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  1. You basically have every drive thru fast food joint you can think of (except for In-N-Out Burger), you can do a Costco run, or grocery shop. That's about it in Kahului. As others have said-- industrial port and shopping area for folks that live on Maui that has zero places a tourist might be interested in. You need to give us a bit more about what you are interested in (besides not going to a beach, which is a shame because we have some nice ones!). If you are not a planner this would be a good time to take a shore excursion. If you can handle renting a car or hiring a driver there are a ton of things you can do on your own quite easily.
  2. You will. A little bit less than an hour with normal traffic flow. This can easily take hours with heavy traffic. Friday is an awful day for this and traffic will be significant starting around 2:30pm and going straight through the normal commute into the evening. Parking is easy enough in short term lots or you can just try and time it for their approximate arrival time. To be perfectly blunt, you are going to have to rent a car to do this and rental costs, plus fuel, and your mental sanity it might cost about the same or less to just put them in a car service. Uber is going to cost about $150. A full car service like through an app called Blacklane will run around $200 and include a driver meet and greet in the terminal.
  3. Which is true but you often end up paying their commission going through the hotel instead of directly to a bus or limo company.
  4. The ship essentially is a floating hotel in these situations-- the gangway is manned 24/7 and you can come and go as you please until the all aboard time for your day of departure which will be listed at the gangway.
  5. I would call them and see if they will waive the 2 night minimum they have in place for that weekend. Explain your situation. It's possible they will make an exception.
  6. Correct-- but there was an insinuation that once at Dublin Airport there was a choice to go through one process or another which there is not.
  7. Just to be clear, in Dublin it is not a choice. Everyone departing for the US goes through US Immigration preclearance at Dublin airport and the whole plane arrives as domestic.
  8. The S gates in the international terminal aren't designed for the smaller 737s that make up most of the traffic at SEA. They're designed for larger widebodies flying to Asia and Europe which is why the Hawaiian A330s depart from the international terminal on a domestic routing.
  9. It's sort of the Goldilocks dilemma here. SNA is the one right in the middle for convenience, flight choice, airport size, etc. The only reason I would consider Long Beach is if there was a direct flight (or else the smaller size and proximity time savings go out the window anyway) and LAX is... well LAX.
  10. The renovation on the rooms there was quite nice-- they spent a ton of money and it shows.
  11. Uber and Lyft are pretty dominant in the market and are frankly the best option from a cost efficiency standpoint-- most of Seattle's brick and mortar black car services drive for Uber under the UberBlack selection anyway. We've used Seattle Black Limo once or twice when we wanted something nicer than usual (specifically a Merc S550) vs standard black car but it was expensive and for a specific reason. I use an app called Blacklane which is really quite good and works well in Seattle. You will get a newer model black car and they pair you with a number of quality vetted partners they have. You pay in the app and all gratuity, taxes, and tolls are included so no surprises. Couldn't recommend higher.
  12. They won't be, but basically Long Beach Airport is the physically closest airport to San Pedro-- about 20 minutes in normal traffic. That being said, service to and from Long Beach Airport can be limited-- if a flight gets cancelled or delayed you don't have other options like you would at larger airports. John Wayne and LAX are each about 40-45 minutes away but are larger with LAX having the most choices in airlines and flight times out of the three. If you have a direct flight from where you are into Long Beach and you can come the day or two prior and you feel good about it-- good option. Small airport that takes minutes to get through and close to the pier. If you want flexibility and the ability to adapt to changing things like delays or cancellations, LAX or John Wayne would be the way to go.
  13. What city? Assuming Seattle based on Pier 66. I just was in Seattle for a week for work and frankly can't remember if I even saw a traditional taxi. Like most cities they are nearly extinct. I would just use Uber or Lyft-- very reliable and you can also schedule in advance.
  14. You could easily do those things for about $100 with Uber and not have to rent a car at all. You'll save a ton of time not having to pick up and drop off and it will most likely cost the same, if not less than renting.
  15. From Kentucky you'll be fine-- usually it's a nice crisp Fall day by that time.
  16. By far the best way to cruise to Bermuda. We stopped going on ships that didn't dock at Hamilton or St Georges- the Dockyard gets old and it's nowhere near the places on the island we like to spend our time at. The trio of sailings Oceania Insignia does every year from New York and docking at both St Georges and Hamilton I would say are hands down the most delightful way to visit Bermuda by sea.
  17. As others have said you are connecting domestically in SEA. There is an international terminal-- the S Gates-- but it's meant to service large widebody aircraft undertaking Transpacific and Transatlantic flights (think British Airways, Emirates, the occasional Hawaiian Airlines A330 flight). For a short hop to Vancouver you will most likely be departing from another domestic gate elsewhere (which isn't a bad thing-- the S terminal at Seatac is pretty bare bones compared to the others).
  18. Often times on sites like that the discount code box is just a standard feature from whoever they bought the payment processing module on the website from-- doesn't mean one actually exists. I lived in Boston for a while and took the water taxi occasionally and never was aware of any major discounts-- they don't even offer senior discounts, just adult or child. You do, however, arriving to Logan by water taxi get a skip to the front of the security line voucher with a promo the city is doing during the Sumner Tunnel closure to promote arriving to the airport by water! Make sure to ask about it on arrival.
  19. No- Government Center is a quick 10-15 minute surface ride on Seaport Blvd from the pier. No dealing with the construction that HAL is referencing. It's not hard but from Government Center it can take a bit. Personally I would just Uber and build in a little extra time in case. They are referencing the Sumner Tunnel which is undergoing construction but it is the tunnel that comes from the airport to the city. The other tunnel going to the airport is open during the closure. Yes. And I would also Uber from the hotel to the airport.
  20. Agree-- $330 is not what the market bares and you were getting gouged. Even for top end black car services (higher end than what Carmel or Dial7 provide) it's more like $180-200 to go from JFK to Manhattan Cruise Terminal or Brooklyn Cruise Terminal all in with tips, tolls, etc. Personally I would just Uber for a lot less than that.
  21. It's a supermarket with a parking lot quite close to the pier.
  22. You could always do it via Wifi after the fact. I always travel with my phone on my carrier's international plan which is $10 a day and includes data. I can't imagine not having that as I travel but I guess some folks do.
  23. Yes. You're very close to EWR at Cape Liberty. Weekends it's about 20 minutes door to door. Weekdays could be a little longer depending on traffic. I would just self disembark first to give yourself a head start. Really the only thing that could get in your way is the bottleneck disembarking.
  24. There are wheelchair accessible taxis in NYC by law, but they aren't always easy to find-- I think there is a way to arrange in advance but I have no experience with this. Like I said above, you can use Uber to provide you with a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle that will have a ramp just by using the app and the pricing is nearly identical to a regular Uber. https://www.uber.com/us/en/ride/uberwav/
  25. A great one is the day pass (or cabana rental) at the Four Seasons Nevis. Sometimes it is offered through the cruise line (sometimes without saying where you're going like "luxury beach day"). But you can book direct with them.
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