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  1. No, but I spent a little time at Harvard Law school many years ago, and have a number of friends from the area. As a matter of fact, I think they were trying to kill me with Irish whiskey on more than one occasion in the "Southie" Irish pubs... I fondly remember going to Fenway Park and "Who's on First" and trying to translate the natives for the other visitors. Best wishes, and please keep sharing the uplifting videos.
  2. Thank you, Lovely photos on the website. You are right on the water. Best wishes to you and your family, stay safe.
  3. Dear ChesneyGirl, Wicked awesome. Wonderful videos. Thank you for sharing. The videos were a definite pick me up today. I appreciate the cheerful, lovely images and the memories they brought back of previous sailings. Best wishes
  4. Thank you for the updates. Does your business have a website ?
  5. Dear Eileeshb, Thank you for the update from Ireland. My mother and her family were all from County Mayo, and I still have family in the area. I am always pleased to hear news from the west coast and remember fondly our visits there. Please stay safe and continue to post about your conditions at home. Best wishes
  6. Thank you, I appreciated the recommendation.
  7. Thank you for the recommendations. I agree, Leon Uris is must read, and I will look for Pachinko and Paul. I'm not a fan of scary reads, or movies. Isn't Pachinko a Japanese pin ball game ?
  8. You are very kind DCGuy. I was surprised by the reaction some friends and family had to the news that I had signed on for testing. There seemed to be a general consensus that I was nuts to offer myself up as a guinea pig. During this time of uncertainty and unrest, we all need each other to step up and display a willingness to defend the line. I have tried to live by the philosophy of contribute however and whatever you are able.
  9. I whole heartily agree with Georgia Dave and Two wheels. Two shots are the way to go. Plus there is no extended wait time for the follow up dose. 🍹 🍹
  10. Well done Ziggy. Taking one for the team. I am also part of the phase 3 testing in the U.S. I would have liked to had the option of the Oxford vaccine testing. Their initial testing phases were reported to be excellent. I had to go with what was available here and now I've had my first Moderna shot. The follow up is scheduled for September. I don't know if I received the vaccine, or the placebo but I'm glad to be doing something. Hopefully there will be positive outcomes and plentiful vaccinations available to the general public. Best wishes to all of the fellow cruisers, and stay safe.
  11. Thank you for the recommendation, I haven't read any Cussler books for a long while. I will pick it up. 👍
  12. Do you have any good book recommendations ? I've just about finished my list for 2020 since being quarantined.
  13. I'm a long time Packer backer, and my son is a shareholder also. Although we have never visited Lambeau field it is definitely on my bucket list. I used to go to Packer games at the old Brewers field in Milwaukee back in the seventies. I was interested in the brat discussion, and was fortunate for many years to have a German meat market here in Oklahoma with wonderful brats and knockwursts. Alas the family retired and now the grocer has been converted to a hipster coffee shop... I still have Kringles shipped from Racine and keep them in the freezer for when I need a sweet fix. If yo
  14. This is why Canadians are so much fun. They use "disco balls" for soothsaying...
  15. I was fortunate with refunds as well. I remember all of the doom and gloom posters that were adamant that NCL was broke and unable to make refunds. I had my taxes and fee's refunded almost immediately with American airlines and my miles were returned to my account. British airlines was the slowest to refund, but did eventually follow through. Hotels pre and post cruise were also agreeable and refunded all deposits since the EU was on lock down. I opted for the bonus FCC on the second leg of my cancelled B2B and have booked a TA and B2B for next spring. Keeping my fingers crossed tha
  16. There is a time and place for day drinking. For me its a sea day on a nice TA crossing. The DW prefers a Long Island ice tea, and I usually enjoy a nice bourbon, or scotch. Its all good, and comes with a designated driver 🍹🍸
  17. Thank you very much, this is most helpful.
  18. Now you've made Petey jealous that no one seems to think he is cute also. I told him that it's okay, because he is the tough guy, or at least pretty tough for being all of eleven pounds...
  19. I don't know why that posted twice. No doubt user error on my part...
  20. Aren't you the op ? You created the thread...
  21. Aren't you the op ? You created the thread...
  22. Thank you for writing and giving me an insight to conditions in Ireland, and travel restrictions in Europe. It is very much like hearing from "family" when you post on here. Please stay safe and keep your family well. Things are relaxing in OK, but I'm not certain that is a good thing, at least health wise. I am concerned about the essential workers, and all of the risks they maybe facing. Best wishes for future adventures and maybe good "crack" to come. I don't know if they still say "crack" in Ireland, or if that's outdated.
  23. It sounds to me as though you were blessed with a very wise mother. I enjoy sailing with NCL, and have always found more to celebrate than to complain about. People can find the negative in almost any situation, but life is too short to dwell on the bad. I prefer to accept the greatness of the moments that make life special. I have tried HAL, Celebrity, Princess, Royal, and Carnival. Each offered great experiences and unique adventures. I am looking forward to sailing again next year and hope to share the experience with other positive thinkers. Keep looking for the best in everythi
  24. I had flights booked round trip to Europe for April and June. I was scheduled to travel with American and British Airlines. My flights and connections were changed more than once between original booking and eventual cancellation. American Airlines has already refunded my ticket cost, and did so within a week of being contacted. British Airlines has agreed to refund my costs after they cancelled my flight, but it has been over six weeks and still no refund has arrived. I understand that the travel industry has been turned inside out over the zombie apocalypse, but I am hopeful that a refund ma
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