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  1. I also recommend Hilton Riverside, it will be my first choice when I cruise out of NOLA next time. It's right on the river, and it connects to the mall so you can walk through the mall to the port. I did this, and I will do the same next time. I did see people from my room window walking to/from the port on the street that parallels the river...I don't know the name of it. No need for an Uber unless you have a lot of luggage, etc. but Mall is probably easier since I don't think there are sidewalks on that street. I arrived about 11am, and took the $25 upgrade for a room that was ready and riverfront. The streetcar also has a stop right at the hotel. Hint: the streetcars don't give change, so do yourself a favor and download the RTA app to to your phone and purchase a "Jazzy Pass", I believe one day unlimited rides was $3. But they also have multiple day passes as well. Then you just show your pass to your driver and hop on. I awoke very early the morning of the cruise embarkation and of course couldn't get back to sleep after looking out the window 100 times 🀣 to the Dream and the NCL ship in port, so I got dressed and walked up to Cafe' duMonde, it's about a 15 minute walk up the riverfront, and there were only 3 other tables in there besides me. I got there about 7:40am. Great way to get your fix without waiting in the super long lines during the day.
  2. I second Cruiseapril. That location is hard to beat. Publix grocery store is right behind it, wine store walking distance, lots of restaurants, pharmacies, Ross clothing store across the street. Walk down to the water taxi launch under the bridge at Hilton Marina.
  3. YOLO! You'd be crazy for passing that up. Find a laundromat, enjoy NOLA, and board again the next day. You're going to kick yourself forever if you don't go! HAVE FUN!!!!
  4. Carnival Freedom 8292. If you look at the Drag it Decks website the room is under a blank space on the Lido, I think it's the stairs but that blank space is filled with some kind of boiler room or mechanical equipment. The room was perfect every day and night, I never heard a sound, until the last night. It started with what I thought was an obnoxious neighbor slamming their balcony door repeatedly around midnight. I finally called guest services when I realized it was not a balcony door....they called Maintenance. I ended up calling 2 more times because this noise went on for hours. I even went up to the 9th floor to find the noise myself. Maintenance finally showed up and it took them all night to fix it. Not a happy camper, not a great way to end my trip. I now have "blank space" paranoia. 😨
  5. I have always used Carnival transportation. It may be a few more dollars, but I know I won't have anything to worry about, and it's pre-paid, so overall it's just a "less stress" situation.
  6. Those palm trees 😍 Been following along, have a great cruise!!!
  7. Look into Free Tours by Foot, they're a tour company that gets wonderful reviews. The tour guides work on tips alone, you don't pay for the tour, just tip your guide. They do ghost tours, cemetery tours, voodoo tours, historical tours. The kids would probably like it. The WWII museum is rated as one of the best in the country, you can also check out the French Market, do a tour of the garden section, or a tour of the bayou.
  8. Embassy is a great location, and has such a nice pool area. Like others have mentioned, it includes a great free, hot, breakfast, and the managers reception happy hour is free the night before. Walking distance to a lot of good restaurants, shops, pharmacies, even Ross if anyone needs an extra shirt or forgot a bathing suit. I vote ES.
  9. 377. It actually sounds not so bad considering I booked in the 700's 🀣
  10. Your reviews are always good, looking forward to this one too! Your video walking through the mall to the port in NOLA was very helpful to me last year 😊 πŸ³πŸοΈπŸ›³οΈβ˜€οΈ
  11. Sail away is a lot of fun, even if you're just going to watch from the higher decks as you pull away and head out of port. Everyone is excited and happy, everyone is chatty and friendly and just enjoying the vacation vibe. The cruise director gets everyone going. Even if you don't think you can dance, or don't know the dance they're doing, don't hesitate to get down there and dance. The majority doesn't really know what the heck they're doing (myself included) but no one cares, everyone is just out there having a great time smiling, singing along, and laughing. It's really a lot of fun. Same goes for the deck parties at night.
  12. No glass bottles, cans are fine. There is a limit, it's either a 6 or 12 pack, can't remember. It's on the Carnival website though.
  13. The rooms in the tower seem to be ok, it's the rooms in the villas (the smaller areas by the pool) that really seem to get the bad reviews.
  14. Hilton Marina's location is great for any necessities on 17th street....groceries, wine, restaurants, they have the Sun Trolley which can take you around the area, Water Taxi, etc. Closer to the Port and FLL= less money in taxi or Uber. Pool is nice too, they have a nice pool deck bar that serves burgers, apps, salads and sandwiches. According to reviews, it seems that rooms in the main tower are better than the rooms in the small buildings by the pool.
  15. FLL has to be the most boring airport ever, do anything other than just sit there and wait. Take a post cruise excursion, rent a car and put your bags in the trunk and enjoy part of the day. You'll be bored to death at FLL.
  16. I agree with SmileEH. I was just reading some threads on here a earlier this morning, in a thread titled "what rooms not to book"(for all cruise lines not just carnival) and a person mentioned the Conquest with a similar looking space to what you're looking at, and they said it was a terrible room. Lots of noise, commotion, etc. Perhaps it might be a similar to the ship you're looking at. Beware. I booked 8292 on the Freedom a number of years ago, balcony, and it there was an empty space above my room. Had no problems at all until the last night coming home, when there was a loud slamming and banging noise that went on for hours!! Turns out that empty space (that looked like maybe it was the stairs), was a boiler room. I was up all night, was awful. It didn't only affect me, the people in my vicinity heard it too, we were all out in the hall congregating in our pj's at 3am. πŸ™„After that experience I never just "keep fingers crossed" with blank spaces near my room.
  17. Do the math on how much more money the spa room is vs. a regular interior, balcony, etc. that it not spa. You very well might come away spending less money doing a regular room and getting the weekly spa pass, than spending the money on the spa room. You do get a few perks in booking spa rooms, such as priority in making appointments for massages, etc. but if that's not important to you then you might make out better just buying the pass. I have never booked a spa room, but have booked the weekly pass. It's less expensive every time I've calculated it, and I much prefer a mid-ship location, so that has a lot to do with my decision too. I did the spa pass on my last cruise on the Dream, and really enjoyed it. I will be booking it again for my Breeze trip next year.
  18. I would do the 4 day, and there are plenty of places to avoid the party element if it gets out of hand. Have a great cruise!
  19. Do you know what was directly above your room, or very close to it? The reason I ask is that one year on the Freedom I was literally awake the entire night because there was some kind of boiler or maintenance room directly above my room. At first I thought it was someones balcony door slamming repeatedly, then realized it was coming from above. Went on for hours 🀬, maintenance was called to fix the malfunction, but that took forever. When I did the "drag it decks" website prior to choosing my room it was just an empty blank square above my room, I thought it was a closet πŸ™„. I know the people across the hall also heard it and I'm guessing the people next to me did too. I was midship, in 8292.
  20. I'd rather pay more money than room with a stranger. If they don't jive with you for whatever reason it could turn your hard earned vacation into a total nightmare.
  21. People like it because it's close to the activities. I prefer to be around deck 7/8, sandwiched between 2 other decks with rooms above and below me because they're usually quiet. It's more midship, because I do go down to the dining room and to the promenade area, theater, etc. as much as a like being up in the Lido area.
  22. There will be less kids. I'd imagine it's a great time to go, have fun!!
  23. As others have mentioned the lines to board can get long. You must be on the ship 30 minutes prior to departure. They start announcing names of the people who aren’t back yet. I typically arrive back 15-20 minutes before the required time.
  24. I hope your wife is feeling better, and I'm glad Carnival did a great job to help her. How scary that must've been. Congrats on soon to be Platinum! I'm staying in the same room you had on the Breeze, I'm glad you liked it!!
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