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  1. I don't see a problem either. If someone can't handle laying eyes on some middle or late aged ass, they shouldn't be peering over to the next balcony.
  2. You have zero evidence to support this assertion. Equally troubling are the two individuals who "liked" your post. Just say whatever about things you know nothing about. Sad.
  3. https://www.cruisetimetables.com/full-cruise-ship-charters.html
  4. Yep - they make themselves very obvious holding signs. At LAX, they had a little podium sitting there with "Princess Cruises" on it as well. There are typically two or three of the reps wandering around the bag claim area at the terminals who have Princess passengers arriving. At LAX, they walk you outside to the curb and make sure you get on the correct bus.
  5. Typical family drama. If they were invited, I would bet that many of them would change their tune. Sometimes it's good to tell the family to piss off and mind their own business. Particularly, the gossipy busy-bodies who always have something to say about everything.
  6. Another uptick for Citizen EcoDrive watches. I have five of them purchased on various ships. All of which were below the MSRP by about $150 or so. I will probably purchase another on my upcoming trip. Warranty service through Citizen is as simple as registering the product on their website when you return. You provide a copy of the receipt as proof of purchase (they really just want to verify the date of purchase; it's obviously a Citizen watch or it isn't). That said, I have not needed any service on any of my Citizen watches in the 5 or so years I have had them. There is no agenda. It's just the way it is.
  7. Yep. I always give my baby to her blind grandfather whenever we're around fall hazards.
  8. It is unlikely they will change your muster location. Just do as Bird Travels suggested. Check in, then walk down to O'Sheehan's. If the ship is going down to Davy Jones' Locker, you will go to your assigned muster station and leave your sensitivity behind. Or stay on the ship and rearrange the deck chairs...
  9. DW and I typically drop $20 in the tip jar, particularly when an "experience" is provided or there is a crew of folks running things. In cases where there are more than one element on an excursion (bus driver followed by a tour guide, for example), we tip once only, typically to the persons or group providing the actual experience... that is, we tip the tour guide as opposed to the bus driver.
  10. You could start by posting the cabin number.
  11. I mean, it says Formerly known as The Ultimate Beverage Package right there in the screenshot... $120 per day is absurd.
  12. Nitpick... Servers typically tip out TO the bartender. Bartenders do not normally tip out to servers.
  13. You are the only one who has (repeatedly) mentioned creeping out on other cruisers and their key card colors. Just you. Everyone else knows what the topic is about and they are not being deliberately obtuse.
  14. Why is it so difficult to understand that this isn't about what anyone else is doing, where they are from, or what cabin category they are in? It is about erosion of services and experiences that have already been paid for by Haven guests. I'm not a Haven guest and I understand it perfectly. Perhaps if NCL expanded the Haven square footage along with adequate staff to accommodate these new guests and were able to maintain the same level of service Haven guests have come to expect, this wouldn't be such an issue. Well, they certainly haven't expanded the Haven, and if NCL does NCL, you can pretty much guarantee they haven't increased staffing. It is, not surprisingly, another moving of the goalposts by NCL. What you paid for when you book is not what you get when you board. Typical NCL.
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