concierge lounge. Àlthough, at 72 I am an active walker, my husband has some difficulty. The great thing is, my sister and gentleman friend are in 10322. She is 10 years younger and can push a wheelchair if necessary. Which leads me to ask, can the genie make reservations for four? I know my sister (she is sky class), will have to pay any specialty fees, but can the butler make the reservations for the four of us? Also, can my husband and I have dinners from any of the specialty restaurants. delivered to the room?
  3. Our Feb 2020 (Bahamas/Coco Cay) cruise to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary will be our first time in Star Class with our own butler (Genie). We have been Sky Class several times, and had a butler on celebrity. Could some of you who have been lucky enough to enjoy this experience give me some heads up as to what I can expect on Royal. Let me add that my husband is blind and has been for many years. We love cruising and have been blessed with the ability to enjoy life to the fullest. My husband has so enjoyed the help and attention the crew members provide us both. I have already been offered an early chance at cabanas, but have not been contacted by my butler as the cruise is a ways off. I am used to taking care of all the details for our cruises. I notice that dinner reservations are open for this cruise. However, if I make any for specialty restaurants, the charge goes on my credit card. All these restaurants are included in Star Class. I am in need of some guidance from real people like you, not RC reps who sometimes give different answers. So, thanks for reading this novel and please pour in the info.
  4. There is a 2020 cruise on Summit that includes Bermuda for the 3 days (Tuesday to Thursday) then goes to Newport before Bayonne.
  5. I was on the Anthem from January 6 to the 26. It was a smooth sail. The second part to the Bahamas was a little chilly (56 in Florida) and we skipped Coco Day because it was windy. We did go through a thunderstorm at sea, but even then it was more beautiful than rocky. I was invited to a tour of the bridge. While there we were shown the amazing computerized equipment which along with the captain's skills allows choices to be made to avoid a rocky ride. What happened in 2016 was a fluke. You will be fine. If anything, lessons were learned and caution is utmost. Enjoy.
  6. Last year my husband and I tried an Anthem 9 night Bahamas cruise. I booked a junior suite specifically for Coastal Kitchen dinner. My husband is blind and needs wheelchair assist for long distances. We are an older couple (71) who is taking our first B2B,a12 night Caribbean ,January, in the junior suite followed by the 9 night Bahamas in a grand suite. I am less than ;)90 days to go, fully paid and have been told I cannot make reservations in Coastal for the first 12 nights (junior suite). Last year the matre'd (Kevin) was an angel putting us in a well lit comfortable area. Do you think going to Coastal when I board I'll be able to make my reservations for the first 12. my husband is more comfortable with familiarity, and I less stressed when I don't have to guide him through tight crowded areas. Relaxing and having a lovely dinner together is basically our cruise.
  7. Does anyone know what night is lobster night which is usually second formal night on the 12 night Anthem Caribbean? Also, when does it occur on the 9 night Bahamas? This helps greatly with making plans, especially if you love lobster. Thanks.
  8. On the Summit as recently as last September, you could purchase bottles of water or cans of soda at the entrance to the buffet port side. I haven't read of any change, but will find out for sure in one week when I am on board.
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