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  1. I miss the wonderful pampering which comes with the beautiful views, peacefulness of the water, and ultimate delicious meals. My husband is blind. I am his caretaker. Cruising is our wonderful relaxation allowing us to spend good times together. This past January we celebrated our 50th anniversary for the first time in Star Class on Anthem. It was actually delayed because of the beginning of this nightmare. Several Chinese passengers were tested and found negative for the virus. The captain got special permission to sail into Bermuda in January (2 70 degree days). It wasn't our planned cruise, but it was ironically where my husband and I spent our honeymoon. These are the beautiful memories I miss.......and I want to make more!!!
  2. Wanted to let you know I said "star class" and had the most amazing cruise vacation of my life!!!!!
  3. I am with you,Snit 13. Make the final payment. If the cruise is cancelled get it ALL back.
  4. I here the concern in your post and can identify with your need to share. My thoughts align with some of what PhillyFan and sun_login have posted. Unless a passenger is a danger to himself or to others Royal is not responsible for controlling this behavior. I have seen "spring break" binges by young adults who feel this is a way of letting off steam. Only he and his friends and family know if this happens often. No amount of "talking to" or attempts at control on your part will really make a difference. It is all up to him to change the behavior. I realize that it makes other family members uncomfortable and embarrassed. The goal is to work on you including the choice not to cruise with your stepson. Explain that you love him and are concerned over his behavior in the hopes he may get help. Now as most reading this post probably realize, yes, I have spent many years in Alanon (the help for the family members not AA the one for the problem drinker). Please don't feel I am preaching or have all the answers. What you, nadinenurse1, posted was a reach out to anyone with advice. Take what you want and leave the rest. God bless and happy cruising!
  5. Are you asking because of the cruise ship or air travel, or are you asking about the destination? I wouldn't go to Asia or Italy, but Bermuda, "Here I come!" .
  6. As a new elite I am thoroughly confused. Are drinks (and how many?) put on your card or do you go to a lounge at a certain time to drink them there? The breakfast and specialty coffees are good to go?
  7. My husband and I are booked on a cruise on Summit over the 4th of July. We just found out some former cruise mates of ours booked a cruise 2 weeks after us. After our 4th of July cruise we will reach elite tier. If we grab a balcony cabin for the cruise our friends will be on, at the lowest price we can get it, (1)will the elite tier kick in for that cruise and (2) what can I expect the amenities will be on Summit? I have read the comparison chart, but the latest ads say 90 minutes Wi-Fi. Any elites been on Summit lately? Do they have the cocktails 5-7 and coffee in Tuscany? If I am giving up all the perks for the lowest fair as per the latest sales, how much can I gain back as an elite? Thank you for any info.
  8. Does anyone know where I can find the entertainment schedule for this summer's Bermuda cruises on Summit? I will be on it for the 4th of july.
  9. The martini bar (the last time on Summit) only had premium cosmos in a larger glass. Go to another bar and you will get a smaller glass included in the classic package. Drink as many as you want. I am a Cosmo girl too and had no problem with the classic.
  10. Thanks. I'll try that. Chambord adds a rich rasberry flavor. Does Grand Marnier have a flavor, or just adds a punch? Now I will have to steal my husband's free scoop to try both. We sail in June on Summit. We may have started a run on the gelato with these great suggestions!
  11. If you are lucky enough to have a drink package, go to the bar and ask for a glass of chambord, then get your scoop of gelato and pour it over the top. Wow is that good!
  12. I agree with you about the menus. I like the regular Chef menu better. My cruise planner only shows Chef Boulud's table. I will speak to the concierge in the Retreat and perhaps she can help me or even my butler. Thank you for your time and guidance. Love the pictures.
  13. Thank you all. Now I am hungry! I think I will wait until I get on board. Hopefully the butler or concierge will be a little more helpful. I have never had any problems with the service on Celebrity. Maybe someone who goes on a sailing on Summit (which starts in April) from Bayonne can add their experience to this topic.
  14. When and where do find out about the different dinners? I see nothing on cruise planner and would like to see the sample menus. I guess I just hoped the Chef might be aboard for the 4th of July. That is why I didn't want to cancel until I get aboard. Thank you for the optional wine info. My husband will be happy.
  15. I could be wrong, but our final port is Newport, Rhode Island from which we set sail the night of the 4th of July to return to Bayonne NJ. We must be able to see somebody's fireworks that night. I live in Bergen county NJ and can see the New York skyline from the top of the hill behind my home. The info you gave me on the dinner sounds very much like the comments posted for 2019. When did you take this cruise? I was hoping things would be a little better organized and a different menu. Thank you, though, for your input.
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