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    That's a great story, but it's not true. https://www.cnn.com/videos/world/2015/04/07/wrn-american-pie-lyrics-auctioned-seg.cnn
  2. You can also pre-order them in the Personalizer -- under Onboard Reservations, then Princess Cellars. A 375 ml bottle of Skyy is $18.
  3. How offensive do you think the photos in post #16 are?
  4. They include parking as part of a rate package. Park & Go, or whatever it's called. I'm pretty sure CP offers something similar.
  5. Pretty sure I was joking, but you bring up a good point. I guess if I couldn't walk and needed mobility in an emergency (or to get to a feeding station), it would be pretty stupid of me to leave my people mover out in the hallway where someone could steal, move, or otherwise misappropriate the thing.
  6. If there isn't one, start one.
  7. Princess probably had some sort of data breach they're not telling anyone about...
  8. Fares are listed per person. If you've noticed a price drop of $200 looking at fares listed on the website, for example, that is based on each person (based on 2 persons, pax 3 - 4 can sometimes be different, depending on promotions, etc.). If by "price drop" you mean something else, like "sale" or "promotion" then you have to be more clear on what you're seeing/asking.
  9. Yes. Just tried, and was prompted to change. Legit.
  10. She claims the princess agent told her she had been upgraded.
  11. Seems like you could get a better response from people if you improve your communication. Paragraphs, punctuation, and brevity go a long way to getting your point across correctly.
  12. Water. If you're going to want Keto-friendly sweetener, (Stevia, for example), bring your own.
  13. I'm surprised to see Emerald Princess go unmentioned in this thread.
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