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  1. I suppose it's easy for a set of forum posters who have zero experience operating or managing a cruise corporation in any capacity whatsoever to pontificate on how the cruise lines could have handled things better.
  2. Just picking a random one...
  3. HAHAHAHAHA! Two separate threads were merged by a moderator prior to the post you referenced.
  4. Several are sitting at anchor in a port anchorage. Some are meandering around off the coast. Some are moored at their home ports (Star Princess). Grand Princess, Royal Princess (on her way back to anchorage), Sky Princess... all at anchor at the moment. .
  5. There was a story on the news this evening saying the Grand was looking to offload garbage. From what I could gather, Cal OES had agreed to offload the garbage and transport it directly to the dump, but the ILWU had some understandable objections. Perhaps that's causing some delay.
  6. You know you're one of those people, then. Stop trying to be offended.
  7. Drake is about 10 nm away from Grand, which is about 20 nm out from the GGB. The Miss Tammy is alongside Grand along with what appears to be some other unidentified vessel. Miss Tammy is the smaller craft which appears to be sitting inside of the other vessel. Perhaps that's a USCG vessel? MarineTraffic is acting strange...
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