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  1. Oh I'm sure anyone with norovirus wouldnt care about the difference
  2. In 2013 I was booked for a TA on the Queen Mary 2, my first voyage since 1966. Always scared to death of norovirus. It turned out the cruise before mine (mine was 1/3/13) was the Christmas cruise and it was ruined by norovirus. Apparently even the staff succumbed in large numbers. It was on the evening news as I was making last minute preparations for my trip. You can imagine I was not happy. They handled it well. The CDC came on board in NYC and outlined what they had to do to disinfect the ship. Instead of leaving NYC late afternoon we were delayed until 9 pm. The crew was hypervigilant about wiping down surfaces. The captain gave an announcement every morning updating the protocol/ It worked out fine. I am sure that NCL will handle it well also. This is really a BIG problem for a cruise line, they have to.
  3. that would be ideal. Some people still wouldnt bother but some will
  4. true lol. To be honest, the sight of those hot tubs with 6 people in them gives me the willies. I guess a public pool could be the same for the squeamish
  5. No, not a chair or the floor. On a table which must be what NCL wants if they dont provide appropriate places to put dirty dishes. You said he should take them back to where he got them from which was a pile of clean dishes and the counter in front of the food. How could that be acceptable?
  6. It would be easy to wonder if a parent is telling the truth that yes, their two-ish child is toilet trained so can use the pool. Put him into the wade pool and say yes, he is toilet trained if questioned. You dont think some wont do this? Obviously cant with a baby. And even older children pee in the pool so it would be very likely a toilet trained toddler would. Even more so because you can stress the important of not doing so with an older child. I wouldnt want to be in the toddler pool
  7. He cant get them to respond to inquiries how is he going to get a supervisor to speak with?
  8. I'm sure he got it from a pile of clean plates. Surely you dont think he should bring it back there, or the counters in front of the food
  9. Too late to edit..... Just googled "NYC docks in 1960's" and they were where they are now. They must have cleaned up the road in front of them. There were also some docks down by Greenwich Village. I remember visiting HAL liners there. My friend and I were 19, got picked up by some foreign guys (turned out to be crew from the SS Rotterdam in Washington square. Had a few drinks, walked a long way down to the ship and they showed us all around the deserted ship. Good grief, that could have turned bad but they were very nice young men.
  10. thanks for the explanation. I remember the Circle Line tours from my youth but the Intrepid wasnt there nor the parks. Its all very nice. I see to recall running across the street dodging traffic and under overhead rails or maybe just overhead roadway back in the 1960's to get to the ships. Was there a major cleanup of that area since then? Im assuming that the "docks" were in the same area as the current pier is now. I cant remember how I got from the Port Authority down to the docks, must have walked. Fun times! I could answer this question if I researched old newspapers as the shipping schedules gave the locations.
  11. ok, seems reasonable. Doesnt matter to me really as I wouldnt use the meet up functions.
  12. but you said there was no "solo meet" in the studio lounge. It was usually held elsewhere on the ship (I'm guessing to accommodate other solo cruisers not in the studio accommodations). the studio lounge has a bar in it. Why have a bar if no one ever has a chance to use it. Its possible I missed the opportunity but it wasnt very frequent because I checked enough times to catch it at some point.
  13. I am so sorry for all the losses you have endured and the stress of your husband's illness. Reading through your post, I can understand a lot of it, being a solo traveler myself. But the part that scared me is your worry that you might feel a "calling to the water" if you ever got glum. That might not technically be "suicidal" but its scary. or maybe you just have a very creative mind. As lonely as I've sometimes gotten traveling by myself it has never occurred to me that jumping overboard would be an option. The thought of how that would affect anyone around me when I did it, or the crew responsible for trying to find me would bring me back quick. Suicidal people dont think of the consequences to others of their actions. As a young teenager I was unfortunate enough to be at a table next to a man who slit his wrists at the table (not kidding) next to me. It took decades for me to get over that. Maybe you should take some more time. I know if you wait longer your husband might get to a point you wouldnt feel comfortable leaving him. That's a negative about waiting. Do you have someone you could take one cruise with just to unwind? That person wouldnt be signing themselves up for a lifetime of being a travel partner. Even if, as you said, you are not suicidal, you could get to a point where you would be extremely miserable and that's no fun at all and I also think it wouldnt help you with what you need right now. I recommend a friend or relative who would go with you.
  14. Was not aware of any of what you are describing on my recent Getaway cruise in studio accommodations. I now realize that the announcement of a meet up place would have been made in the ship newsletter but since I wasnt looking for it didnt notice it. Never saw anything that resembled a group dining in the MDR, especially a large group. Maybe they were the ones at several tables for 6 or 8. I would have no way of knowing they were all together. Still, they have a studio lounge with a bar and never saw a bar tender once. The cookies were self service. I had no idea how to work the coffee machine that I heard makes great coffee so had to do with out that. I make a few friends hanging out by myself thanks to friendly people and that adds to the enjoyment of the cruise but isnt absolutely necessary. I know I sound dull.
  15. Well I think its really pushing it for solos to expect to all dine together in the MDR. or sit together at an evening show. Glad I like to hang out by myself or make friends by myself and meet them for dinner. But you're right- it is in the newsletter but since I wasnt looking for it I didnt notice the announcement right away. The Studio lounge is nice for people traveling together to get together but I never saw it nor did I ever see a bartender, yet there was a bar. Fine for me, I just went to a bar in the public areas of the ship
  16. I travel a lot on my own since my husband decided he doesnt like traveling any more. "too unpredictable" ok. I've gotten used to staying alone in hotels/motels (I even camp alone) I agree about the transportation issues. I never take a taxi. Instead, I research public transportation and what I need to be able to take advantage of it. (less luggage) I actually enjoy riding in a train with the local people. I will walk if its feasible. Lonliness from time to time is a small price to pay (for me) to avoid having to accommodate anyone else's needs or desires. ie I have a friend who I occasionally travel with. She doesnt do trains or anything that requires her to carry her luggage. I have even said on occasion "ok, you get to the xxxx (whereever you are headed) they way you prefer and I'll meet you there. Its a little harder if you want to get up in the middle of the night to watch a movie. I miss having someone to converse with in the MDR.
  17. Except that they dont let anyone know when those solo gatherings will happen. I was just on the Getaway in the Studio accommodations. Very nice. There were plenty of occupied cabins, I never saw more than one man in the lounge at one time, never saw a bartender although there was a bar. I never saw any announcement or information about a solo gathering anywhere on the ship. It was okay because I wouldnt have gone anyway, I was just trying out the solo accommodations. So it you are looking for solo gatherings, better ask our room attendant. to be fair, there might have been something in the Dailies. I want looking for that. I would think there would a notice posted in the Studio lounge
  18. Well, they keep them secret then because I saw no evidence of any. That's ok, wouldnt be interested anyway. But glad they have that for those that want it. What amazed me was having a bar and never seeing anyone attending it. And no, it wasnt self service like the cookies
  19. It is interesting that you say that because I just was on the Getaway and part of this "solo group" and there was no group seating. There were plenty of occupied cabins in the Studio cabin area yet no one went to dinner together (or at least in a noticeable group). There were no meetings in the studio lounge. In fact I never saw more than one man in the Studio Lounge at any one time. There was a bar in there and I never saw a bartender. (there were very good cookies available and I went every evening to get a couple) It didnt bother me because I was just trying out the Studio. I have no problems doing anything alone. I have another Studio on the Bliss coming up so it will be interesting if it is the same, or as I've heard the Studio accommodations/passengers described.
  20. I agree, why is it necessary for them to all eat together I've been on 3 NCL cruises so far (ok, not a huge number) and have never seen a group like this is the MDR.
  21. My Alaska cruise on the Encore was the end of september, beginning of October and yes, we chose the Skagway-White Pass Excursion.
  22. You know, I'm betting the room attendants are really glad the towel animals are gone.
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