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  1. Huh, really bad assumption on my part. Guess I just thought it would/should be in a specialty restaurant, to make it truly special. I hear what you're saying about choices, but I bet most folks could find *something* they'd like in the Mexican, Italian or steakhouse restaurants. Le Bistro might be a little harder...
  2. Theoretically they do, right? If you count the dinner with the officers? Just turned Sapphire this week, so not positive how that works, but seems like that's the case. I think a simple change is to leave the regular Behind the Scenes tour for Platinum, but upgrade Sapphires to the extended BTS which includes the bridge and engine room.
  3. Your mileage may vary, but I recently came home from Japan with 17 bottles of whiskey (yes, 17 - an entire suitcase), and customs couldn't have cared less. I declared them and all they wanted to know is if I had any plants or restricted food items. (This was in Boston.)
  4. One minor exception. If you use the voucher for sushi, you're allowed to choose up to 8 items instead of 4. But you can't do a doggy bag, so it's a lot of food.
  5. Try lost and found/Guest Services? I know a lot of hotels have cables that have been left behind by previous guests, maybe cruise lines do as well.
  6. I've been on 5-6 NCL cruises since the restart, and every one of them has a Solo Travelers get together, daily. On ships that have a Solo lounge, its held there (and the door propped open for those note staying in solo cabins). Otherwise its usually held in a bar - sometimes the wine bar, sometimes places like the Bliss Lounge, depending on what's available and the size of the group.
  7. Patience and empathy for the hard-working crew members. (You'd be surprised at how many people forget that.)
  8. Antarctica. Just the Magellan Strait alone is stunning, and that's before you even leave South America!
  9. NCL just dropped their solo supplement on Alaskan 11-night cruise out of Seattle on May 22nd. Just booked an obstructed oceanview for $1380 all-in, including drink package/wifi/etc.
  10. NCL Star 11-day Lisbon-Southampton on April 30, $938.80 total for obstructed oceanview, including, taxes/port fees, drink package, specialty dining and wifi. (But not crew appreciation.)
  11. NCL Spirit - 7-day Seward, Alaska to Vancouver on May 16th, solo balcony is $1249 total, including drink package and taxes/port fees.
  12. Having just visited South Korea the past couple days on the Westerdam, I can tell there was never any mention of K-ETA, nor was it required or asked for in any way upon entering Korea. (Unless HAL took care of it all behind the scenes?) I still don't regret doing it beforehand, just in case...
  13. On the Westerdam this week, the captain announced 9 passengers in quarantine, and zero crew members. Pretty good, IMO!
  14. I know I'm hijacking this thread a bit, but just to close the loop - arrived in Tokushima this morning. They announced there's a free shuttle bus, run by the local port, which will take you to the train station (about 15 minutes away).
  15. I think it was just temporary. I flew in on March 6th and bought a SUICA card at a machine in Haneda. And I used a US credit card, didn't have to be cash.
  16. Ship docks an hour away from downtown. Haven't checked into public transportation yet, I think it's a bus line.
  17. That's a lot better than in Tokushima, where its $150 round trip just to get downtown!
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    I got my k-eta last week, and had a hard time processing the payment. Finally figured out that you HAVE to use the little pop-up keyboard to enter the final digits of your card, typing them in doesn't work. Maybe that helps? Good luck!
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    I don't know that we HAVE to, but I believe we do. I'm on a Holland America cruise this week that has two stops in South Korea, and I did the online application. Only took a few minutes and cost about $10, wasn't worth taking the chance.
  20. I was on the NCL Star last week. Cruise was sold out, but I think there were a lot of last minute bookings to fill it up. I booked only 10 days out, when solo supplements dropped. I talked to another couple that booked 2 days before sailing. Only 1/3 of the passengers were from USA, many Argentinians and Brazilians; I kinda assume they took advantage of last minute deals as well.
  21. When I did it on the Star last week, there were 5-6 flights of stairs involved. For example, it was 3 flights from the theater stage up to the dressing rooms.
  22. I was in a porthole oceanview cabin, and there were no outlets at all near the bed (USB or regular plug).
  23. One day we saw over 100 whales! (Verified by two different counts!) whales.mp4
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