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  1. Wow!!!! Excellent video.....very professional. Thank you for doing this and sharing!!
  2. Hi lisaem79. With Celebrity perk of classic drink package the grats are already included; and you can decorate doors on the ship. One suggestion for use of your onboard credit is to use it to pay for the daily gratuities for the crew, assuming you have not prepaid those and have not chosen "Prepaid tips for two" as your second perk. I know there are many different ways to spend onboard credit, but for us we usually zero out our balance between shore excursions and daily grats. Wish I had the experience of having so much onboard credit that I have some leftover 😏 Enjoy your first Celebrity cruise, and I hope your mom has a fabulous first cruise for her birthday!!! ☺️
  3. Has been a few years since we have sailed the Summit and so really appreciating "seeing" her again through your review and pics. Silly question for you about your cabin..... It appears in the pics that you have an upper berth in your stateroom?? If so, is it just the angle of the pics or is the bed positioned somewhat "under" that berth??? I'm assuming it is just the angle, but I am quite curious as we have a cabin booked for our next cruise with the upper berth for our son and sure wouldn't want his bed down from the ceiling but partially over our bed! Thank you in advance, and looking forward to following the rest of your review.
  4. We happen to really like Celebrity and have sailed all three classes of their ships (Millenium, Solstice and Edge). From your post, my thoughts of what might be a nice fit for your may be the Solstice class. Still a beautiful class of ship and more budget friendly than the E class. One of my favourite "romantic" memories from an S class sailing was being docked in San Juan until 11:00 p.m. and they had "Jazz Under the Stars" on the lawn club. It was beautiful....smooth jazz, laying on a blanket with a "candle" (faux of course) on real grass on the top deck of the ship with your loved one looking up at what seemed like a million stars while wine and appies were served to you listening to a live jazz trio singing/performing smooth jazz. Now, that being said, I don't know if they still offer the Jazz Under the Stars entertainment ? I would love to hear your final decision on what cruise line/ship you choose! Congrats on your upcoming wedding!! 😊
  5. They allowed us to drop our carry-on bags on the Edge on the inaugural cruise in Dec 2018 and that is the first time I have seen this happen on any of our X cruises. Don't know if they are making this the new process as they "revolutionize" each ship? Have to say it really was quite nice to ditch the carry-on almost immediately after boarding (after being greeted with the traditional glass of welcome champagne of course 🍷☺️)
  6. Really appreciated your comments and pics on the LCG. We are considering booking a dinner there on our upcoming Silhouette cruise so this was very helpful. Thank you 😊
  7. dazey - when I was visiting my friend who lived in Bermuda a few years ago we were watching a local news/weather station one night and I asked her why in the world were they reviewing the weather that had already happened for the day. She laughingly replied it's because they can't predict the next day's weather with any accuracy at all, so they report on the weather that has already occurred because at least they can get that right, lol. Charles 4515 was right on the money with his comment!! Enjoy your cruise....Bermuda is a fabulous, fun and beautiful island ☺️ P.S. Enjoy a Swizzle at the Swizzle Inn if at all possible!🍹
  8. I wonder if one of the areas you are referring to is Eden Rock? OP, when you get off the tender at the pier, turn right and it is about a ten minute walk. The snorkeling is really quite good there, or was when we snorkelled there about two years ago. Check out Eden Rock Dive Shop on Trip Advisor for more recent reviews. We brought our own snorkel gear, checked in at the counter of the dive shop and picked up snorkel vests, and simply left a generous tip at the counter since we did not rent their snorkel gear. Very little cost involved, and saw some great aquatic life. We have never done an organized snorkel tour in Cayman so cannot speak to that, but if you are looking for cost effective snorkeling, I agree with ipeeinthepool......there is some good snorkeling right near the pier.
  9. You are correct.....nothing in the mini-bar is included with any purchased beverage package. I have seen other posts where people have had the cabin attendant empty the mini-bar so that clearly is an option. We have simply just taken a couple of items out of the mini-bar and stored them on the shelves to make room to put our own water into the fridge.
  10. There was a premium non-alcohol package when I sailed about 18 months ago with a friend of mine who does not drink. I believe there is also a water only package?? Best to check Celebrity site just to be sure as things may have changed.
  11. Did I understand your post correctly? Were you getting push back on receiving the higher quality alcohol for which you have already paid??? Hope I interpreted that wrong! That being said, I upgrade to the premium package and have had occasions when ordering from pool butlers where it has been clear that alcohol from the classic package has been substituted (easy to tell with a martini!). I don't understand why they do that as it costs them double because I then take it back to the bar to be replaced with what I originally ordered (and paid for), so the first drink then gets wasted. Maybe a lot of folks can't be bothered to do this so that is why they try to get away with it?? Or to be generous, maybe there have been honest mistakes? Regardless, I learned early on that for me the best thing to do is to order my drinks at the bar. Worse things in life...... 😏
  12. Booking a TA has crossed my mind but am not sure what to expect so following along with great interest (have only ever sailed Caribbean itineraries to date). If I recall correctly, I think I read that you had experienced a rough crossing before, Jim? Something about the ship having to avoid storms or typhoons or something? Is that typical or unusual? (The answer will likely influence my decision to book a TA, lol.) Like many others have voiced on this thread, I also am thoroughly enjoying your blog. And have enjoyed your posts that I have seen on other threads. Always informative. Thank you for sharing your experiences and info for people like me who are "less seasoned" in the cruising world! 😊 Enjoy!!!
  13. OMG, that is awesome! What a fabulous surprise! We enjoyed our aft balcony on the Summit...... ☺️
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