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  1. Just the suspension of the dividends will save hundreds of millions per quarter... that being said, seeing what a bad year this will end up being, I would expect that the shareholder benefits may not be renewed at the end of this year.
  2. There isn't a specific vegetarian friendly entree on the menu; however, if you speak to the Steakhouse Manager in advance, I am sure that they would be able to make some sort of accommodation for you.
  3. Our family was assigned to YTD so we had a different waiter the first few nights (requested the same one for the last few nights). We tipped the YTD waiters EVERY night. In addition, when we had brunch in the MDR, we also tipped those waiters in addition to the pre-paid gratuities. That being said, we only tipped one of them more than a few dollars, primarily because he went so far above and beyond our expectations. The cabin steward also had to clean up a very unfortunate accident that occurred in our cabin; needless to say, he got a rather large tip at the end of the cruise as well.
  4. Plan accordingly. For anybody sailing out of Long Beach on a Saturday... they are holding off on allowing you to park until after noon now, they will force you to the offsite lot in downtown Long Beach. P.S. the staff that are in charge of sending you away are RUDE as heck!
  5. A good portion of the time the cost of the 'upgrade' isn't really worth it anyway. I have only ever gotten one, and it was from an inside to porthole... nearly double the cost of my cruise.
  6. The redemption points remain about the same until you hit 100,000 points.
  7. As was already mentioned, if you are concerned about the price, you always have the option to begin a booking (deposit) with a PVP or directly from the Carnival site, then transfer the booking to a TA. However, a TA will nearly always be able to add some sort of perks to your vacation, even if it is just a little bit of OBC.
  8. If you are concerned about it, book (deposit only) using your CCL MC directly from the Carnival site, then contact your preferred TA and transfer the booking to them, they should be able to walk you through the steps. Then you still get the OBC and perks that your TA offers, while ensuring you get your credit card perks.
  9. Does anybody know if the Splendor is still using the same old Chef's Table menu?
  10. I know it has been mentioned to an extent, but TA's can generally provide you some OBC just by using some wiggle room within the commission. One option for those of you that mentioned liking the control of making the booking yourself is to find a TA that is willing to work with you and transfer your booking from Carnival to them (so long as you haven't made the 'final' payment yet), then you get the best of both worlds; you get to book yourself, plus get some of the perks of the TA. Just gotta find a willing TA 😉
  11. It has been said already... but speaking from personal knowledge, you may sometimes be able to get a better deal than even some of the TA's can give you. But either way, you can even transfer the booking to a TA after securing a reservation directly with the cruise line (so long as you haven't made the full payment yet), and unless it is a couple hundred dollar, couple day cruise, you should always be able to get at least a little on-board credit... for basically no extra effort. You just need to find a TA that is willing to walk you through the transfer process😉
  12. Thank you for offering your assistance. I've seen comments that anybody that shows up 'early' is diverted to 'off-site' parking... Where is that? and is the cost any different?
  13. As of today the excursion details actually say READY...
  14. The Cowboy one says that it is a rib chop... so the bone is probably still attached.
  15. Anybody have any tips/recommendations for getting our toddlers (2 & 4) excited for their first cruise? Wife and I have been several times, just not with the kiddos. Taking them on 7 day Mexican Riviera on the Splendor in September.
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