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  1. We have sailed five cruises on Celebrity in the last six years and have never received a post-cruise thank-you note, nor a $100 "thank you" credit for future booking. Our itineraries have been a mix of Eastern, Western and Southern Caribbean and since a lot of lines sail the Caribbean and these itineraries are so popular perhaps X does not offer this "thank you" credit for Caribbean sailings? Just a thought.
  2. You look wonderful, are still younger than me, and my original comment still stands......I truly hope that you enjoy your X cruise! ☺️ Have a wonderful time!!!!
  3. Even though I did chuckle when I read your comment, I certainly agree when you wrote "sad but true" 😐. Celebrity is our preferred line so I have to admit that I don't read much on the other cruise line's boards but did find it interesting to hear that you find this inconsistency common among all cruise lines.
  4. When I went on my first Celebrity cruise I wasn't much older than you (well, your pic looks like you are younger than me πŸ˜‰). I'm sure you will be absolutely fine being yourself on Celebrity and I truly hope that you enjoy your first Celebrity cruise!!! ☺️
  5. Thank you for the info, everyone. I didn't notice this on my Cruise Planner but will certainly be making some inquiries!! 🍷🍷😊
  6. We were on one of the new Celebrity tenders going back to the ship from Grand Cayman. And yes, it was very comfortable! Glad we had the opportunity to be on one. If I recall correctly, they only used the old tenders from Grand Cayman to take everyone from the ship to shore, but on the way from shore back to the ship they were using both GCM tenders as well as Celebrity's (at least on our cruise on the Edge).
  7. Hi hiccups. I think along the same lines as you do and actually did do a mock booking. What surprised me was the price that Celebrity quoted my TA to avail myself of the 4 Perk Promo was actually much higher than my "brand new" mock booking on the website today with the promo would have cost me. I have to admit, I can't always figure out X's pricing and how it works!!! πŸ˜‰ Oh well, happy with my original price and will just be happy to be sailing!!!
  8. Hi Tigrou. No flaming from me, lol. Yes you are absolutely right..... the price was higher when I did my research and I do understand Celebrity's policy about new promos on new bookings and so was not surprised at the answer. What I wasn't very clear about in my earlier post is that I was sure I had seen a comment (sorry, can't say off the top of my head where that post was) that someone asked Celebrity about "adding" the promo and they were told that if they went ahead and paid the full deposit (they had booked on a special $25 deposit promo) then they would be eligible for the new promo. So since we had booked with a lower deposit promo rate as well (but not $25), I just thought I would ask my TA to look into it for us as that seemed like a pretty good deal. I am actually quite happy with the price we booked at initially or obviously would not have booked, but again never any harm in asking. ☺️
  9. Your statements echo my thoughts!!! We have a balcony on the slant of the hump but not Concierge (I think Concierge has foot stools?) so it will be interesting to see the balcony furniture and table size provided given the depth of those balconies. Yes will definitely be exciting to see her after dry-dock! Really looking forward to it! ☺️
  10. Hi zook50. Just a quick update - my TA wrote back and basically we can get the four perks promo if we would "change our cruise fare to the prevailing rate." In our case that happens to be several thousand more than the price we booked at, so thanks but no thanks, lol. Oh well, no harm in asking (and like you, I do my research and keep an eye on pricing and crunch the numbers). Happy sailing! ☺️
  11. Thank you for posting, vt. We are on the first post-dry dock sailing in Feb 2020 (well, assuming there are no more changes in the scheduling 😏) and hoping that X has taken into account the complaints about the Sunset bar makeover on the recent revolutions and make some changes for the better on the Sillhouette. Love the Sky Lounge so will definitely be checking out that area the first night to see the impact on space!
  12. Yes we had them opened up with our friends when we were on the Equinox.
  13. zook50, if I find out anything useful tomorrow will certainly come back and post in case it would be helpful to anyone else. Have a fantastic cruise..... ☺️
  14. I have also noticed the same as you (and have to admit that although it's great for the folks that get a good deal, I am envious that I can never seem to score these types of deals! 😏). So after reading some comments on this thread, just for the heck of it I've put out a call to my TA to see if there is anything that she can manage to do. Not holding out a lot of hope but if she can get us some sort of benefit with this this latest promo will let you know. And as you said earlier (at least I think it was you) have to figure in the exchange rate in the midst of any "deal" offered to determine how beneficial it really is with our dollar.
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