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  1. There are an equal number of people who were told to pound sand. Besides, other people getting something is not equal to "entitlement".
  2. I've even heard the captain mention it once or twice during his announcements. Fair winds and following seas.
  3. https://www.usclimatedata.com/climate/juneau/alaska/united-states/usak0116
  4. This right here is the correct answer. Anyone who has cruised up and down the West Coast should be able to say that southbound is noticeably smoother.
  5. NCL is the one telling everyone to Feel Free! After all the fees and exclusions are presented, how could it possibly come as a surprise to anyone that some people who book NCL cruises don't, exactly, feel so free?
  6. It's not that simple, either. NCL is famous for moving the goal posts -- that is, what is included at time of booking and final payment may no longer be included once onboard. Or it may no longer be available. Or it may be subject to a new fee. Or a restriction. Like the recent BS moving target of the drink package where "top shelf" (not really top shelf) booze was included then it wasn't then it was again and jeez, who the hell knows now, the price changed, the menu changed, but not on this ship, only that ship, but not until the sailing three weeks from tomorrow...15% today, 18% tomorrow, 20% the next week. And the beat goes on with NCL...on and on and on... NCL - Feel Fee!
  7. But not quite free. NCL's marketing is deceptive. Which is why this forum sees posts just like OP's over and over and over and over again. Shortly, an NCL cheerleader will post something about tipping after having dined at a local restaurant with a "free meal" coupon and compare that to NCL's "free" perks. It's ridiculous.
  8. Cruising Glacier Bay is a day-long affair which begins around 0800 and ends around sundown. It's the same no matter the ship, although some areas are restricted for any number of reasons throughout the season. Info on that here.
  9. Yes. Although it's held in Moderno now, deck 13, mid.
  10. No. You tell somebody it's deadass inappropriate to ask.
  11. Honestly, I really think you're over-thinking this. You will meet the concierge pretty early on during check-in or shortly thereafter. The concierge can communicate your request to the butler, or see that you have the butler's name and contact information in hand as soon as you board. Simply call them up and make your request. Everyone is busy every day on the ship. Your request is just another thing... no big deal.
  12. The Terms and Conditions of the promo where the OBC originates will list any restrictions. For example, the T&C for the Latitude's Monthly Insider Offer indicates: Onboard credit has no monetary value and is non-transferable. It may not be used toward on board service charges, pre-purchased activities or foreign exchange transactions. https://www.ncl.com/termsandconditions/latitudes-extra-point-obc?hide_hf=true I read that to say that the OBC can be applied to CNDs.
  13. Disagree. Have used promo OBC numerous times to purchase CN certificates.
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